The Anal Birth of Paul McCartney’s Homunculus

The following is excerpted from The Secret of Minnie’s Mousse:

The ritual that the Beatles were involved in, which took place of the course of years and involved every single aspect of their public personas, is well-understood by some insiders in the entertainment industry. Then entire thing is retold in metaphor in the Back to the Future film series, as I have discovered. Marty McFly represents Paul McCartney, and Dr. Emit Brown represents Jimmy Savile, who, from what I’ve learned from research, appears to have been the group’s “handler” for the cult orchestrating the ritual. Savile played a major role in their careers at certain key points, and his true function in the relationship can be gleaned from a careful examination of Back to the Future.




This will require its own essay to explain thoroughly. This is what I was working on a few months ago, in early May 2018, when I discovered people trading kiddie snuff porn on YouTube. Then I became sidetracked by numerous death threats and hack attacks from the perpetrators.

All I will say at this point about Back to the Future and the Beatles is that McCartney, like Dr. Brown in Back to the Future, has said he “gets his best ideas while sitting on the toilet.” Dr. Brown, you will recall, got the idea for the “flux capacitor,” which “makes time travel possible,” when he slipped while standing on a toilet seat and hit his head. McCartney has a preoccupation with toilets. He has been photographed sitting on or holding toilet seats numerous times. He also recently saw fit to tell the press about his “group orgies” and mutual jerk-off sessions with his fellow bandmates back in the day. He is probably just getting the public ready for the inevitable discovery of the Manson home movies.




By the way, the people who designed the cover of Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, Peter Blake and Jann Hanworth, are both obsessed with Mickey Mouse, as is Paul McCartney. Blake was wearing a Mickey Mouse Club pin on his shirt in the most famous picture ever taken of the two artists together. Jann Hanworth’s most recent work from a few years ago still incorporates numerous pieces involving the Mickey Mouse ears. There are many pictures of Paul McCartney wearing the Mickey Mouse ears, and with his buck teeth, he really does look like a mouse, or a walrus, or something. He is known to be a member of the exclusive Club 33 on New Orleans Avenue at Disneyland, and to have even played the harpsichord there. (It should be noted that the number 3, on its side, could be said to resemble the mouse ears logo).


Peter Blake and Jann Haworth


Mickeyangelogenesis by Jann Haworth
Toon Scandal by Jann Haworth
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On another note, here’s an old radio show about the theory that Paul McCartney is dead.

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