Killing God to Become God

A series of hacked emails involving both John Podesta and Hillary Clinton, several journalists have identified what they felt were code words for talk about trafficking children for sex, using food terms like “pizza,” “ice cream” and “hot dogs” that don’t seem to fit in context. In one, Mr. Podesta and his brother were invited over by someone for some “Spirit Cooking,” indicating that they both know what that is. As it turns out, this is a process of creating magical potions involving body fluids invented by Yugoslavian performance artist Marina Abramovic. In this video, she details the process, including the following instructions, which she writes on the walls of a dilapidated, abandoned building (of the types magicians are told to use when conducting a Black Mass):

Mix fresh breast milk with fresh sperm milk. Drink on earthquake nights.
Fresh morning urine sprinkle over nightmare dreams.
With a sharp knife, cut deeply into the middle finger of your left hand. Eat the pain.
Spin around until you lose consciousness. Try to eat all the questions of the day.
Face the wall. Press your head against the mineral pillow. Wait until energy is transmitted.



This has been rightly compared to the practice conducted in Aleister Crowley’s Ordo Templi Orientis of making “Cakes of Light” out of semen and menstrual blood as a magical/alchemical Eucharist. In his channeled Book of the Law, Crowley also recommended using the blood of a sacrificed male toddler.


The mention in the “Spirit Cooking” ritual of “Earthquake Nights” is in relation to the belief that sodomy can cause earthquakes, particularly when committed against a child who has been especially conceived through ritual to be an incarnation of a god. Remember that the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah (by earthquake and volcano) was precipitated by the inhabitants attempting to sodomize the angels that visited Abraham. Pompeii and Herculaneum were also destroyed, and the inhabitants were also notorious sodomites. (Note: Yesterday, Nov. 5, just as this article was being posted, the Daily Mail reported on a priest in Italy who claimed that the recent earthquakes in that country were divine punishment for state sanctioning of gay marriage last month, with vigorous denials from the Vatican, of course.)

The concept has to do with the destruction of the Fundament, the lowermost chakra, corresponding to the lower-most sphere on the Tree of Life. When the Fundament is damaged, the Earth prolapses, and, if the damage is extensive enough, the pillars that hold up the ceiling collapse. The realm above meets with the realm below. Sky and Earth (Anu and Ki, or Ouranos and Gaia) having been separated by God to allow creation to take place, are now brought together again, and the “Chemical Wedding” annihilates them both.

All of this is directly related to the process of creating what Crowley called a “Moonchild.” And it is related to the ritual sodomizing of young boys. In my previous book Baphomet: The Temple Mystery Unveiled (co-written with Alexander Rivera), we talked about the alleged Templar artifacts discovered by Joseph von Hammer-Purgstall in his essay Mysterium Baphometis Revelatum(the English translation of which has been done by an expert I hired and will be published before the end of 2016). This text included drawings depicting what he believed to be Templar rituals of child sacrifice, child rape, sodomy and bestiality, taken from what the author believed to be genuine Templar artifacts.

We explained a bit of the philosophy behind the rituals, and it’s relationship to the practices of Ophite Gnostics, which Hammer-Purgstall believed the Templars had been initiated into. I also pointed out that this is all in part of a larger effort to use similar magical practices to actually knock down the pillars that hold up the Heavens, knock the heavenly bodies down from the sky, intermixing the spirit realm and the material realm in a way that would catastrophically dissolve physical existence as we know it. See my article on the Rites of Destruction for a primer.

The stories of Anu and Ki, or Ouranos and Gaia, resemble the Kaballistic myths mentioned in the article linked above, and described at length in my Baphometbook. According to the Kaballistic text known as The Zohar, Lilith, a demoness who was supposedly Adam’s first wife, was originally part of a hermaphroditic being, the male half of which was called “Samael” (“the blind one”). Together, they formed something the rabbis called “the Beast” and “the Other God.” In the beginning, God had separated them, because their union created a critical mass of demons that threatened to destroy creation. And if they ever were to come together again, existence would be snuffed out immediately. But they yearned for each other, and they still manage to enjoy the semblance of sex somehow, as they are said to use an “intermediary” called the “Taniniver.” Nobody knows exactly what that means though.

Also in my Baphomet book, I mentioned an almost identical story about Leviathan, the sea serpent mentioned in the Old Testament, who was also once just half of a hermaphrodite being, the other half being the beast Behemoth. Now, Leviathan is a serpent, but Behemoth was thought of as being a bull-like creature. Nonetheless they were once one creature, and the same reasons were given for why God separated them in the beginning, and why it would be disastrous to existence if they were reunited.

Leviathan is often placed in cosmic diagrams on the outside of all of the spheres of the heavens, either right below the zodiac, or as synonymous with it. This is what is shown in Kabbalistic diagrams, as well as the diagrams of the Ophite Gnostics, a belief system which Hammer-Purgstall thought the Templars had adopted, and which Aleister Crowley showed a great deal of affinity toward. The Ophites saw the universe as a series of concentric spheres, each corresponding one of the classical planets, including the Sun and Moon: the traditional “7 heavens,” with the Earth in the center, Leviathan, the Zodiac, and Paradise were in the realms above.

Diagram of the universe as viewed by Ophite Gnostics

Meanwhile, Behemoth, or Bahumed, as the Arabs called him, was said to be one of the creatures holding creation upon his back (with a fish below him also), and on top of him, seven mountains-again with the seven layers. On the diagrams used by the Ophite Gnostics, Behemoth was shown between the Earth and the Moon.

Lilith was associated with the Moon, and her partner Samael with Saturn, a.k.a. Chronos. The layers of Luna and Saturn on the Gnostic diagram have five layers between them: Venus, Mercury, the Sun, Mars, and Jupiter. The next layer up from Saturn is Leviathan, and the next layer down from the Moon is Behemoth. So all of these romantic stories of separated lovers are, in fact, all about the layers of existence crashing together, after having been cleaved apart to make two.

Crowley’s cultus was all about collapsing the pillars and destroying existence by combining opposing energies until they cancel each other out, thus his theorem “0=2.” It even states that outright in the final passages of The Book of the Law(and less overtly throughout the text):

Hail! Ye twin warriors about the pillars of the world! For your time is night at hand.
I am the Lord of the Double Wand of Power; the wand of the Force of Coph Nia—but my left hand is empty, for I have crushed an Universe, and nought remains.

The twin warriors are Tum and Shu, who sprang spontaneously from the blood when Ra circumcised himself in the beginning of creation. The Pillars, in Egyptian cosmology, were called “Djed,” and as expected, they were thought to hold up the sky. Strangely they were said to be covered with flesh. Crowley has the pillars right on the cover of the book, looking quite phallic too, with foreskin attached.

Phallic djed pillars on The Book of the Law

The “Double Wand of Power” is the Caduceus with two snakes, which in Egypt were Thoth’s two shepherd staffs with a serpent entwined around each.
Coph Nia has been interpreted as a garbled version of the Kabbalistic “Ain Soph,” a term for God’s “limitless” presence prior to the manifestation of creation. “Ain” means “nothing.”

It is no accident that recently NASA announced the discovery of something called the “Pillars of Destruction” in space, a galactic antithesis to the “Pillars of Creation” previously discovered. It is also no accident that the UK’s Independentrecently reported on alleged “secret billionaires” who believe we are all inside of a computer simulation run by an higher civilization, and are funding a secret project to “break us out” somehow.

