The Conquering of the Sun rite: Birth of a New Aeon

Men in ancient times, if they really existed, were right to see a solar eclipse as an existential threat. What I’ve depicted in Genuflect is the Conquering of the Sun ritual, changing from one Sun to another, the birth of a new aeon. The seven planetary archons are sacrificed, and their essences used to create this new aeon. This is the plot line of every alchemical allegory, from Johann Valentin Andreae’s Chemical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz to Alejandro Jodorowsky’s Holy Mountain.

A friend on Facebook just asked about my thoughts on this. I will share my reply and then add to it. I will probably continue to add to this article throughout the next few days, explaining more about the concept.

He asked:

Is this similar to the changing of the gods? If so, do you think Jupiter is still chief after usurping Saturn or is Horus on his way to usurp Set (depending on the mythological filter you’re using)?

I replied:

No we have been under the reign of Jesus, the Sun. This is the Sun age. That’s why we think of that senior position as being represented by the Sun. Apollo was Jupiter’s heir. The Romans started to turn towards the Solar gods as their empire was collapsing. Sol Invictus, Mithras as a Solar god, and finally Jesus. They knew their world was ending

The changing of the ages, one sun defeating another, is actually the creation of a new reality on top of the old one. This is why they restarted the timeline at the birth of Christ.

This is why Atlantis sank BELOW

And it is a rite that gets performed by an alchemist who knows how to destroy the universe, go through a portal, and arrive safely on the other side as a master of a new realm.

The master takes a few people on board his ship, like Noah’s animals, like the people in Dark City, to be his slaves. And they wake up on the other side not knowing who they are or what their past is. They started the timeline at birth of Christ because that’s all there is.

That’s why all the history legends keep repeating. Just like Anatoly Fomenko said, there’s really just a couple thousand years of history. The rest they cobbled together so that the slaves wouldn’t know where they came from

In Jodorowsky’s Holy Mountain, thieves plot to penetrate the realm of the immortals, murder them, and take their places as gods.

In a scene at the mid-point, the bodies of the thieves are melted down, demonstrating the idea that the regeneration of a new universe requires that the essences of all the Archons be dissolved and mixed together into a single body.

The bodies of the Archons melted down in a fire in a giant eye. From Jodorowsky’s Holy Mountain

Part of the rite is to force the divine powers that be into submission

Sun, Moon and stars bow down to Joseph

I said quite a bit in Genuflect about my idea that the age of Atlantis, and all “fallen” aeons of the “past,” are not only behind us but also below us, literally:

Our ancestors from forgotten aeons provide a valuable service, holding us up on their shoulders, bearing the burden of the present. If the pillars fell, then we would become the new foundation for the future, holding up the new aeon on our backs, like slaves. Then just like the Titans before us, some of us would be fated to serve in the role of Atlas as the pillars of the new heaven. It might even be that most of those who populated the new realm wouldn’t even realize that we were doing this for them, because they would think of us as dead, or even worse, as simply mythical. Maybe that has already happened to us, and neither we, nor those exploiting us from above, are aware of it.

A good parallel is the story of Atlantis, which is at once described by myth-tellers as a fallen “city,” and also as a representation of an entire fallen aeon. Its name derives from that of its fabled foundational king, a guy named Atlas, said to be a son of Poseidon. Now, he just happens to have the same name as the Titan from the Golden Age who was enslaved by Zeus after the Olympian revolution, thereafter burdened with the obligation to eternally uphold the sky. This is a clue that the fallen aeon symbolized by Atlantis had its own Pillars of Heaven, represented in Plato’s tale by the two pillars of the Temple of Poseidon said to be in the city’s center.

When Atlantis fell, these pillars collapsed (and who knows if one caused the other, or if there was another cause common to both events). Everything was submerged into the waters of Chaos, becoming mire, which eventually solidified and was used as the foundation for the aeon that came afterwards. In my mind, the story really represents the fall of the Golden Age, when the Titans were imprisoned beneath the Earth, and made to serve as the foundation of the realm above them.

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