The Twyman Trip #2 Part One (of Three)

Here’s the first part of the latest Twyman Trip show. Part Two is available for Plus Ultra Syndicate members, and Part Three will be released for them as well on 11/27/17.

Part One (Video Download link)

What happened on Coast to Coast interview, fake sun, the Cult of Mithras, Bloomberg mithraeum, Elon Musk, Google reading your mind, doing a psychic Google search, truth behind my novel Genuflect, updates on what’s happened over the last month, and the future of the Plus Ultra Syndicate.

To hear/see Twyman Trip #1 (first hour audio-only) click here.

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  1. Is the audio only version available. The quality of the video is very choppy and lots of pauses and skipping. Love your work and really want to hear the latest from you.

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