Administration in Wonderland

What if I should fall right through the center of the Earth and end up on the other side, where everything is upside-down?
– Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

The news this morning was awash with a story taken from the new biography The Obamas by Jodi Kantor, in which the author reveals that there was a secret all-star “Halloween Party” at the White House in 2009 which took on an “Alice in Wonderland” theme. The guest list was limited mainly to military and White House staff families, as well as celebrities. The decor of the was fashioned by Tim Burton, whose film of the same name would be released four months later on March 5th. Johnny Depp himself was there in costume as the Mad Hatter, greeting the guests. Bone-shaped meringue cookies were served, along with fruit punch served in blood vials. Allegedly, the event was kept secret (clearly with the complicity of the media) because the Administration was afraid that it would seem “extravagant” during a recession.


White House down the Rabbit Hole for Halloween

In fact, it was at the end of October in 2009 that the Administration announced that the United States was officially “out of recession,” while acknowledging that employment numbers and housing sales would continue to slump for the foreseeable future. Thus the wizards behind the stagecraft of statecraft, with their helpers in the mainstream media, spun a magical new reality, a make-believe alternate universe, around the concept of the “jobless recovery.”

In addition, the MSM was at this time working heavily with the Republican Party establishment to promote a faux “Tea Party” movement to overtake the grass-roots movement that had already been underway for two years. Whereas the Tea Parties of 2007 to early 2009 had originated within the Ron Paul movement, a spontaneous response to bailouts and money-printing, this new movement was pro-war, anti-Muslim, and unconcerned with monetary policy. It rejected Ron Paul and endorsed mainstream Republican candidates. In other words, it was a fake Tea Party, a manufactured make-believe Tea Party from another universe, where everything is topsy-turvy and people have protest movements to embrace the status quo.

The date of the party on Halloween is important because it is traditionally the day on which the veil between this world and the Otherworld is rent open, like a portal to Wonderland. For this reason it is sacred to witches, and a night of bloody sacrifice. Interestingly, just about 5 weeks after the super secret Black Mass at the White House, the SyFy channel showed a mini-series on December 7th and 8th called Alice. I wrote about it last year in Part II of my essay series “Regnum in Potentia”:

In this film, Wonderland is a parallel universe that Alice is lured to when her fiancé is kidnapped. There, the Queen of Hearts feeds off of the souls of humans, captured from our own world. They are lured into Wonderland, just like Alice …

Once there, they are imprisoned in a 24-hour make-believe casino. Here they are kept in a trance state, perpetually winning every rigged game the casino has to offer. The good feelings generated by the sensation of winning are channeled from the bodies of the prisoners through a special vent in the floor, then magically turned into potions that the queen and her court feed off of like drugs. The people of Wonderland refer to their captive humans as “oysters” because of the “precious pearls within” — their souls.

The description of the Wonderland casino prison on this SyFy channel program from 2009 resembles remarkably a metaphor used by economist Max Keiser, starting around the same time, of the “casino gulag” to describe the global economy. In his view, everyone in the peasant class here on Earth is forced to speculate with their earnings on the stock and bond market in order to avoid losing wealth every time the government inflates the fiat currency by alchemically printing more money. Since, like a casino, the game is rigged by the banking cartel, who can front-run the market with high-frequency trading and are insured against losses with government bailouts, they keep the gambler slaves playing by hypnotizing them with the prospect of being the one-in-a-million lucky slave who gets to win the jackpot.


The House of Cards casino gulag from Alice


Symbol of the White Rabbit Intelligence Service in Alice on SyFy

Another Wonderland-related meme that has going around from the time of the White House party to present is the comparison of pop music star Lady Gaga to the Mad Hatter. She has been termed that by several newspapers because of her outlandish headgear, and was even the star of a viral spoof video called “Gaga in Wonderland” that came out in March 2010 right before Tim Burton’s movie trailer. The spoof used footage from the movie trailer along with scenes from Gaga’s “Paparazzi” video, which includes images of her falling into a spiral shape that served as a “rabbit hole” dimensional doorway. Also utilized were images of Gaga wearing “red queen” dresses, which she has done with at least two different dresses on two different occasions.


