Q-Anon posts pic of Clinton cabal, Kim Jong-Il inside Fortress of Ultimate Darkness

The latest post from Q-Anon is a picture of Bill Clinton, John Podesta, Kim Jong-Il and others sitting in what I can only describe as an Ark inside the Flood. Note the multiple doves outside. Q-Anon recently made a reference to the goddess of the Americas, Columbia, and her patron animal spirit, the Dove.

Note that it’s Kim Jong-Un, the one who’s supposedly dead. But Q-Anon has already said that the entire regime of North Korean is a Potemkin Village: completely fake, a hoax.

Remember the “Arks” for the elite to survive the catastrophe in the film Deep Impact? Remember the Fortress of Ultimate Darkness from Time Bandits?

In the apocryphal scripture The Book of the Cave of Treasures, Eden is described as a cave inside of a mountain higher than any on Earth, and in the center of the Earth. It’s only because the cave is so high up on the mountain that it survived the Flood.

This is the invisible hyperspace mountain I have been telling you about, that Rene Daumal wrote about as Mount Analog. In fact, the word “Ultra” is a term for a really high mountain, part of the symbolism involved in the name of our premium content club, the Plus Ultra Syndicate.

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