premium free next month to subscribers

If you have signed up for premium access, either directly through this website, or through Patreon, please note that I am going to make next month (Nov. 2017) free for all subscribers, as I was not able to upload as much new audio and video material as I had promised for October. This is because I had to rush out to another state suddenly to care for my terminally ill father. I have been stuck here without a computer, and won’t get one to work with until November 1. At that point, I hope to be able to produce the promised amount of material for November,and will resume the charges for membership beginning Dec. 1. The purpose of this is primarily to satisfy those who have been subscribed since early in October. However, those who sign up now through November 31 for premium access will not be charged for November, so it amounts to a free trial period for them.

I ask you for your patience and thank you for your support!

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