Twyman tells Occulture podcast what lies behind the magical Rothschild diamond shield

Recently, I appeared on the Occulture podcast to discuss the Q-Anon mysteries, hyperspace kingdoms, Mount Analogue, the Rothschilds, the Superman diamond, Baphomet and the Hyperuranian Sun. It also happens to be episode #58, the number associated with the Baphomet head of the Templars and the perfect round-cut brilliant diamond. LISTEN HERE.

Rothschild family crest, with buckler represented in the center

The Sky Box seen from the terrace of New Court, the Rothschild headquarters in London. Gruesome ritual scenes take place here in Genuflect by Tracy Twyman
Interior of Sky Box, with its Olympian view of London, where a dinner scene takes place in Genuflect by Tracy Twyman

Genuflect by Tracy R. Twyman
A Novel


Can a perverted sex magic ritual, performed in an ancient temple in the heart of modern London, destroy the very foundations of both Heaven and Earth?

Holy Week, March 2018: Pamela Auger, an independent American author and researcher of the occult, has been hired by a member of Britain’s House of Lords to give a lecture at a gentleman’s club in London. Leopold Black, Baron of Alphamstone, wants her to discuss an artifact that she’s discovered hidden in the overstock rooms of the British Museum, allegedly connected to the Knights Templar. But when her flight to England is delayed, she’s a full day late to arrive, and lands herself in a living nightmare. She discovers quite by accident, with the help of two MI5 agents, what kind of people truly control London, and the rest of the world. The gruesome, fantastic and existentially horrifying events that follow will shake her understanding of reality into something she could not have imagined.

TRIGGER WARNING: This book contains scenes of rape, torture, and murder of people, including children, that any sane person will find disturbing.

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  1. Hi Tracy. Would love to talk to you asap. Catherine

    Q 4chan 19 Dec Find the Marker(s) =
    1) 3000 year old Babylonian ‘Kudurru’ boundary MARKER stone in Berlin Museum. Most important in world as it shows = Who We Are-Where We Came From & How We Got Here.

    2) Wayne Herschel’s ‘time marker’ = date of a FIRST CONTACT event. From P.281 of Herschel’s book: The Alpha Omega Taurus Stargate
    ‘’I personally think this time MARKER does not mean right away but very soon after the 23rd September. How soon? My thoughts here are it could be anything from the date shown to anything up to a year after this date’’.

    ‘’Sadly my discoveries identify and refute previous published works but this should not be a reason to smear and mock others. Security measures for this work have been set up in case I am removed and funds set up to make ALL my work more viral and the evidence so far of those identified with destructive activity.

    There are currently 43 GLOBALLY REPEATING academic graded and tested accounts of ancient starmaps of the stars seen in the image above and animation below. ALL have the SAME theme and ALL identifying the SAME Sun-like catalogued listed stars, portrayed as the places of origin of their star ancestors.’’

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