Alice, 2009 (Syfy Channel Miniseries)

In this TV mini-series from the SyFy channel, Wonderland is a parallel universe that Alice is lured to when her fiancé is kidnapped. There, the Queen of Hearts feeds off of the souls of humans, captured from our own world. They are lured into Wonderland, just like Alice, through the “man-fishing” process. Once there, they are imprisoned in a 24-hour make-believe casino. Here they are kept in a trance state, perpetually winning every rigged game the casino has to offer. The good feelings generated by the sensation of winning are channeled from the bodies of the prisoners through a special vent in the floor, then magically turned into potions that the queen and her court feed off of like drugs. The people of Wonderland refer to their captive humans as “oysters” because of the “precious pearls within” — their souls.

The description of the Wonderland casino prison on this SyFy channel program from 2009 resembles remarkably a metaphor used by economist Max Keiser, starting around the same time, of the “casino gulag” to describe the global economy. In his view, everyone in the peasant class here on Earth is forced to speculate with their earnings on the stock and bond market in order to avoid losing wealth every time the government inflates the fiat currency by alchemically printing more money. Since, like a casino, the game is rigged by the banking cartel, who can front-run the market with high-frequency trading and are insured against losses with government bailouts, they keep the gambler slaves playing by hypnotizing them with the prospect of being the one-in-a-million lucky slave who gets to win the jackpot.

The people at the casino in Alice always win, or at least they feel like they do, and because of this, they are oblivious to the fact that they are prisoners. Towards the end, they are freed from their spell, and only when they stop playing the games do they remember the children that they have left abandoned at home. This is like the “Caucus Race” of the original Lewis Carroll story, a perfect metaphor for the modern rat race. At this event, people run around in a circle competing with each other, but with no end in mind, because “No one ever loses, and no one can ever win.”


Inside the casino

The White Rabbit character here plays the trickster in the form of the “Man in Black” as “Agent White.” He runs an intelligence agency for the queen full of men wearing white rabbit masks and black suits without ties.


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