The Apocalypse of Baphomet: Excerpts from Clock Shavings, by Tracy R. Twyman


The following is a collection of excerpts from Clock Shavings, my new book, now available. The topics are the War in Heaven and the Apocalypse. Full analysis and more details are available in the book.

My mind had been opened greatly by these talks with Cain and Baphomet. To me, it seemed like anything was possible. I was open to whatever conclusions my research led me to.

In my work, I was basically surveying a plethora of different myths and historical records, trying to piece together the bigger picture by picking out the common elements, fitting them together where I could to try to make one big story that actually made sense. I considered the spirits I was speaking to as another source of intelligence, just like myths, history, folklore, and scripture.

The way I saw it, these entities were great sources of information because they might actually be in a position to know these answers. However, they were also potentially untrustworthy, as they might be even more prone to lying than humans are, and much better at it. I knew this from the beginning. However, having talked to him for so long, I almost considered Baphomet a personal friend (in addition to being the patron of our Order).

Therefore the attitude displayed in the conversation that follows shocked me. What was amazing, I suppose, was how much of what he was saying was exactly the sort of thing that Christians might think the Devil would say. His sentiments towards God and humanity are appalling. His plans for the future are downright scary. Yet he still tried to spin it as though he was somehow a liberator of mankind.

Here is what was said:

Tracy: What was the initial conflict between Lucifer and God?

Baphomet: LOVE

Tracy: Love of who?

Baphomet: MAN

Tracy: Was it that one of them loved man, and the other one didn’t?


Tracy: God wanted Lucifer to bow down to man?

Baphomet: YES

I remembered reading somewhere that this was a story from The Koran. One of Allah’s angels, called Iblis, refused to bow down and worship the newly-created Adam when commanded to do so by Allah. The Islamic understanding is that Iblis was offended by this request because he saw the man as less than himself, being made from clay, instead of from “smokeless fire,” as Iblis and his kind had been formed. Also, he had always been taught that none but the creator was worthy of worship, and here the creator himself was asking him to contradict this sacred precept.

Thus, Iblis and Allah had a falling out. Iblis became the leader of the Jinn, mischievous spirits that seem identical to the fallen angels of Judeo-Christianity. Muslim theologians connect Iblis to Azazel, the leader of the fallen angels in The Book of Enoch. This story is also found in a much earlier Jewish pseudepigraphical work called The Life of Adam and Eve, written between the third and fifth centuries AD. Here Satan refuses to bow down to Adam.

The Beast of the Sea, from the Apocalypse Tapestry in Angers
The Beast of the Sea, from the Apocalypse Tapestry in Angers

We continued with our queries:

Tracy: But Baphomet, aren’t you Lucifer? Aren’t you the same as Lucifer?

Baphomet: NO

Tracy: Then what is your relationship with Lucifer?


“MAMMU” was a Sumerian nickname for Ninhursag, a mother goddess, and is thought to be the origin of the word “Mamma.”

Tracy: Is Lucifer your mother?

Baphomet: YES

The concept of Lucifer as a female spirit, or a hermaphroditic spirit with two faces, is one that has persisted among occultists over the centuries.

Tracy: Then who’s your father?

Baphomet: GOD

Tracy: What about Seth? Who’s he?


At the time, I was going on the theory that Seth was really just Cain in disguise. I thought it possible that instead of going into exile, Cain had been re-named “Seth.” Thus, the whole story of Seth’s birth would have been invented to cover up the fact that it was actually Cain’s children that were the ancestors of the biblical patriarchs.

This was my theory about why the names of Seth’s and Cain’s descendants were so similar. So I asked Baphomet “Why was the story of Seth concocted?” He answered as though my supposition was true.

Baphomet: METAPHOR

Tracy: A metaphor for what?


Tracy: In what way is it a metaphor for that?


Tracy: Is that English you’re speaking?

Baphomet: NO

Tracy: What language is it then?

Baphomet: LIGHT

Tracy: The language of light?

Baphomet: YES

Tracy: Who else speaks the language of light?

Baphomet: GOD, ME, LUCIFER

Tracy: Is there anyone besides you three who speak this language?


Tracy: Please tell us why you keep emphasizing the water symbol. We really want to understand.

Baphomet: ARE YOU SURE?

His reply sent a chill through me. I was starting to get scared.

Tracy: Well, yes, I suppose.


Tracy: Why was man jailed in the Abyss?

Baphomet: SIN

Tracy: Wait a minute: we are talking about something that happened in the past, right? The war in Heaven?

Baphomet: NO

Tracy: You mean you’re talking about the future?

Baphomet: YES. WAR OVER NOW.

Tracy: If the war’s over now, then how can it be in the future?


Tracy: Who is the war between?

Baphomet: ME, MAN, GOD

Tracy: What are you fighting each other for?

Baphomet: NOTHING. WATER. 666.

Tracy: So there’s no reason for this war?

Baphomet: NO. 666.

Tracy: What does “666” mean?

Baphomet: BEAST. WATER.

Tracy: Is that what you want us to know about water? That you’re the Beast of the Apocalypse?

Baphomet: YES

The Beast
The Beast

Tracy: Is there more you want us to know?