Truthfully, they are only planning on getting themselves out, and taking all advanced technology with them, as depicted in the book Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. This story, about the financial elite causing the pillars of Heaven (allegorized as “society”) to collapse while they escape to an invisible realm called “Atlantis.” The rest of us can be damned. They even bring some of their favorite artists and musicians into this hidden world to entertain them, perhaps a clue as to the truth behind the sudden deaths of so many famous people in 2016. Incidentally, many people have compared Rand’s brutal philosophy to that of Crowley, and they were contemporaries, although no evidence suggests that they knew each other. Later, Satanist Anton LaVey bragged that he had repackaged Ayn Rand for angry teenagers with his Satanic Bible.

The Ophite Gnostics believed that abnormal sex acts could bestow this Gnosis on you (knowledge of the realms outside of the prison), and free you from the influence of the planetary “Archons,” as they called them, including the chief Archon, the Demiurge, whom they believed had trapped humanity in a prison of matter, to cut us off from a higher realm of divinity. They saw the planets as agents of the demiurge, controlling humanity’s fate. As we explained in Baphomet: The Temple Mystery Unveiled, the Templars believed this also. Hammer-Purgstall believed that this idea was expressed in a phrase that he found written in code on several of the “Templar artifacts” he found. It said “the Distinguished Charity of Mete Uproots the Enemy,” a reference to the “strange love” practices taught to them by their demonic idol Baphomet, as I will explain in the course of this essay.

So, how would one “escape the Matrix” using ritual sex magick? It starts with the creation of a “Moonchild,” someone whose spirit has been summoned via ritual to incarnate into the person’s body during conception. If the method of enticement is effective enough, this can even bring higher spirits such as planetary angels and other “gods” into incarnation, “birthing a Messiah,” as Crowley referred to it (see his notes on the Paris Working).

Aleister Crowley wrote a book on the subject (Moonchild), in the form of a novel, in which he likened the house in which the ceremony took place to a “Butterfly Net,” the butterfly being a symbol of the soul. A perusal of Crowley’s work, as well as that of other people practiced within the O.T.O., reveals a wide variety of beliefs and theories about how to create a “Moonchild” or “Starchild.” Perhaps, then, we now understand why butterfly symbolism is used so frequently these days by pop music stars suspected by internet conspiracy theorists of being part of the alleged CIA mind control operation Project Monarch, and supposed “Illuminati slaves” who have purportedly “sold their souls to Satan” for fame and fortune. Perhaps they didn’t possess normal souls in the first place, but were born as products of sex magick rites.

There are methods for doing it through normal biological processes (normal conception between male and female), and ways to make then artificially, using dead bodies, clay, and even feces. The concept is, as Crowley himself put it, that anything non-procreative, anything other than “normal” sex, leaves a “magical child” without a body in search of a place to land, and that the semen can then inseminate an artificial object, dead matter, or even just an idea. It will united with anything it can in order to become “real,” and through magick you can direct it to become what you want.

I do believe that this was done by Crowley and several of his associates during his lifetime, and that several of these accomplices were very important people. I also believe that some of the births which resulted from these experiments grew up to be very important people. One of them is Hillary Clinton. The other is David Bowie.

Hillary was born in October 1947, supposedly. The Babalon Working took place January-March 1946, then the fetus extraction and nuclear bomb test took place some time after that. I looked for this information on a hunch, after noticing several clues. And sure enough, back in 2008, someone on David Icke’s forum speculated that Hillary may have been the “Moonchild” that, according to artist Marjorie Cameron, was implanted into her own womb by rocket scientist, occultist, and Crowley associate Jack Parsons during a ritual called the “Babalon Working.” The purpose was to birth a child to be an incarnation of what Crowley called “Babalon,” the Scarlet Whore with the cup of blood foretold in St. John’s Revelation that rides the Beast.

Cameron actually claimed that this fetus, after being taken from her womb, was delivered to people involved in the military’s nuclear weapons progranm, who were apparently in cahoots with Parsons, and placed inside of a nuclear bomb that was tested. But the fetus “survived,” she said, because it had been placed inside of a special canister made exactly for this purpose. For the 1945 “Trinity” bomb test they made a special canister called “Jumbo” that was supposed to to preserve the plutonium if the bomb did failed to go off. They reportedly didn’t end up using it for that, but it has been suggested that this is what preserved the fetus of the Moonchild. Presumably, it grew up to be somebody.

Crowley named one of his female consorts (who he always called his “Scarlet Women”) “Hilarion.” Her name was Jeanne Foster. Crowley’s attempt to conceive an heir as a “magical child” with Hilarion resulted, supposedly, in the child’s spirit being attached to his protege Charles Stanfield Jones back in 1909. The “attachment” allegedly occurred when Jones went through the ritual for “Crossing the Abyss” in the 11th degree of the O.T.O.

Reportedly, in this ritual the initiate is kidnapped, chloroformed unconscious, and then wakes up in a ritual room being sodomized by the rest of the group. The purpose, as I understand it, is to break down his or her “personality,” “killing” his “ego,” “lower self” or what-have-you, so that he can be reborn as some kind of Ubermench or god-man, supposedly.

I have long suspected that many people in the OTO were just perverts and sadists who like humiliating people, and that when the initiate’s “personality” dies (really his soul, and the last vestige of human dignity), his body is essentially taken over by one of the many demons desperate to escape the Abyss. His original self is given over to take that demon’s place in the infernal kingdom. But by the time he gets there the soul is so deeply entrenched in evil from the rituals of the previous degrees (and the lifestyle encouraged by the group) that he doesn’t even notice when it passes.

The 8th degree of the O.T.O. confers the titles “Perfect Pontiff of the Illuminati” and “Epopt of the Illuminati” upon the initiate. I have thought for a while that the O.T.O., which has its oldest and most influential lodges in southern California, is the real “Illuminati” that modern pops music and movie stars claim to be involved in, with their more-than-obvious hints hidden in films, lyrics and music videos. A video showing Angelina Jolie describing a group rape ritual to her friends has been making the rounds on YouTube lately, and I figure she is describing this ritual.

Jack Parsons, another person who had willingly subjected himself to this ritual, channeled The Book of the Antichrist in 1949, where he foretold:

And within seven years of this time, BABALON, THE SCARLET WOMAN HILARION will manifest among ye, and bring this my work to its fruition.

I also believe that Hillary, with her notorious cracking voice, and possibly her rival Trump, were foretold in another document channeled by Parsons, the Book of Babalon:

Her voice is sure as the judgement trump
to crack the house of wrong,
Though walls are high and stone is hard
and the rule of hell was long
The gates shall fall and the irons break
in the Birth of BABALON.

The high walls are the hard stone may refer to the concept of the firmament of the sky, and cracking through it, as the word “heaven” comes from a root that means “high, stony vault,” and the ancients thought of the sky as being a hard firmament that separated them from the stars above.

In Rome the Hilaria was a festival to the goddess Cybele (worshipped in the form of a black meteorite stone) to celebrate the “resurrection” of her son, who, as the legend states, she had been having sex with. She then became jealous of his love of others, castrated him, and let him die of bleeding (the reason why all of her priests, the Galli, were castrated, and actually considered women). She later regretted this and caused him to be brought back to life, then forced everyone under her rule to celebrate by laughing and partying joyously, as commemorated in this festival. Consider this next time you notice Hillary Clinton laughing “inappropriately.”

