The meaning of “taking a knee”: Hiram Abiff & Sept 23

Last year about this time, I wrote about Kaepernick’s protest gesture, and spoke about it on the Clyde Lewis show, in regards to the Masonically-significant date of September 23. It’s the day that they observe the martyrdom of Hiram Abiff, their legendary “architect of Solomon’s Temple.” The ritual, as outlined in official Masonic publications, involves the participants half-genuflecting–kneeling on one knee–before the body of their fallen master, who is then of course resurrected. I also spoke about it on the Ground Zero show with Clyde Lewis.

The freaky thing was that just a few weeks before this kneeling fad began and I wrote that article, I had decided to write a novel titled Genuflect, and was well along in the process of doing so. Therefore, when I saw this trend starting, and noted the similarities, I was surprised, not for the first time, at how the subjects I’ve chosen to focus on in my research have a way of showing up in the news shortly after I make that decision.

In Black Lives Matter, Freemasons, and the Widow’s Son, published on September 22, 2016, I wrote:

As explained in this article, the Royal Arch symbolizes the sun’s travel through the year, from equinox to equinox. The date “Sept. 23” is actually written on this drawing of the Royal Arch below.

The Masonic Royal Arch symbol


Furthermore, the Vernal Equinox, around March 21, is celebrated in Freemasonry as the date on which Hiram Abiff, as a symbol of the Sun and the Egyptian god Osiris, is said to have been risen from the grave with the grip of the Lion’s Paw! As it states here, “the body of our Grand Master Hiram Abif [is] to be found or reborn in the spiritual rebirth of the Sun, or Osirus [sp] at the Vernal or Spring Equinox of the sign of Aries the Ram.”

Now all across the country, football players are kneeling during the national anthem, in a formation…


…looking just like Freemasons in a ritual kneeling around the body of the widow’s son, Hiram Abiff.


As the character Blake Rosenberg stated in Genuflect, the symbolism of kneeling runs deeper than this Masonic ritual:

…genuflection is ultimately a sign of sexual submission made into a societal custom… It was first practiced by human tribes conquered in war, to obtain mercy from the victors. Then it was made a general sign of “respect” from slaves to their owners.

The story of Genuflect deals with the alchemical process of sacrificing and regenerating the Sun in order to birth a new aeon–a new universe, essentially. This involves necessarily destroying the old aeon–collapsing the pillars of heaven–thus forcing the old Sun to bow down and submit to the new one. It also deals explicitly with the way this rite is interpreted in the Roman Mithraic mystery cult, where Sol is forced to bow down to the new Sun Mithras (whom they saw as the same god as Saturn or Kronos). It takes place in a building in London erected over an ancient, newly-restored temple of Mithras, right next to the Bank of England and the 200-year-old London corporate headquarters/family estate of the Rothschild empire. It’s based on reality: Michael Bloomberg really has commissioned such a building in exactly that spot, and it’s opening this year. I wrote many of the facts about that in this article.

This is why the motto on the back cover of my book is “Bow Down to the Newborn Sun.” It’s a fiction story, but it’s about something that I think is actually happening, though we may be hallucinating our way through the cataclysm, and not noticing how the sun has changed, or how our world has gone from real to unreal.


Now, I was completely unaware of the solar eclipse coming to the United States until I was editing the final draft of my novel, which is set during Easter week of 2018. I only managed to slip in a reference to it at the last minute. My main character, Pamela Auger, notes that the eclipse took place during Opiconsivia, a festival not only to Saturn, but also to his first wife, Ops, whom the Greeks called Metis (a.k.a. Mete, the origin of Baphomet). Mete/Ops and Mithras/Saturn are embodied in the story by the two main villains, responsible for numerous child rapes and murders during their rituals to cause the Sun to bow down to a new master. This is all about creating a new reality literally on backs of the old one, using its inhabitants as slaves to bear the burdens and provide the necessary energy for the new one.

Now you might think that because this last solar eclipse was only visible in totality in the United States that it couldn’t possibly have any universal significance. But over the next few weeks and months I will provide explanations for how this event was indeed a harbinger of a new reality.

Some of these subjects are introduced in this hour-long discussion I had with Alexander Rivera of, co-author with me on my 2015 book Baphomet: The Temple Mystery Unveiled. We also discuss how this ties in with apocalyptic astrology and the date of September 23. (And just because you aren’t dead yet doesn’t mean something didn’t happen.)

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