Weird diamond mountain peak @ the bottom of the world on Google Earth

Zach Bauer, who interviewed me a couple of years ago on his show Metatron’s Reality Hour, recently wrote to me on Facebook to talk about something that occurred to him after seeing/hearing my observations on the phenomenon of Mount Qaf corresponding simultaneously to both the World Mountain said in myths to be in the “center of the Earth”–and thus, in Flat Earth cosmology, to the “North Pole,” but also to the alleged “Antarctic ice wall” of the modern Flat Earth cosmology, as it is described as just one of a series of mountains surrounding the Earth. His comments also relate to my theories regarding the possible role that diamonds and hypercubes might play in the structure of our cosmos.I have noted that the azimuthal equidistant map used by the UN on their flag has 33 segments in it.

I pointed out that there are 32 “winds” on a traditional compass rose.

Of course there are 32 official degrees in Freemasonry, with an additional 33rd degree that is honorary. So I made the connection that the 33rd segment on the azimuthal equidistant map–the one placed on the North Pole–corresponds to the idea of taking one step beyond the compass, up the World-Mountain, and into a higher dimension, where the light hits your eyes differently, and thus the spatial relationships between things appear different. I theorized that going up vertically in space, particularly at the North Pole, could literally constitute an ascent into hyperspace, as indicated by Masonic tracing boards. (See my article Hidden Hyperspace Kingdoms for the Elite, part of the larger essay Fake N.E.W.S.: Unboxing the Compass, and the associated 40-minute video, or the shortened 11-minute version of that video, Pole Beyond the Poles: Stairway to a Higher Heaven.)

Masonic tracing board showing a ladder to Heaven


I also noted that there are 33 facets on the “crown” of a Perfect Round-Cut Brilliant Diamond. On the bottom, there are 25, but only if you count the culet on the bottom, which is just a rounded point like you find on the bottom of a dreidel, not really a facet.

Facets of the Perfect Round-Cut Brilliant


So the a few days later Zach Bauer sent me a picture of the Earth as an isohedron, along a link to the article it came from, and said:

there’s your qaph at the North Pole.
Maybe it isn’t there’s a mountain there. It IS the mountain

So I immediately wanted to share something with him, and with you all, that I found looking at Google Earth last June. Below is the video I took of it. As I told Mr. Bauer:

It looks like an artificial mountain and also the culet of a cut stone. I thought that might just be where they were marking the South Pole. But it’s not. That’s off to the side.


Here’s a screenshot from the original video:

Here’s a version with the contrast and color curves adjusted:

Here’s a version with the mountain/diamond that I see encircled in red:

Here’s a version with the peak of the mountain/culet of the diamond also marked:

Read all about the significance of the diamond in relation to the function of the Sun, and in relation to the Masonic Royal Arch keystone, in my novel Genuflect.

Now consider the “Jewel of the 33rd Degree” of Freemasonry, explained here and here:

According to both sources:

The Grand Decorations of the Order rest on a Teutonic Cross. They are a nine-pointed star, formed by three triangles of gold, one upon the other, and interlaced. From the lower part of the left side toward the upper part of the right extends a sword, and, in the opposite direction, a hand of Justice. In the middle is the shield of the Order, blue; upon the shield is an eagle like that on the banner; on the dexter side of the shield is a golden balance, and on the sinister a golden compass resting on a golden square. Around the whole shield runs a stripe of blue, lettered in gold with the Latin words ” ORDO AB CHAO;” and this stripe is enclosed by a double circle formed by two serpents of gold, each holding his tail in his mouth. Of the smaller triangles formed by the intersection of the principal ones, those nine that are nearest the blue stripe are coloured red, and on each is one of the letters that constitute the word S. A. P. I. E. N. T. I. A. [Wisdom.]

Now check out this image from an old IBM stock certificate showing Mercury reaching up from the Abyss of space–the chaos of the Abyss–through the bottom of the azimuthal equidistant map from the underside.

The Invisible Mountain is the touch-point between the order of existence within the enclosure and the chaos of non-existence on the outside, and at this point, it seems to me, all lines of space converge.


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