Washington Times smears anarchist murder victims living in Mexico

So… One man was murdered, another injured. And… “Mexican police found equipment to process drugs, glass pipes and marijuana plants at the home.” The home of one of the VICTIMS. In the second paragraph. The whole article is about the victims’ beliefs. What about the perps? I am left thinking the cops know/protect the perps because the victims are anarchists. It also seems that the Washington Times thinks they had it coming to them. Why else would they put almost no information about the crime itself in the first five paragraphs, which are written to make the reader think of the victims as dirtbags because they lived in a cheap rental in Mexico and weren’t supportive of governments… such as the Mexican government, which puts more effort into encouraging its citizens to risk their lives illegally crossing the US border than it puts into making Mexico a place where Mexicans might actually want to live. Nothing about this news story would make a person cheer for more government, or more useless, corrupt cops, so the Times missed their mark, it seems.

[urlpreviewbox url=”https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2019/feb/3/john-galton-american-anarchist-shot-dead-acapulco/”/]


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