Prince talks on Ouija board about murderous Muslims and Saudi mafia control of entertainment industry

Author Tracy R. Twyman and Ashlea Stinnett invoked Prince on the Ouija board on 6/10/2016. The discussion covers everything from his death, what it’s like in the afterlife, the structure of the universe, the Flat Earth, the claim that we are living in a simulation controlled by AI computers on Saturn, the videos of fellow Youtuber RoundSaturnsEye, and a mafia called the “SETTLERS” that he says controls the entertainment industry on behalf of the “SAUDI ROYALTY” and the robots on Saturn. The part about the “REAL SIN” being “MURDER,” and “MURDERERS” inspired by the “QURAN,” with help from “SAUDI ROYALTY,” seems an amazing foreshadowing of the terrorist attack that took place in Orlando two days after this session, motivated partially by the desire to punish perceived sinners.

Here’s the video in full, and here it is in a playlist of fun-sized segments.