NY Post declares Gaga the Mad Hatter


Gaga dressed as the Red Queen


Another Gaga Red Queen outfit

Gaga in Wonderland

In “Regnum in Potentia Part II” I wrote about the significance of the Mad Hatter’s character and his peculiar tea party:

The Mad Hatter character is an alchemist. Hat-makers, like alchemists, were at one time at high risk of developing permanent brain damage as a result of breathing the vapors of the liquid mercury they used in their trade. Significantly, the Hatter’s tea party is being held in celebration of the “unbirthday” of the attendees. The negation of birth is apparently held holy in the topsy-turvy world of Wonderland.

Here we see the mystical concept of preventing the birth of the king’s heir by swallowing the newborn as it emerges from the womb, just as King Saturn did to his children. Thus, while they remained in his belly, they had still technically never been born, but were “unborn.” This is what is meant by the rabbit who is perpetually “late,” a euphemism for being dead. The fact that the rabbit’s watch is said to be “two days slow” indicates that he and the other subjects of the kingdom may never have been born to begin with.


The Hatter

Mad Hatter’s Day is officially celebrated by Lewis Carroll fans every year on October 6th. This is because of the number “10/6” that is always written on his hat. Interestingly, on Mad Hatter’s Day this last year, Queen announced that they may be hiring Lady Gaga to tour with them as part of the band. This is especially interesting since Gaga admittedly named herself after their song “Radio Ga Ga,” (an ode to the crappiness of Top 40 radio, originally titled “Radio Ca Ca).

Gaga is suspected by many of being at the heart of an Illuminist/Satanist conspiracy within the music industry. This circle is alleged to include Jay-Z, Eminem, Marilyn Manson, Kanye West, Beyonce, Wiz Khalifa, and many others. The details of this are beyond the scope of this essay, but the main point is that subtle but clearly-intentional ritual elements have been inserted into songs, music videos, and performances that seem to be coordinated and involve multiple artists across several different genres.

One identified ritual took place at the MTV’s Video Music Awards in September 2009. Elements included the presentation of the artist Pink as initiate into the Entered Apprentice Degree (1º) of Masonry (hoodwinked, with the left breast bare, exposing the symbol of the naked heart). Lady Gaga was shown having her eye gouged out and was then killed in a bloody sacrifice, only to re-emerge later dressed as the red queen. But the evening began with an obviously contrived conflict between Kanye West and Taylor Swift, who was allegedly upstaged when West interrupted her award presentation to proclaim that the prize should have gone to Beyonce instead. Swift had arrived in a Cinderella-style carriage and numerous references were made to fairy tales and “dreams come true” throughout the evening. In 2008, Swift had a song on the soundtrack for the film Another Cinderella Story. Then in January 2010, Swift released a song titled “Today Was a Fairy Tale,” followed by an album that was originally titled “Enchanted,” and which included the song “Never Grow Up.”


Taylor Swift as Cinderella


Pink as a Masonic initiate

Lest you think such issues were not a “state matter,” to the contrary, President Obama had a comment to make about the Kanye West incident within a few hours of it airing. Obama has been amazingly well-involved in Hollywood and pop music culture during his presidency, being close personal friends with Jay-Z and several other members of the alleged “Satanic conspiracy.” Also, Lady Gaga has been amazingly involved with Presidential politics for a pop culture diva. She has met both Obama and Clinton, and both have made public statements about her.

So considering the facts and ideas laid out above, is it inconceivable to think that the “secret” Alice in Wonderland tea party at the White House on Halloween was all part of a larger, carefully-crafted series of rituals taking place with the complicity of Hollywood, the music industry, and the news media? A ritual to cast a fake spell of unreality over us all as we descend into debt peonage, imprisoned by oligarchs in a closed alternate universe of fake derivatives, fake economic numbers, and fake fiat currency. A ritual to curse the real Tea Party movement and cover it up with a fake one instead? Perhaps that is a stretch, but I still tend to think that these things all happen for a reason, and that the coincidence of memes is trying to tell us something.

This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill – the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill – you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes. – Morpheus, The Matrix


What frolics down in the bunny hole?