Also note that Hillary Clinton has made several self-depricating jokes about herself being “not even human” and “short-circuiting” when she gets herself twisted up in her own lies. Specifically, in October 2015, when her interviewer at Buzzfeed noted that she seemed to not be sweating, even though it was a hot day (odd, because Hillary has notoriously bad B.O.), she asked Hillary what kind of deodorant she used. Clinton’s reply was astounding.

You guys are the first to realize that I’m really not even a human being. I was constructed in a garage in Palo Alto a very long time ago… I mean, a man whose name shall remain nameless created me in his garage.

Palo Alto is the location of Stanford University, Jack Parsons’ Alma Mater.

The other person I suspect of being a Moonchild created by this cult is David Bowie. I say this because of his odd features (like his eyes being two different colors), his odd behavior and work, his personal interest in Crowley, and hints that he sprinkled throughout his work. In fact, I don’t see any reason why he couldn’t have been Aleister Crowley’s actual son. He was born in January of 1947, and Crowley died in December of that year.

David Bowie was actually born David Robert Jones. His allegedly biological father worked for Bernardo’s, a children’s charity that helps locate foster families for orphans. The company goes back to 1866, and even in the beginning, the founder Thomas Barnardo was taken to court 88 times on charges of kidnapping. He allegedly did not get the biological parents’ permission to take the children, and was caught falsifying their records. Similar controversies have surrounded the charity into the present day, when just last year they were still being investigated for the abuse-related deaths of several children in their care in Canada, who were buried in unmarked graves in Toronto.

Interestingly, Hillary Clinton’s hacked emails reveal that she was intimately involved with a woman, Laura Silby, who was caught doing this very same thing (kidnapping children for adoption) in Haiti, and attempted to help her evade justice. It seems to me that the entire operation in Haiti involving the Clintons was a multi-layered ritual: a sodomic child-rape ritual with disgusting eucharist to cause the earthquake, then the plunder of the country’s scarce resources, including thousands of its children, undoubtedly to be used in more sick sex and blood rituals.

Bear in mind that in Marina Abramovic’s “Spirit Cooking” blood ritual seen above, people are instructed: “Press your head against the mineral pillow. Wait until energy is transmitted.” People are then shown pressing their heads against stones affixed to the outside of the building she is using as a ritual chamber. This is a reference to the use of a pillow stone to generate a ladder to Heaven, as Jacob and Mohammed both did. The relevance of this will become apparent as you read further.

Returning to the subject of David Bowie, he dropped hints that he was aware of his status as a Moonchild with his album The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars. “Ziggy” is a reference to Zagreus, another name for Dionysus, the god whom he must have believed himself to be the incarnation of. The “Spiders from Mars” are the makers of the “net” that catches “butterflies,” souls. In the song “Starman” from this album, he talks about the “infinites” who travel from universe to universe using black holes. These are the gods, of which, he believes, he is one, or the son of one, via sex magick. The Spiders are “from Mars” because they are coming to initiate a war that will annihilate this universe. At the end, the Spiders tear Ziggy apart, just as Dionysus/Zagreus was torn apart in the Greek myth. As Bowie himself stated:

When the infinites arrive, they take bits of Ziggy to make them real because in their original state they are anti-matter and cannot exist in our world… As soon as Ziggy dies on stage the infinites take his elements and make themselves visible.

The story ends Apocalyptically. Later, he starred in a film called The Man Who Fell to Earth, about being a space alien who looks human and takes over the music industry just so he can send a message to his wife on another planet via the radio. Philip K. Dick also dropped hints that Bowie’s spirit was from a realm beyond in his book VALIS. All of this has been explained in a previous article of mine.

Before the “Spiders from Mars,” Bowie had earlier confessed his true status with his second album, 1969’s Space Oddity, which he released just days prior to the Apollo 11 Moon landing. He said it was based on the film 2001: A Space Odyssey. Now here he was dropping a major clue, because in actuality, 2001: A Space Odyssey was based on him, David Bowie. The character’s name in the film is “David Bowman.” It is based on Crowley’s ritual of the “Equinox of the Gods,” which is about the destruction of the Universe, killing the Creator, and crowning a new God.

The director for 2001, Stanley Kubrick, is suspected by many of having been the filmmaker of the allegedly fake Moon landing movies. His last film, Eyes Wide Shut, was about secret elite sex parties. The co-author of the script was Arthur C. Clarke, an accused pedophile with ties to all sorts of elites, such as Rupert Murdoch. He was about to be knighted by Prince Charles when news broke of his crimes, sparking protests in Sri Lanka, where he was living. (Rupert Murdoch spiked the story.)

The theme for the film is Also Sprach Zarathustra, a song in reference to the Nietzsche book Thus Spake Zarathustra, also about killing God, bringing forth a deified race of men to rule instead.

The “Equinox” ritual that I believe 2001 is based on is supposed to be performed during the Vernal Equinox. However, it is a more cosmic equinox that is commemorated here. It is when all the planetary gods “align” and are made “equal,” thus cancelling each other out and destroying existence.

This planetary alignment is shown at the end of the film 2001, in the sequence called “Jupiter and Beyond the Infinite.”

The ritual clearly describes what is supposed to happen when this occurs. The characters in the ritual all represent planetary deities. “Saturn” kills an entity identified as “Osiris/Jesus,” and then declares an end to Mankind, God, and the physical universe:

♄: The Voice of the Lord upon the Waters: the Terror of God upon Mankind. The voice of the Lord maketh the Skies to tremble: the Stars are troubled: the Aires fall. Cursed, cursed be the Earth, for her iniquity is great. Oh Lord! Let Thy Mercy be lost in the great Deep! Open thine eyes of Flame and Light, O God, upon the wicked! Lighten thine Eyes! The Clamour of Thy Voice, let it smite down the Mountains! Let us not see it! Cover we our eyes, lest we see the End of Man. Close we our ears, lest we hear the cry of Woman. Let none speak of it: let none write it!29 No!
d : No!
c : No!
♄ : All is changed!
d : All is confounded!
c : Naught is ordered!
♄ : The white is stained with blood!
d : The black is kissed of the Christ!
c : Return!
♄ : Return!30 Tremble ye, O Pillars of the Universe, for Eternity is in travail of a Terrible Child; she shall bring forth an universe of Darkness, whence shall leap forth a spark that shall put his father to flight.
d : The Obelisks are broken!
c : The stars have rushed together!
d : The Light hath plunged into the Abyss:
c : The Heavens are mixed with Hell!
♄ : My Father shall not hear their Noise: His ears are closed: His eyes are covered with the clouds of Night.
d : The End!
c : The End!
♄ : The End! For the Eye of Shiva He hath opened: the Universe is naked before Him: for the Aeon of Saturn leaneth toward the Bosom of Death!31
♂: It is a new chaos that thou findest here: chaos for thee: for us it is the skeleton of a New Truth!32 I have opened mine eye, and the universe is dissolved before me, for force is mine upper eye-lid and matter is my lower eye-lid. I gaze into the seven spaces, and there is naught.

