From Twin Peaks to Mandalay Bay

When I first heard about the shooting in Las Vegas, I thought about the character of “Dougie,” who is really Agent Cooper, in the revitalized Twin Peaks, because of the key scenes with him taking place in casinos in Las Vegas, where he is nicknamed “Mr. Jackpots” for his magical ability to win.

I decided to look up “Twin Peaks” on Google Maps near the real life Mandalay Bay crime scene in Las Vegas, and found a restaurant called “Twin Peaks” 1.3 miles away and straight down the road from there.

The new “Twin Peaks” (which I have only seen half of the episodes for so far) clearly continues to explore the themes of parallel universes, travel to the Underworld, artificial worlds within artificial worlds (which I deal with in my new essay “Fake N.E.W.S.: Unboxing the Compass”,available to premium subscribers) as well as doppelgangers and golems.

Some have even connected it to Kenneth Grant’s “Mauve Zone,” a concept connected to the Qlippoth, or Tree of Death, accessible through a portal to the Underworld hidden in the realm of “forbidden knowledge” on the Tree of Life, in the darker traditions of the Cabala.

A portal to the underworld is implied to exist in Nevada in the show, right in the location of the Trinity nuclear test. In real life, this nuclear test was purported to have been part of a black magick alchemy ritual done to break open exactly just such a portal to the Underworld, and many people believe that it actually did let demons into our world who will bring about the Apocalypse. In the new Twin Peaks, spirits trapped in globules are shown in the clouds of the nuclear explosion in Nevada. I think it is implied that the villain “Bob” is actually the spirit of Robert Oppenheimer.

The reference to the “Blue Rose” in the show connects nicely to what I have written, both years ago in my book The Merovingian Mythos, and recently, about the blue rose shown at the bottom of the feet of the crucified Christ in Jean Cocteau’s mural at Notre Dame de France in London. As I wrote in the book, an informant told me that this was connected to a secret society called the Order of the Blue Rose to which Cocteau belonged. My more recent writings demonstrate that Cocteau’s mural there contains clues about who has created the artificial world we are currently trapped in, and how. As I explain in in my new essay “Fake N.E.W.S.: Unboxing the Compass,” this was done as a magic trick performed by none other than John Dee.

I may expand upon this more in the coming days and weeks. Much material is already prepared for release this week.

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