Frazzledrip, Beanwave, Dead Princes, and the Time Warp

(This is an excerpt from the lengthy essay “The Secret of Minnie’s Mousse.”)

…[W]hy, exactly, is the accursed character in the Yellow Submarine film called “Hillary J. Boob”? He seems to be playing the role of the Gnostic Demiurge, for the Sergeant Pepper band tasks him with the apparently unwanted job of recreating the universe, after they cause it to disappear into the “Sea of Nothing.” (They got there by going through one of those holes.) Hillary Boob is a writer by trade, and here acts as the creator of the Logos, the word that was spoken and written to form the heavens and the earth. It is his job to write the songs that will tell the story of the new universe that he and the band will create together.

But the bandmates constantly criticize Hillary for being too logical, too verbose, and for thinking he knows everything. This is exactly what the Gnostics criticized the Demiurge for. Throughout the film, they curse him with the Goat of Mendes hand sign, just like they do to the Blue Meanies constantly, and just as the Blue Meanies do to them constantly. But Hillary seems oblivious to it all.




Another thing I find strange about Hillary Boob is his face. It looks like he’s wearing a mask. Frankly it looks like he’s wearing the mask that would be used by the serial killer in the movie Saw many years later. What is really freaky is that there is a rumor that Hillary Clinton is herself a serial killer, with a long list of hits. Many of these alleged victims were her known enemies, who died in mysterious ways.

But among the more bizarre accusations are those stating that she personally attends child snuff parties with occult rituals where children are killed in gruesome ways. As the story goes, somebody took a film of Clinton and her companion Huma Abedin personally torturing and killing two little girls. It was supposedly found by the NYPD on the laptop of Abedin’s then-husband Anthony Weiner. Among the tortures, Clinton is said to be seen on the video personally slicing off one girl’s face. She then purportedly wears the flayed skin as a mask while she torments the other terrified girl.

The original video file was allegedly named “frazzledrip.” Frazzle means “to fray,” to scrape, to peal something from around the edges. “Fray” is also related to the world “afraid.” I think we know what “drip” would mean in this context. The goal, after all, is to make the victim the secrete maximum adrenaline by causing them extreme fear and acute pain.

I wonder how long the “frazzledrip” ritual has been going on behind closed doors. Even if it isn’t Hillary Clinton in the video, and even if the video is completely fake, I think it is highly likely to be based on something that somebody, somewhere, is actually doing. It has already been pointed out that this very scenario—a villain abducting two children and cutting the face off of one, then wearing it as a mask to menace the other—plays out in a cartoon called “Unbelievable Tales,” featuring “Mr. Jellybean.” This character would later be included in an episode of “Rick and Morty” on Adult Swim, in which the same figure, now “King Jellybean,” is again depicted as a sadistic child rapist and murderer.

Still from Unbelievable Tales

The reason why it’s called “Unbelievable Tales,” of course, is because the cartoon was created as a warning to people who have actually witnessed such atrocities telling them not to bother trying to tell anybody because they won’t be believed. This is a classic line given to abuse victims to keep them quiet. One of the people who created this cartoon, Dan Harmon, has recently been exposed for having a history of making “comedy” films about raping babies, and making similar jokes on Twitter. He is part of a circle of friends in Hollywood who apparently share the same interests. Others have talked about this at length, so I won’t bother. But nobody else has pointed out that the term “bean”—as in “Mr. Jellybean”—seems to have a particular meaning in the child snuff porn market.

Without naming names or going into detail, I discovered a number of accounts on YouTube, Soundcloud and Instagram, as well as some independent websites, where the word “bean” appeared to be used as a code. It appears to indicate something involving videos of children being hurt, and who are destined to be killed before long (as indicated by other codes that were also used in conjunction with “bean”). This seems to be the symbolism behind “beanwave,” which purports to be an ironically humorous meme-based “genre” of music.

One might assume that the whole “joke” about the songs labeled as “beanwave” on YouTube and Soundcloud is that the videos and thumbnail images used often involve Rowan Atkinson, a.k.a. “Mr. Bean.” But if you look at some of the comments on these videos, and note that one of the most popular “beanwave” songs is called “All these broken hearts,” you’ll understand that something else entirely is going on. Another clue I found was a “beanwave” account on Instagram containing subtle but unmistakable references to the Finders cult. This is a group investigated by police for abducting and selling children, having sex with them in rituals, and subjecting them to traumatizing Satanic rites involving a goat sacrifice.

Another video has been posted on YouTube recently that is embedded with clues referencing the Finders cult, but presented with the pretense that it is an entertaining cartoon aimed at young toddlers. This video introduces a color-coding system that the video’s description (quite overtly) says is meant to trigger different hypnotic reactions in a child victim who is being abused, including “forgetting the atrocities that you have seen.”


allthesebrokenheartssoundcloud-6706709 analoguebynaturebeanwave-1497520

So what is the meaning of the word “bean” in this context? Is this about the “bean,” “sabot,” or “bullet” hidden in the “cake” again? The bullet seems to indicate that he who finds it has been chosen for sacrifice. It’s a death threat warning, or maybe even just a gleeful proclamation of what is to come. One of the other terms I’ve seen “bean” coupled with on suspicious YouTube videos is “dead prince.” Now, I have seen “prince,” separately, used in the comments on other YouTube videos that I am quite certain were trafficking children for sex. “Prince” seems to imply a type of child, presumably a little boy. So what do you think “dead prince” means? An illustration I found on a clothing website, showing Bart Simpson lying dead on the ground, with one of his arms and one of his legs lying severed next to him, makes it rather clear. Remember that in the king cake rite, whoever finds the “bean” or “bullet” is declared the “king,” which really just means they have been picked to die.’


I think that on another level, the “bean” might also represent the “little nut” so treasured by brain fluid junkies: the pineal gland. Remember what Fulcanelli said about the person who finds the bean in the epiphany cake? As Fulcanelli further explains:

…he will never lack money. He will be doubly king, by science and by fortune.

The science he was talking of is alchemy, which is the secret technology of how to recreate the universe by transmuting human body parts and secretions. It will also enable you to get rich, to get high, and to live for a really long time. One the “Science” card in Crowley’s tarot, six swords point at the “heart” of the cross, where the rose is placed. Recall the wounds inflicted on Christ, and that the final blow was delivered by a sword as he hung upon the cross. The fluids which poured forth from his heart—the sacred “blood and water”—were collected in a vessel called the “Holy Grail,” a term for a serving dish. …

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