James Alan Egan: John Dee Initiated the British Empire

James Alan Egan is the curator of the Newport Tower Museum and the author of numerous books John Dee, geometry, and the history of colonial North America, including “Elizabethan America,” “John Dee and William Shakespeare co-wrote the Tempest,” and many others. He believes the Newport Tower in Newport, Rhode Island was designed as a horologium and camera obscura by John Dee himself. His website is newporttowermuseum.com

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Egan will also be a guest this Wednesday, March 6, on the RxOnly Pictureshow with me, S.B. and JEM, live starting at 7 PM PST here on YouTube, narrowcasting on S.B. Alger’s channel [urlpreviewbox url=”https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-yhdMfh1AAyZfLNguuFywg”/]

1 thought on “James Alan Egan: John Dee Initiated the British Empire”

  1. Cool! Greg Egan sounds like a genuinely nice dude, interesting research on a an interesting character. Yours and Michael Tsarions research been making me wonder quite a lot about Dee. Macrobes and extra-dimensional deals to escape the earth by any means. Recently watched a TV show called Reqiuem. Dont know if you have seen it. Decent show which features a cult which bases itself around the Monad symbol. Might find it interesting too.

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