Was DJT’s “Fiji water” a reference to Rene Daumal’s Invisible Mountain?

Much has been made on 4Chan of the fact that the President took a sip of “Fiji” brand water in the middle of his speech yesterday, when he was supposed to be making a “big announcement” (and seemingly didn’t).


Some people connected it to this scene from The Truman Show, when the title character attempted to book a flight to Fiji. Trapped in a movie set, they could not allow him to visit places that were off-stage. So they thwarted his efforts in every way that they could:

Rene Daumal depicted his fictional invisible mountain in the South Pacific, in the same general expanse of water as Fiji.

Location of Mount Analog. Illustration by Rene Daumal.
Location of Fiji on world map (Wikipedia)

As I wrote recently in Fake N.E.W.S.: Unboxing the Compass:

It describes a team of explorers who deducted from the distribution of land mass on a globe earth that there is an invisible mountain, larger than any other on Earth, out in the middle of what appears to be the ocean. They figured that this would be needed to to gravitationally counterbalance what appears to be a concentration of land on one half of the globe. As the leader of the expedition, M. Sogol (“Logos” spelled backwards) explains:

It is simply the bizarre apportioning of dry land and sea, which divides our globe more or less into a ‘hemisphere of land masses’ and a ‘hemisphere of oceans.’

The Hemisphere of Water, as shown by Google Earth

By analyzing the Earth’s land masses, and drawing meridians through them, Sogol notes that they cross in the Ukraine (coincidentally where a Malaysian Airlines plane met a mysterious ill fate in 2014). Sogol then extrapolates from this (in a rather more complicated way) that the mountain is most likely situated somewhere in the South Pacific. Later, after they find it, they learn that it is invisible because it is made of a form of diamond called peradam, so dense that it can bend light around it! It is:

…a clear and extremely hard stone, spherical and of variable size. It is a true crystal and—an extraordinary instance entirely unknown elsewhere on this planet—a curved crystal. In the French spoken in Port o’Monkeys, this stone is called peradam. Ivan Lapse is still puzzled by the formation and the root meaning of the word. It may mean, as he sees it, ‘harder than diamond,’ as is very much the case, or else ‘father of diamond.’ And some say that diamond is in reality the product of the disintegration of peradam by a sort of squaring of the circle or, more exactly, cubing of the sphere. Or else the word may mean ‘Adam’s stone’ and have some secret and profound complicity with the original nature of man. The stone is so perfectly transparent and its index of refraction so close to that of air in spite of the crystal’s great density that the inexperienced eye barely perceives it. But to any person who seeks it with sincerity and out of true need it reveals itself by a brilliant sparkle like that of a dewdrop. Peradam is the only substance, the only material thing, whose value is recognized by the guides of Mount Analogue. Therefore it remains the basis and standard of all currency, like gold in many countries.

How Mount Analogue bends light. Illustration by Daumal.

Although the full essay is for premium subscribers, a free excerpt which contains much of the Daumal-related material can be found here in Hidden Hyperspace Kingdoms for the Elite: Daumal’s Mt. Analogue, Disney’s Plus Ultra Tomorrowland, and Ayn Rand’s Atlantis

Here’s a video we made on the subject:

The Invisible Mountain of the Wise, by Robert Vaughn, 1681
The Cave of the Ancients, from Stefan Michel Spacher’s Cabala: Spiegel der Kunst und Natur in Alchymia, 1616, showing the alchemical mountain, with a blindfolded man initiate being led into a rabbit hole at the bottom.
The creepy rabbit guide in Donnie Darko

Emblem from Sir Francis Bacon’s Novum Organum. The Latin–Tempore Patet Occulta Veritas–means “The Truth will be revealed in time.”

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