Note that a statue of this Hindu god of “creation and destruction,” Shiva, who is said to destroy the universe when he opens his eye, stands in front of the particle accelerator at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland, which many people have accused of being a plot to “open a portal to Hell.” They are, admittedly, trying to create “mini-universes,” having already allegedly discovered the “God particle.”

Ayn Rand, the author of Atlas Shrugged, including in that story a “mini-particle accelerator” that “harvests energy from the atmosphere” for free energy, one of the technologies the elites then take with them to Atlantis and hide from the rest of the world. There is at device at CERN called “Atlas.” Another is named “Alice.” Interestingly, Rand was a Jew who was born “Alice Rosenbaum.” The pen name she chose, “Ayn,” sounds suspiciously like the word “Ayin,” the name of a Hebrew letter, and a word that means “eye” in Hebrew. It’s also very close to “Ain,” the word for the “Limitless Nothing” that preceded creation in the Jewish Kaballah, as mentioned above.

CERN’s logo for the ALICE project, showing the portal to the underworld/otherworld underneath a blue (Royal?) arch

Yet Crowley used the word “Ayin” to refer to the penis (calling it “the blind eye that weeps”), and to the anus (which he called “the left eye of Horus”). Yet most Egyptologists consider the left eye of Horus the Moon. Of course, sticking your bare butt out is called “mooning,” which may hint at some connection. More may spring to mind as you read the following information.

In the film 2001, there is a mysterious “monolith” found on the Moon, which is discovered to be emitting a signal directly to another Monolith that is floating around Jupiter, next to its moon Europa. Originally, Arthur C. Clarke wanted this planet to be Saturn. It was Kubrick’s choice to make it Jupiter, and I believe there are symbolic reasons for that. However, Clarke ended up rushing out a book version of the story which came out before the film, largely because he felt the original choice of Saturn was important.

If you think about it, showing two objects sharing radio signals between Saturn and the Moon is a perfect way to depict what a lot of people think is actually going on in our experience of the universe. As I mentioned in my article Prince, David Bowie, David Icke, Philip K. Dick, and the Saturn SimulationDavid Ickeand others think we are living in an illusion generated by radio waves from Saturn, and amplified by the Moon.


This way of thinking about things explains a lot about ancient rituals, as I will demonstrate in my forthcoming book. But for now, just note that David Icke has mentioned this idea, and that David Icke has also recommended the theories of an alleged psychic named Peggy Kane, who says that our world is controlled by aliens in another dimension that we can’t see, who are feeding off of us and sexually abusing us. She says they keep us imprisoned on a lower dimension by using a cloaking device called “The Net.” This, of course, is one thing I thought of when I learned about Crowley’s concept of the “butterfly net” for catching a soul to incarnate during a sex magick ritual, which Bowie symbolized as a spider web. Imagine how shocked I was to realize that this exact idea is depicted clearly in the tarot deck designed by Lady Frieda Harris for Aleister Crowley, on the card titled “The Universe.”


You can see the net, the Eye representing Saturn, bouncing a signal onto the lunar crescent in the woman’s hand, which happens to be the same gray color as the monolith in 2001, and then the signal bouncing back.

This eye symbol, which really represents the “Sun beyond the Sun,” a symbol long connected with Saturn, as his was the final realm before emerging into the higher realm of this pure light. This eye is always represented on Masonic tracing board as between two pillars, and between the Sun and the Moon. Or, sometimes there are three pillars, with the Sun and the Moon each on tip of one of the side pillars, and the eye in the middle, always with rays coming out, as if it is also a sun, a source of light.

Masonic tracing board with crescent moon and star
Masonic tracing board with three pillars and two suns, with a ladder leading to the one beyond
Masonic tracing board with a portal to another dimension appearing between the pillars of Heaven
Masonic tracing board designed by Lady Frieda Harris, who also made Crowley’s Thoth tarot, showing the pathway between the pillars as a spiral-shaped portal into the beyond, and a shining six-pointed star above it. The hexagon is associated with Saturn

In another card from Crowley’s Thoth tarot, we see the eye acting as the destructive Eye of Shiva, collapsing one of the divine pillars, which is shown in the form of a tower. In the background, we see the lion-headed snake, a Gnostic emblem of the Demiurge, Yaldabaoth, creator of our cosmic prison.

The Tower Card

Also, clearly, the Masonic symbol of the “Royal Arch”, which I wrote about recently, is related. This, as I explained, is an emblem of the equinoxes, and as we can see in the illustration below, also of the sky vault, in this instance shown held together with a “keystone” instead of a third pillar. when the keystone is removed (presumably causing the structure to collapse), the higher Sun, the eye of illumination, can be seen.

The Masonic Royal Arch symbol, with equinoxes drawn in.
When the keystone is removed, the higher sun, the eye, is seen

But to see God is to die, right? Even Moses was only allowed to see God’s “back parts,” according to the Bible, for fear that the sight of God’s face would kill him. This leads us to the rest of the story.

In 2001, after the planets are shown aligning, with the monolith included, David Bowman presumably enters “the infinite,” as the sequence title suggests. We see his eye, and we see his point of view. It seems like he is departiclized, “torn apart” (like Ziggy Stardust and Zagreus/Dionysus), with special effects suggesting this. This matches up with the practices of numerous cults in which higher adepts are instructed on how to ascend through the heavenly spheres when they die (each corresponding to a planet), and after conquering each of these gods, emerge into a higher sphere of reality, or as some saw it, create a universe of their own.(This isn’t much difference from Mormon doctrine on the afterlife, actually.) Clearly this is what is being depicted here.

After being dematerialized, David Bowman is reborn as a god. We see stellar formations coalescing to form a fetus, sparked by the ejection of stellar “sperm.” An actual, human-looking baby fetus forms, but as the film closes, we see the baby right next to a blue planet, to scale, as though they are the same size, as is also shown on the movie poster for the film’s sequel, 2010 (although the planet shown there is Jupiter).

The baby and the blue planet
Poster for 2010, sequel to 2001

Here we see the idea that an entire universe can live within another being, and be birthed by it. Crowley believed that universes could be created through sex magick, and even recorded he and his partners looking inside of their semen-filled rectums, recording in their journals the presence of “universes” formed by the fluids there, and imagining they saw various events occurring with the inhabitants thereof. Again, see the notes from “The Paris Working,” which state:

Inspection of Cakkras…. Muladhara. Blood-red, velvety, deep-bell shape. Around it the Kundalini coiled, but in constant spiral motion.
Luminous triangle — mirror-like-opens at base (very small.) I looked down through infinite stages of these triangles, at the bottom glitters a pearl-like (but self-luminous and most intense) phallus. Presently this goes, and up the tunnel march millions of men of every race, creed, caste and colour — not a single woman.

The Muladhara is the base chakra, so he is talking about a universe formed inside of a butthole. The reason why there are no women is because Crowley thought that women were not necessary to magick, although they could be used for certain things, but that men produced the semen, the all-powerful substance in his view, which he believed was unnecessary for the creation of children. In fact, he believed that reproducing without a female was superior magick. More on this in a bit.

Returning to 2001, after we see the dematerialization scene, we are shown another view of how David Bowman passes his life, and passes the holy sperm on in the form of a fetus that will make the next universe. You can watch this portion on Youtube here.