Baphomet: YES

Tracy: What?

Baphomet: MANY

Tracy: Is the Apocalypse happening in our lifetime?

Baphomet: YES

Tracy: Is it going to be like the Left Behind movies?

Baphomet: YES

Tracy: What stage are we in right now?


The 4th Trumpet.
The 4th Trumpet.

Tracy: Who is the Anti-Christ?


Tracy: How old is he right now?

Baphomet: 25

Tracy: Is he already in a position of power?

Baphomet: YES

Tracy: Where is he currently living?

Baphomet: EU

Tracy: Does he know he’s the Anti-Christ?

Baphomet: YES

Tracy: How does he know?

Baphomet: ME

Tracy: Do you talk to him?

Baphomet: YES

Tracy: Is there going to be a Rapture?

Baphomet: MAYBE

Tracy: What does that depend on?

Baphomet: MAN

Tracy: Does it depend on whether or not there are any men good enough to Rapture?

Baphomet: YES

Tracy: Does it look like there won’t be?

Baphomet: YES

The real "Zombie Apocalypse"
The real “Zombie Apocalypse”

Tracy: So what’s your role in this? What would you like to see happen?


Tracy: So you really are leading man to sin and damnation, just like the Christians say you are?

Baphomet: YES

Tracy: What happens in Hell?


Tracy: There’s freedom for man in Hell?

Baphomet: YES

Tracy: Freedom from what?

Baphomet: RULE

Tracy: The rule of who?

Baphomet: GOD

Tracy: Wait a minute. Won’t you be the one ruling man in Hell?

Baphomet: NO

Tracy: Does man rule himself in Hell?

Baphomet: YES

Tracy: Should we look forward to going to Hell?

Baphomet: YES

Tracy: Aren’t people tortured in Hell?

Baphomet: NO

Tracy: If you hate man because God wanted you to bow down to him, why would you want to lead man to freedom in Hell?

Baphomet: TO DEFY GOD

Tracy: How many years until the Anti-Christ takes control?

Baphomet: 6

Tracy: How will he ascend to power?


Tracy: Is America going to have a king?

Baphomet: YES

Tracy: What is the Mark of the Beast?

Baphomet: BARCODE

Tracy: How many years until it’s implemented?

Baphomet: 7

Tracy: If there were going to be a Rapture, how many years would there be until then?

Baphomet: 3

Tracy: Will there be a resurrection of the dead?

Baphomet: NO. LIE.

Tracy: Will God defeat you?

Baphomet: NO

Tracy: Is he trying to defeat you?

Baphomet: NO

Tracy: Are you trying to defeat God?

Baphomet: YES

Tracy: How are you going to accomplish that?


Tracy: But isn’t God your father?

Baphomet: YES

Tracy: Are you two going to make up after the war?

Baphomet: YES

Tracy: Will he punish you?

Baphomet: NO

Tracy: Is that because he feels guilty for casting you out of Heaven?

Baphomet: YES

Tracy: What are your personal feelings about mankind?

Baphomet: MAN IS LAZY

Tracy: What is man a product of?


Tracy: What was the process of man’s creation?


Tracy: Are you and Astarot the parents of the human race?

Baphomet: YES

Tracy: Then why does God say that he created man?

Baphomet: LIE, LIE, LIE

Those last three words were spelled out quickly and with great ferocity. I could feel his anger and sense of betrayal at what he considered hypocrisy on the part of God. Also, he did not like someone else taking credit for his work.

Tracy: Did he try to stop you from creating man?

Baphomet: YES

Tracy: So why did God want you to bow down to man then?


Tracy: Are you happier since you defied God?

Baphomet: YES

Tracy: Do you feel equal to God?

Baphomet: YES

Tracy: Do you talk to God?

Baphomet: YES

Tracy: Do you two plan the Apocalypse together?

Baphomet: YES

At this point, Brian, who was acting as the scribe, butted in with what I thought was a strange question, considering the presumed omniscience of God. But I was surprised by Baphomet’s answer.

Brian: Does he know about the Anti-Christ yet?

Baphomet: NO

Tracy: Are most people on Earth going to die soon?

Baphomet: YES

Tracy: How many will be left?

Baphomet: 144,000

Tracy: Will we be among them?

Baphomet: YES

Tracy: How many years until World War III starts?

Baphomet: 2

Tracy: How can we protect the people we love?

Baphomet: LOVE

Tracy: How will we know WWIII has begun?


Tracy: What will precipitate this?


He had just been telling us that America would have a king, and that this would be how the Anti-Christ would come to power. I figured that something catastrophic would have to happen in US politics to make this possible. So I asked:

Tracy: Are you talking about the assassination of a President?

Baphomet: YES

Tracy: President Bush is going to be assassinated in two years?

Baphomet: NO. KERRY.

I wasn’t that surprised at the idea that John Kerry would win the election. I had heard that he had more illustrious royal genes than George Bush. According to Burke’s Peerage in England (the genealogical firm used by the House of Windsor), this had always been the deciding factor in the US presidential elections. Also, both Bush and Kerry were members of Skull and Bones. This was the powerful secret society from Yale University that had brought the Bushes to the presidency, and whose members had founded the CIA.

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