Prince, David Bowie, David Icke, Philip K. Dick, and the Saturn Simulation

In the last few days, David Icke put out a YouTube video of a lecture he did where he proposed a theory of what Saturn is (not just a planet) that is very similar to what Prince told me and Ashlea Stinnett on the Ouija board last month.

We were told that Saturn was the “TERMINAL” for a computer system creating our reality, a simulation which he called “THE TEST.” He also said that certain human agents were being paid by “THE TEST” to do certain things, like controlling the entertainment industry on Earth. He repeatedly emphasized the hexagram that we have on our specialized board, a symbol which has historically been associated with Saturn in Western magic. Amazingly a hexagon now actually appears on the north pole of Saturn, and scientists haven’t been able to explain it yet. Strange sounds detected as radio waves coming from Saturn have been captured by space satellites.

In his lecture, Icke suggests that the hexagram on Saturn is an example of cymatics: the geometric distribution of particles caused by sound waves. He also suggests that Saturn’s rings are a result of this, and that the whole “planet” is a structure sending out sound waves that are somehow affecting our perception of reality. This, he says, causes us to hallucinate the “hyperdimensional prison” that he believes we are being kept in by extradimensional aliens that appear to us sometimes as humans, sometimes as reptiles. His description of these hidden controllers greatly resembles the “Archons” of Gnostic myth.

Part of what keeps us in this prison allegedly is our perception of time, which he says is being generated by Saturn as well, which is fitting since Saturn has always been the god of time in mythology.

When the spirit of Prince was asked what his own purpose on Earth had been, he said it was to create a “RADIO TRANSMISSION.” I asked if this was somewhat similar to the radio transmission that the space alien character Thomas Jerome Newton (played by David Bowie) was plotting to send out to his wife on another planet in the movie The Man Who Fell to Earth. (We received an ambiguous reply). In the film, he becomes a wealthy mogul in sound technology, takes over a bunch of radio stations, and then records a record as a message to his wife, knowing that the sound waves will be perceived by her on her home planet when it is played on the radio.

The plot of this film inspired some of the elements in Philip K. Dick’s semi-autobiographical Gnostic novel V.A.L.I.S.. One of the characters in the novel, a musician named Mother Goose was specifically modeled on Bowie. In the story he was the leader of a cult commune centering around a child channeling messages from an off-world intelligence. They had a band, and had put out a rock musical film in which they depicted a musician who was a space alien sending out a message to this off-world intelligence, calling out for help. This was how Dick also saw his own writing. He felt that he has been possessed by such an intelligence and inspired to write about certain things, because these intelligences were using him to send out a message to other unknown intelligences. He actually channeled hundreds of pages worth of material relating to Gnostic philosophy and eschatology. He described our reality as a “black iron prison,” an illusion created and maintained by an evil demiurge, which other actors (such as Jesus) had been trying to free us from.

Interestingly, Prince met with David Icke once while he was alive, inviting him to a concert and then speaking to him extensively afterwards in his dressing room. Icke talks about that in the video below. He says that Prince was a fan of his work and indicated to him he had first-hand knowledge that many of Icke’s claims about the nature of the world we live in were true.

It is interesting to think of Saturn as the master controller of our universe. In Hermeticism and Gnosticism, Saturn was considered the highest “aeon.” In fact, the prophet Hermes Trismegistus was thought to have achieved his wisdom when he was brought to the sphere of Saturn, where from that perspective he was able to “look down” and see the pattern of the entire creation. This was how he obtained his knowledge of astronomical matters, and many other things. From the encyclopedia compiled by the group known as the Brethren of Purity in eighth-century Iraq, we read:

It is related about Hermes the Triplicate in Wisdom, who is Idris the prophet—peace be upon him—that he rose to the sphere of Saturn and turned together with it for thirty years until he witnessed all the states of the heavenly sphere.

To many Gnostics and Hermetists, each planet was considered to be an intelligence who ruled over a particular domain of creation. But these domains were thought of as spheres wrapped concentrically around one another, with Earth in the middle. These were the powers that keep us imprisoned in a false reality, according to the Gnostics, and who control our fate (as everyone thought the planets did back then). In order to escape the prison, one has to (either in one’s mind while alive, or in spirit after death) rise through each successive layer or sphere, challenged by gatekeepers at each stage. So in this view, Saturn was the sphere inside of which all the other aeons were encased. Considering that the central myth of Saturn (the Greek Chronos) is that he swallowed his own children into his stomach, where they continued to live and eventually escaped, and considering that these children were to be the gods associated with the planets, it may be that this conception of the universe is what those myths were hinting at.

Diagram of the universe as viewed by Ophite Gnostics
Diagram of the universe as viewed by Ophite Gnostics
Saturn Devours One of His Sons, by Peter Paul Rubens
Saturn Devours One of His Sons, by Peter Paul Rubens

Beyond this prison, however, the Gnostics claimed that there was our original, true, and pure reality, the Pleroma, which all of this false reality had come from, populated by beings of pure light. What could possibly be “beyond” everything we know? These are mysteries we shall continue to probe.

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