We see his space pod suddenly present in a room, and him in his space suit, looking considerably older. This room is presumably on Europa next to Jupiter, which is where the Monolith is in the film, but remember that Arthur C. Clarke originally intended it to be Saturn, the god of time and death. So we see David Bowman’s life passing into old age quite suddenly. He sees himself getting older, and becomes that older person, in a series of just a few shots. He sees himself as an old man dressed in an azure-colored robe, just as the figure of Jupiter is said to be in modern Hermetic magick systems. The room is also lit in blue light. (Tin is, furthermore, the metal of Jupiter, and David Bowie once formed a band called “Tin Machine.” In the song “Space Oddity” he described himself in space, “floating in a tin can.”)

Then he is a withered old man laying in bed on the brink of death, in a room lit green, the color of uranium. Uranus/Ouranos (“Sky”) was the father of Saturn. Saturn had to castrate his own father in order to be allowed to be born, because his father kept his children plugged up in their mother’s womb with his own penis. He did this to prevent them from usurping him as God.

The “sickle” he used to do this, it is strongly hinted in the myths, is the Moon, which may connect to the etymological root for the word “heaven,” which means “hard, stony vault” (the Firmament and the Moon both now connected to this idea of a stone sickle that castrated the sky god and kept us apart from him. Thus, there has been a relationship between Saturn and the Moon. The Moon is somehow what separates us from the higher reality of the “Sky,” Uranus, but that’s also what allows life to happen on Earth the way it does. Perhaps this explains why Bowie called himself that, which, as he said in interviews, was a reference to the Bowie knife.

So while Saturn was considered to be the highest planetary sphere by the ancients, Uranus was the lord of the pre-existing realm above, which was cut away from, which is why the philosophers considered it the realm of essential, pre-existing ideas, called “Hyperuranion.” Hyperuranion was thought to contain the essential light, the “hypercosmic sun” or the “sun beyond the sun.” Note that Uranium is also used to make nuclear weapons, the importance of which I will explain shortly.

As the elder David Bowman lays in bed, the monolith standing before him. He points to it, and disappears. Then the fetus appears in a spherical envelope of effluvium hovering over the bed. It then floats through the monolith, which becomes a portal. The way in which Bowman is depicted in this final shot reminds me of what Crowley looked like when he was older,and the way that he points his finger at the monolith reminds me of a famous picture of Crowley doing the “point the bone” gesture of cursing.


The Homunculus
David Bowman pointing the bone at the stone

It may be significant that the monolith is a rock, and Jupiter/Zeus was said to have been rescued by his mother from being eaten by his father Saturn when his mother tricked him into swallowing a rock as a substitute. He was eating his children for the same reason his father wouldn’t let him out of the womb: to prevent them from usurping him. If we were to take this literally, it would mean that Saturn (time) is eating everyone he begets (trapping them in his belly, in a realm of linear time that leads to death, with a short life span) to prevent them from conquering time.

In the previous scene in 2001, before we see the decrepit Bowman lying in bed, we see him sitting at a table eating, wearing that Azure robe that marks him as Jupiter. But he is eating, and then stops as though he realizes something is wrong (like Jupiter might have as he munched on the stone substitute for his son). His younger self has just been watching him.

It was Bowman in the spacesuit. The spacesuit was red, the color of Mars, the sphere beneath Jupiter. But when the older man turns around, he doesn’t see his younger self, but his older self, the withered old man in the green room laying before the Monolith. He sees Uranus, his father, the one he castrated, and the stone which has undone him. David Bowman, the warrior, Mars, has conquered and become Jupiter, by turning back time, thus conquering Saturn, which allows him to conquer Uranion.

This is the reason why Kubrick chose to conflate Jupiter and Saturn, with Bowman character playing both roles in the room where he’s eating. Notice the painting placed on the wall behind him while he eats, showing a man taking fruit from a tree and handing it to a person directly below. Was Kubrick saying, regarding Uranus, Saturn, and Jupiter, that the “apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”?

Consider this: if this is Uranus lying in bed, that means he’s been castrated, just like the Fisher King in the Grail story, who could not die, but could only lay in bed, kept alive by the essence of the “Grail stone” which fed him. He cannot die until someone from his own family (the knight Parcival, his nephew) comes to replace him. He is outside of time, and therefore he cannot propagate. So then this baby that is shown floating in a sac after he disappears: how was that accomplished? We saw the sperm being ejected in the previous, cosmic sequence, “Jupiter and Beyond the Infinite.”

Bear in mind that this is coming from a conspiracy writer interviewing someone who deprograms “mind control victim” who had been through “Satanic Ritual Abuse.” Nonetheless, the claim here is astounding, and does match up with what I am finding in my research of dark occult traditions. In an interview by Elana Freeland, Marion Knox was quoted as saying:

The belief in the occult world is if you could sodomize God, you’d get God’s power. You become as gods through sodomy; that’s the way the Greek gods became gods.

And on the Devil’s Lair, a pro-Satanist website, on a post about the value of anal sex magick, we read a quote from The Mystical Doctrine: The Rites of the Hyena King of Shemeber, by Aloysius Foszdyke:

Sodomy is extremely important to the Alpha Lodge because we know that if you sodomize Ialdabaoth (the deity you know as Jehovah) you get his power. It’s just that simple and this elementary principle has been followed for millennia by the Greeks, the Romans, the Fascists and left-hand path initiates.

Ialdabaoth is what the Gnostics derisively called the god who created this world, whom they identified as Jehovah, the god of the Old Testament, and with both Jupiter and Saturn, variously. To them he was actually the real Devil. This is fitting since Jehovah shares the traits of both Saturn and Jupiter, as do the various personifications of his alleged “enemy,” the Devil.

Did David Bowman as Saturn sodomize David Bowman as Uranus, thus creating a “magical child” in his anus, whilst destroying the fundament of the entire universe encompassed by his body? Was he then reborn as that child, and as the God of a universe?

Is this not the meaning of Eliphas Levi’s drawing of “The Great Kabbalistic Image of the Zohar,” seen below? It looks like God is having sex with God.

Great Kabbalistic Symbol of the Zohar

There is a version of the Egyptian myth of the war between Horus and Set, where instead of nephew and uncle (respectively, with Osiris and Horus’ father and Set’s brother), they are both brothers, and Isis is their mother. (These two versions would reconcile if Isis was recognized as being both the mother and the lover of all of them, which would match the proclivities of most of the goddesses of the ancient world.) Set tries to overcome Horus’ position as heir to the chief god by sodomizing and thus, overcoming him (no pun intended), as this was apparently how things worked in the divine legal system in which Thoth was the judge.

But it turned out that Set’s semen had been having sex with Horus’ thighs, not his butt, unbeknowst to him. Therefore the semen never went “inside” him. Meanwhile, their mother Isis had conspired to help Horus overcome set. She jerked him off into a vase, them took the semen and used it to contaminate the lettuce that Set ended up eating (yes, just like the salad scene in Fight Club). Therefore Horus became the heir, while Set was impregnated. The progeny emerged from the top of his head as a golden solar disk, which Horus then took and used to crown himself as the king of the gods.

