Lupercalia, the She-Wolf Bitch, heartworms & Valentines Day

Some of the topics brought up in the latest interview with Harrison Lindenfield on RxOnly Pictureshow are reflected in the Google Doodle for Valentine’s Day, and explained well in my two-part video set about the “Biscione,” the heraldic device of Milan (see below), produced a year ago. These include the meaning behind the symbols of the heart, “XOXO,” even, as depicted in the Google Doodle for today, the image of a heart infested with parasitic worms/snakes from the Garden of Eden.

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Interestingly, Valentine’s Day occurs each year at the same time as the old Roman festival of Lupercalia, named after the Latin word for she-wolf, a reference to the beast that suckled Romulus and Remus. The etymology of the words meaning “wolf” are coincidentally explored in Part 2 of the Biscione series, in relation to other words for various mythological beasts that all seem to be symbols for the same ancient character.


Here are the relevant videos, starting with the Biscione series. For more information, read Baphomet: The Temple Mystery Unveiled by Tracy R Twyman and Alexander Rivera, the Knights Templars’ Secret Statutes translated into English by Harrison Lindenfield, and Mysterium Baphometis Revelatum translated into English by Professor X, as well as my introduction to the latter, “Meet Mete,” from whence the script of the Biscione videos is taken.

The Biscione, Baphomet, the Bitch Goddess Success, and other Beasts, Part 1

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BTW, happy birthday, Mr. Bloomberg!

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