The real subtext of the Lynch-Clinton plane meeting

Yesterday US Attorney General Loretta Lynch testified before a congressional panel about why she chose not to indict Hillary Clinton for her private email server full of Top Secret documents (or rather, she gave repetitive non-answers for three hours). One thing she actually did say though was to once again assert that when she had her controversial airplane meeting with Bill Clinton on the tarmac at an airport in Phoenix last week, the President talked about “grandchildren” and implied that it was purely a social visit. She provided the possibility of witnesses to this effect, stating that this exchange was seen by flight attendants as well as another passenger. But she also said that she had never met the President before except to shake his hand briefly with others standing in a greeting line.

Immediately online commenters stated the obvious: Why would Bill Clinton show up on her airplane uninvited to talk to her about “grandchildren” when they’ve never met before? And if that was indeed the only thing that was said, how was the implied bribe and/or threat that convinced her to comply with his unstated request communicated?


Well, I have to hand it to my father for pointing this out in a phone conversation we had last week. This was a threat, and the threat could be communicated very subtly simply because Bill and Hillary Clinton have a widely known reputation going back several decades for hiring people to murder, beat, and otherwise destroy anybody who stands in their way or refuses to do what they want. The subtext of the allegedly innocent but clearly quite ominous comment about “grandchildren” was much like that behind the words of the “jogger” who harassed Clinton assault victim Kathleen Willey one day down the street from her house, a couple of weeks after her cat Bullseye had gone missing. As described in the book The Clintons’ War on Women by Roger Stone and Robert Morrow:

Willey was about one half mile from her home when a man came jogging toward her “dressed in dark sweats, running shoes, and a plain baseball hat.” Fixating his eyes on Willey, the stranger asked, “Hey did you ever find your cat?” Wiley replied that she had not. “Yeah, that Bullseye, he was a nice cat. He was a really nice old cat,” the stranger replied. The mysterious man then asked Willey if she had gotten her tires fixed. “Whoa— how did he know my tires had been vandalized a few months back?” Willey asked herself. “I didn’t think I’d told any of my neighbors. I felt the hairs stand up on the back of my neck and a sickening feeling welled up in the pit of my stomach.” “’ Who are you?’ I demanded.” “And how are your children doing? How are Shannon and Patrick?” Confronted with another barrage of intimate details, Willey was overtaken by a feeling of dread. The stranger then mentioned her friend and her friend’s children by name. “Oh God! The realization suddenly exploded into my consciousness. He means me harm! He means my loved ones harm!” Willey recalled. She backed away from the man, shaken, as her legs felt almost paralyzed. “As I backed up, he walked toward me. He was closer now. He looked at me, hardness in his eyes. He spoke deliberately and quietly. ‘You’re just not getting the message, are you?’”


The way in which the Clintons deal with people who even inadvertently become obstacles to their ambitions has been well-known in Washington, D.C. since the 1990s. Loretta Lynch is not stupid. I don’t know if she has anybody she considers her “grandchildren,” but her husband has two children from a previous marriage. She undoubtedly has loved ones who are potentially vulnerable to Clinton thugs, and when he came on her airplane out of the blue to talk about the children in his life, nothing more needed to be said to make the threat clear. And yes, she will be rewarded with a job in the new Clinton administration. That is the way the Clintons operate. They bribe you with a treat while they simultaneously hold a knife to your throat.

Listen to my interview with Robert Morrow, co-author of The Clintons’ War on Women, by going here.