This is amazing because, according to that conspiracy source I just quoted, ritualized sodomy is meant to open the victim’s third eye and produce “flashes of light” in their mind. This is because, supposedly, it activates the Kundalini energy (represented as a serpent) that sleeps dormant at the base of the spine, next to the rectum, the fundament chakra. In Kundalini yoga, where meditation is used to activate the Kundalini, this is thought to produce enlightenment. The energy is then sent up the spine (each said to correspond to one of the planetary powers), then through the third eye, which it opens, and out through the top of the head, where it emerges as a white lotus flower. Marion Knox claims that with victims of the rituals:

The penetration occurs at an upward angle, so it strikes the nerves at the end of the spine and produces white flashes of light in the brain.

Ace of Swords from Crowley’s Thoth Tarot Deck, a depiction of illumination through ritual sodomy?
Kundalini explodes through the head after being raised up from the butt

Another figure who conquered that “Hyperuranion” realm was Mithras, as interpreted by the Roman version of his cult. Mithras was said to have been born from a “petra genetrix,” a fecund rock. Likewise when he wanted to have a son, he, according to Pseudo-Plutarch, “mounted a rock,” which “became pregnant” and “after the allotted time, it bore a child named Diorphus.” He did it this way reportedly because he “hated the race of women.” The name Diorphos implies a connection with the “Orphic egg,” a.k.a. Phanes, a primordial egg from which the Olympic gods emerged. Phanes looks a lot like the way Mithras himself was depicted in his “Saturn/Aion” form, in which he is surrounded by the circle of the zodiac and entwined with a serpent.

Mithras born from the rock
Mithras as Saturn/Aion

So this is a myth about Mithras creating an artificial universe through the homunculus process. But first he had to achieve unity with the universe he was from by conquering it. This was mimiced in the rituals of the Mithras cult, an all-male secret society that prospered in the Roman military. The grades of the society, and the initiation rituals for each, involve the initiate conquering each of the heavenly spheres above, and the gods associated with them. It started with the slaying of the “world bull.” This corresponds with the sphere of Behemoth, placed between Earth and the Moon on the Ophite diagrams, as mentioned above. The pre-Islamic Arabs saw the bull “Bahumet” as the beast upon whose back the world was placed (there being seven “hills” on top of that).

Behemoth and Leviathan

You have probably heard about the myth of Mithras slaying the bull, but you probably didn’t hear the part about how the priest sodomized as he killed it. This image of Mithras slaying the bull was depicted in every Mithraeum (ritual chamber), and you’ve undoubtedly seen them. You might notice an ear of wheat emerging from bull’s anus, which represents this. The testicles were cut off and offered to the Moon, to whom the first grade of Mithraism is dedicated, so that she could feed on the blood and semen. This is depicted on the Mithraic images of the sacrifice with a scorpion, representing the Moon (Scorpio is a lunar sign), shown clipping off the testicles with its pinchers. This undoubtedly ties in with the sickle that Saturn used to castrate Uranus, which, as I mentioned above, must be somehow embodied by the Moon.

Mithras killing the bull. Torchbearers Cautes and Cautopates are on either side.
Mithras killing the bull. Torchbearers Cautes and Cautopates are on either side.
Scorpion clipping the testicles from the Mithraic bull

On the next level, the initiate is married to another man. Then on the solar grade, which is in the middle of the process (and in the middle of our Ophite diagrams), the sun bows down to Mithras (represented by the initiate), recognizing him as a higher sun, the “Unconquerable Sun,” and they dine on the sacrifice victims of the previous levels (the gods of the lower realms). But then Mithras presses on, higher, to conquer and become Saturn, and then emerge on top (outside of the “cave” which their ritual chamber was supposed to represent), as the lord of the realm of true light from the true, Hyperuranion sun, which he himself has become.

Mithras shaking hands with Helios
Helios kneels and submits to Mithras, the new Invincible Sun
Mithras and Helios share a sacred meal
Mithras feasts with his male bride

Incidentally, there are ruins of a Mithraeum in London, left over from Roman times. I took pictures of them when I was there years ago, when it was on display in the middle of the street, having been badly refurbished and dumped there. They were then at Temple Court, Queen Victoria Street, part of the“Temple” area in London that was originally a precinct of the Knights Templar. They had originally been discovered down the street from there, when excavating to put in a new building, Bucklesbury House, in the 1950s, and moved to make room for the new building. It was the single greatest archeological discovery in London ever, compared to that of Pompeii in Italy, the previously-mentioned ancient Roman sodomite enclave that was destroyed by a volcano.

Bucklesbury House has recently been razed to make way for something much larger, and the ruins of the Mithraeum are going to be placed in the basement, as close as possible to the original location where they were found. It will sit between the Bank of England and St. Paul’s Cathedral. St. Paul’s stands atop an ancient Roman temple that was clearly for Cybele, as the bodies of the sacrificed bulls were discovered when Sir Christopher Wren had the area excavated before building the cathedral. An altar to Cybele did once exist in London in a private collection, as reported in The Journal of Roman Studies in 1917, although I cannot tell where it is now or where it was first discovered.

This new building that will contain the Mithraeum, is owned by Michael Bloomberg, the former mayor of New York City and 6th-richest person in the world, and will be opened in 2018 as his company’s new London headquarters. Bloomberg was thought of as a possible third party rival for the presidency earlier this year, but apparently has dismissed the idea. His first name, by the way, means “He who is like God.” He is also notoriously misogynistic, and against natural birth. He has routinely demoted female employees who became pregnant, telling one to “kill it” it she wanted to save her career. Yet when he was mayor of New York, he proudly performed the city’s first gay marriage himself, on two of his own male employees, and blessed their adoption of two daughters.

While the Mithras cults are thought to be entirely separate from the Cybele cult by most researchers, they thrived at the same time in the same cities (with their temples sometimes next to each other), and I have found quite a few links between them. Cybele’s castrated priests performed bull sacrifices, baptizing themselves in the blood, just as Marina Abramovic baptized the stone idols in pig’s blood in the video above. (Historians say that Mithraeums were too small to perform a real bull sacrifice of this sort however.)

Moreover, as Mithras was born from a rock, and also inseminated a rock, Cybele was considered a rock herself, and was worshipped in the form of a black meteorite that had “fallen from Heaven.” Some people think that the Kaaba stone at Mecca, from which Mohammed allegedly ascended to Heaven during his “Night Journey,” and which is also a black meteorite, is in fact Cybele. People also connect it to the Moon, citing the Islamic crescent symbol as lunar.

In some versions of her myth, Cybele herself was born from a rock on Olympus, as a hermaphrodite. The other gods considered her a freak, so they castrated her and pushed her out, so that she fell to Earth. She thereafter was said to “hate both men and women” and “sought to create a sex in-between the two,” which is why she had her own son “Attis,” also castrated, and all of her priests, the Galli. These priests acted and dressed as women and were spoken of as such, just as Catallus, in Poem 63 of Carmina, described Cybele as a man before her castration, as as a woman afterwards. Although she was known as “Magna Mater” or “Matrix” (the “Great Mother”), she originally had a penis. Interestingly, the Wachowski Brothers, who wrote the film scripts for the Matrix series, have both chosen to transition into women since making the films.

