Prince Michael of Albany’s vision of Scotland in the EU as independent monarchy

In 1998, I interviewed a guy from Belgium (home of EU parliament) calling himself Prince Michael Stewart of Albany. He claimed to be the rightful heir to the throne of Scotland, and wanted that country to secede from the UK to seek individual standing within the EU, with him as the sovereign head. I thought it would be worth reposting a link to that interview here for those interested, considering that Scotland is now threatening to leave the UK so that they can rejoin the EU.

Also you can hear the audio of the interview by viewing the video below.

Many years later, the Prince left Scotland under a cloud of suspicion. As the Sunday Mail’s Normal Silvester reported on July 23, 2006 under the headline “FAKE KING OF SCOTS FLEES TO BELGIUM”:

A BOGUS Scots royal has fled to his native Belgium after he was exposed by the Sunday Mail. Michel Lafosse, who claims to be a direct descendant of Bonnie Prince Charlie, has sold his house in Edinburgh’s new town and moved home to live with his mother. Last month, we revealed that the self-styled HRH Prince Michael of Albany, faces fraud charges over his successful applications for British citizenship and a passport. He is also under investigation by the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR). They are probing two charities, the Albany House Trust and the Albany and Stevenson Trust, which raised thousands of pounds in support of his claim to the Scottish throne. Lafosse, 48, who moved to Scotland 30 years ago, has already lost his British citizenship and was set to be kicked out of the UK. Followers have deserted him in droves since our revelations in March.

Yesterday a previously loyal supporter, Glasgow care worker and Scottish nationalist Alex Evans said: “We lived the dream and for a long time believed Michel Lafosse was a direct descendant of the House of Stewart. “But the Sunday Mail articles and investigations by the Home Office changed all that.