Twyman talks about the coming “revolution” from demonic ficticious villians come to life

I was on Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis last night to talk about memetic connections between cop killer Jarad Miller, Slenderman, the Joker, the Anonymous logo, and the media portrayal of “right-wing extremists” or “homegrown terrorists” as comic book villains. We talk about how this relates to occult concepts of animism, tulpas, Golems, egregores, servitors, and other creations of magic. A growing number of people are tripping balls on psych drugs every waking moment, as well as being obsessed with video games, comic books, and horror movies. With a weak sense of self and damaged souls, many seem to have trouble distinguishing fantasy from reality, leaving their bodies open to demonic possession by the very fictional characters that they have identified themselves with. Listen to it here.

Inside Edition described Miller as literally "channeling" the Joker
Inside Edition described Miller as literally “channeling” the Joker