This stuff goes all the way back to ancient Sumer, where the castrated priests of the goddess Inanna (the equivalent of Isis) were called “Galla,” and also lived like women. The word comes from the Sumerian “Gal,” which means “cup” or “vagina.” I can only assume that this indicates that the Galla were sodomized too (though by who or what, I don’t know), and that this is the meaning behind the euphemism of “cupbearer” used to identify the youthful sex slaves of the gods. The Greek Olympian gods initially had the young goddess Hebe as their “cupbearer,” but fired her for being “clumsy,” and replaced her with the beautiful boy Ganymede, whom Zeus (basis for the Roman Jupiter) had kidnapped for this purpose. Is it any wonder then, as we enter the age of Aquarius, the stellar version of Ganymede, that pedophilia and sodomy have become the norm?

Also, Zeus was able to rescue his brothers and sisters from the stomach of their father Chronos/Saturn by sneaking into his royal court and becoming his “cupbearer,” then poisoning the “cup” from which he “drank,”causing him to vomit up the swallowed children. These child sex slaves, called catamites (a word derived from Ganymede’s name), were standard possessions for upper-class Greeks and later Romans, and obviously they believed they were only mimicking the behavior of their gods. If male, they would sometimes be castrated to prevent pubescence, preserving their youthful features and making them more compliant.

After realizing all of this, I had another look at the figure of Baphomet drawn by Eliphas Levi that I have written so much about over the years. Then I realized that he is not, in fact, a Hermaphrodite, as I have always said. He (or perhaps more properly “she”) is a castrated Hermaphrodite. All of these years (20+), I have written so many words about Baphomet’s huge, erect phallus being formed into a caduceus on Levi’s drawing. Now I see that there is no phallus whatsoever: only a caduceus, rising up from between his legs and in front of an odd semicircle of reptile scales with a line on top. Here are Eliphas Levi’s own words describing the figure:

The rod standing instead of genitals symbolizes eternal life, the body covered with scales the water, the semi-circle above it the atmosphere.

Flagpole Sitter: Not Sick, But Not Well

There it is in black and white, undeniable. Baphomet’s “phallus” is actually protruding beyond the sky, the edge of the “semi-circle” obviously being the firmament, or perhaps, as they seem possibly attached, it is holding it up. Seen in this light, the creature looks rather uncomfortable. Perhaps he is sitting with his legs open because of his injury. Levi had also stated:

The beast’s head expresses the horror of the sinner, whose materially acting, solely responsible part has to bear the punishment exclusively; because the soul is insensitive according to its nature and can only suffer when it materializes.

So there he is, the flagpole sitter: Not sick, and yet not well. What sin did Baphomet commit, and what was his punishment? Surely it had something to do with the Rites of Destruction that I believe the Templars were acting out. Levi’s figure bore the alchemical phrase “solve et coagula” (“dissolve and coagulate”) on his arms. I had always taken those to stand for the alchemical processes of creation and destruction—just another expression of combined opposites. But I now thought of them more as a set of instructions on how to destroy creation by letting everything coagulate and then dissolve as chemical opposites annihilate each other. Now I understand why Baphomet was said by occultists to be an embodiment of “universal solvent” of alchemy: because he dissolved the universe.

I also realized why the Knights Templar were always shown awkwardly crossing their legs on their gravestones. Most likely they castrated themselves when they reached a point where they knew they were going to die, and their brothers probably castrated them soon after death if they died unexpectedly. In the 1992 book The Cauldron and the Grail, Hank Harrison says that the Gnostic heretics called the Cathars, often associated with the Templars, committed such a rite before they died, claiming that this is the truth behind their famous, secret “Rite of Perfection” that they all went through prior to death.

Templars depicted with crossed legs on top of their tombs
Templars depicted with crossed legs on top of their tombs

I also recalled that the Baphomet “head” that the Templars worshipped was said in one of their legends, passed around within their own group, to have come about from a necrophilic act. A Templar was said to be in love with a fair maid who died before their relationship could be consummated. So he sneaked into the graveyard, exhumed her grave, and had sex with her corpse. Then a voice “from the void” told him to come back in 9 months, and he would find his son. When he did, he found a skull and crossbones sitting there, which became the protective fetish of the order, the Baphomet head. So the Baphomet head was a golem or homunculus, made from dead flesh brought to life through sex magick.

The ritual creation of a homunculus moonchild, whether involving the insemination of a dead body, an anus, or any other dead matter that they chose to inseminate, could all be accomplished in a single night, since a nine-month gestation would not be necessary. I believe this is what is being depicted in some of the illustrations from alleged “Templar artifacts” found by Orientalist Joseph von Hammer-Purgstall.

In the illustration below, taken from a ritual bowl discovered on a former Templar property, we see a priest with an eviscerated goose draped over his head, sitting upon an eagle. On his right hand, we see a detached penis and testicles descending into a vase, with a moon above, showing that this part of the rite is done at night. On his left hand, we see that same pot with a baby emerging from it, indicating that birth would happen during the day — the next day, most likely.


Using a detached penis and testicles could conceivably work, as in the cult of Cybele, the severed gonads of one of her priests, representing the genitals of Attis, would be ritually paraded around inside a covered box before his glorious “resurrection” was celebrated on Hilaria day. It seems to me that these genitals were probably used to generate a miraculous birth, just as Ouranos’ severed penis allegedly landed in the ocean and spontaneously generated the goddess Aphrodite from the blood and “foam” attached.

Does this indicate that the penis was severed while it was ejaculating? This is apparently what was done to the bull sacrifice victim in the Mithras ritual, after the priest stimulated its prostate to orgasm with ritual sodomy, as his “semen” was offered to the Moon goddess along with his genitals.

I believe that any “Moonchild” born in a Templar rite would have been ritually sodomized. In my recent Baphomet book and other writings, I have shown how the artifacts discovered by Hammer-Purgstall show men raping young boys. See below.

Child sodomized by a demon, from Mysterium Baphometis Revelatum.
Ritual rape of child, from Mysterium Baphometis Revelatum. Note the figure on the right making the same hand gesture as those depicted on the Ophite bowl
Image of Ganymede, nephew and child sex slave to Zeus, from Mysterium Baphometis Revelatum

In this video, I discuss these, and also quote from my forthcoming publication of the translation of Hammer-Purgstall’s work that I have commissioned. Most importantly for our present inquiry, Hammer-Purgstall discovered inscriptions on these artifacts that said:

Return from apostasy through the rectum is made easy.

This is a reference to returning to the Hyperuranion realm above creation, which the Gnostics called the Pleroma.


Other details found on the Hammer-Purgstall artifacts relate directly to what I have said here. On the two caskets which I discovered in the back catalogue of the British Museum (the only artifacts from the collection that have been seen by anyone in the last 170 years), we see it shown plainly. On the lid of one of these caskets, we see a goddess looking like Cybele, as she has tell-tale crown of towers that this goddess always wore. She also has no pubic hair, and really her “vagina” looks like more of a tiny hole, perhaps merely the urethra of a now-severed penis, so she could be a castrated Hermaphrodite, as some said Cybele was. Other, similar depictions of Mete found by Hammer-Purgstall show her with breasts (as here), and also with a beard, but never with a visible phallus, a fact that has been overlooked by Hammer-Purgstall, me as well, and every other writer on the subject for almost two centuries.

The British Museum identifies her as Cybele in their online listing of the item, and so did Hammer-Purgstall, but he also identified her as “Mete,” a name mentioned frequently on the inscriptions he found on the artifacts. This came from “Metis,” he said, Greek for “wisdom,” making this figure the same as the “Baphomet” idol of the Templas. He also agreed with other writers before him that the word “Baphomet meant “Baptism of Wisdom,” and referred to a the Templars’ supreme ritual to the idol, as Alex Rivera and I explain in our Baphomet book. This ritual had the ultimate goal of pulling “the Archons,” the heavenly bodies, down from the sky, as depicted in the illustration on the casket lid.


On both of the caskets in the British Museum, we see the bull sacrifice so sacred to Mithras and Cybele:



The Templars were, like the Mithraists, an all-men’s club that hated women, although they revered “Our Lady,” the virgin goddess of the Catholic church who represent the parthenogenic goddess Cybele who created a parthenogenic son, Attis. In fact, the Templars took an oath upon joining stating that they would never touch a woman again, but also would never refuse the sexual advances of their brothers in the order, which they confessed to the Pope without torture, according to the Vatican’s recently-released Chinon Parchment. But while they didn’t accept women, they would accept young boys for initiation, as the Templars also did in their later years. Hank Harrison says that the Mithraists were also castrated “to assure purity of purpose,” although I have not heard that elsewhere.

Aleister Crowley suggested that “Baphomet” meant “Father Mithras.” In his Confessions he wrote:

I had taken the name Baphomet as my motto in the O.T.O. For six years and more I had tried to discover the proper way to spell this name. I knew that it must have eight letters, and also that the numerical and literal correspondences must be such as to express the meaning of the name in such a ways as to confirm what scholarship had found out about it, and also to clear up those problems which archaeologists had so far failed to solve … One theory of the name is that it represents the words βαφὴ μήτεος, the baptism of wisdom; another, that it is a corruption of a title meaning “Father Mithras”. Needless to say, the suffix R supported the latter theory. I added up the word as spelt by the Wizard. It totalled 729. This number had never appeared in my Cabbalistic working and therefore meant nothing to me. It however justified itself as being the cube of nine. The word κηφας, the mystic title given by Christ to Peter as the cornerstone of the Church, has this same value. So far, the Wizard had shown great qualities! He had cleared up the etymological problem and shown why the Templars should have given the name Baphomet to their so-called idol. Baphomet was Father Mithras, the cubical stone which was the corner of the Temple.

Indeed, note that Mithras was always accompanied by two young male torchbearers, Cautes and Cautopates. One held their torch pointing up, and the other pointing down (which, frankly, doesn’t make much sense in any literal way), just as Baphomet’s two arms are pointing up and down, respectively, in Eliphas Levi’s drawing. People say the two torchbearers represent the “rising and setting sun,” which, in the context of Mithraic ritual, would indicate the regular “solar” son god, Helios, bowing down to the Hyperuranion sun Mithras as he ascends to the highest god-sphere and becomes the new sun.

I have always assumed the common interpretation of the two crescents next to the hands of Levi’s Baphomet as showing the “waxing and waning moon,” but when you look at it in color, you see that the crescent above the right hand, ascending, is yellow, indicating the sun, and the one below the left hand, descending, is the moon. I believe it represents the same golem-making ritual depicted in the above illustration from the “Templar artifact,” and the birth of the artificial child at dawn the next day. I think this same concept is shown in 2001, in the opening sequence where the “dawn of man” is depicted as being facilitated by yet another monolith here on Earth. The monolith appears among a tribe of primates, who spontaneously learn how to use tools to kill for food after being exposed to it. Right at the end of this segment, we see the crescent of a setting sun and a rising moon directly over the top of the monolith.

Solar/lunar alignment, leading to conjunction

Interestingly, the dates for the primary rites of Mithras, and the rites of Cybele (including the bull sacrifice, and the castration of priests), all took place during the last two weeks of March, around the equinox. This is also when the members of the Heaven’s Gate cult chose to castrate and then sacrifice themselves in 1997, between March 24 and March 26. March 24 was the very “Dies Sanguinis” (“Day of Blood”) in Rome, in which the new Galli were castrated, in sympathy with Cybele’s son Attis. On March 25 the Hilaria took place, when everyone in the city was forced to rejoice for the rebirth of Attis. March 26 was the “day of rest,” and that’s the day the Heaven’s Gate cult’s bodies were found.

In his notes on “the Paris Working,” Aleister Crowley channeled Jupiter, who told him how these rites were truly done in the ancient world:

The great sacrifice of Spring was to cut open a bull, and lay a virgin in the hot carcass, there to be violated by the High Priest. She was finally choked in the bull’s blood (in orgasmo). Within the Temple was a circular domed shrine about 40 feet across. The priestesses used to carry their offerings to the altar of Incense in the East, while the blood of the victims went to a big font in the West….

The secret of the Temple was the Midnight Sun. Globes of fire used to gather on the font, and from the other altar, and begin to revolve in the shrine.

They would coalesce and then become one, which stood single and unmoving all night, only fading with dawn. Astarte surprised the secret, and penetrated into the shrine at the midnight sacrifice and adoration of this globe. She was slain instantly by the priests, who passed their swords again and again through her body. This death was extreme pleasure. The body was thrown out upon the court at the foot of the Temple steps, and made tabu, so that it might be ‘devoured by the Sun’.

The Heaven’s Gate people believed that “Planet Earth” was “about to be recycled,” but that the Hale-Bopp comet had been sent for them to ascend to, if they released their souls as it came by. This prophecy had been ties into beliefs about the alleged “Planet X,” often called “Nibiru,” which, as Zecharia Sitchin theorized, is a planet in our solar system, many times larger than Earth, that has escaped the notice of modern science because it has an orbit perpendicular to the rest of the solar system, and which causes it to be out out viewing range most of the time.

However, Sitchin said that, according to the records of ancient Sumerians, which he had decoded, this planet, which they called “Nibiru,” comes through the middle of the solar system every 3600 years, passing by Earth, causing cataclysmic destruction each time. He even theorized, again from reading the Sumerian myths, that this planet had collided with Earth at one point, smashing it to bits, part of which became the Moon and the Astroid belt. However, in Babylonian astronomy, “Nibiru” was a planet associated with the vernal equinox. Its name means “the crossing.”

Nowadays, people all over YouTube are posting videos of what seems like a second sun rising along with the familiar Sol. Some say that chemtrails are being used to cloud the sky and make this less noticable. Many people believe that this is Nibiru approaching, getting larger in the sky, gradually. And John Podesta once sent Hillary Clinton an email about Nibiru, strangely.

In the 1984 film 2010: The Year We Made Contact, based on Arthur C. Clarke’s sequel to 2001, Jupiter blows up and becomes a second sun in the sky, shining at night. This seems to have been done deliberately using a nuclear warhead. It is then celebrated as a sign of peace between the nations. In the story, Russia and the United States are on the brink of war, yet they cooperate together in a mission to find out what happened to the missing David Bowman near Jupiter, and this is what ends up happening.

Considering that Hillary Clinton may be a Moonchild/starchild created in an occult ritual involving a nuclear bomb and the killing of hundreds of thousands of people during a war, and that she was meant to be the Whore of Babalon mentioned in Revelation, drinking the blood of the saints, perhaps we should take seriously her intentions to start a nuclear war with Russia. After all, I believe that this woman and her associates did a sodomic child rape ritual with their friends to create the earthquake in Haiti, then kidnapped all of the kids they could find in the aftermath so that they could use them to do something even worse. Just imagine what that could be.

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