Q-Anon, The Magic Sword and the Compass of the Wise

True story about the band “Magic Sword” that Q-Anon mentioned recently. I first heard about them about four years ago after doing what I call “portal magic,” in which you aim to open a portal into another dimension that is exactly like the present one except for whatever improved circumstances you are seeking. I had invoked what alchemist Fulcanelli calls “Le Bon Saber,” a sword for cutting with subtle energies, to use as a tool for cutting an opening into the sought dimension. As I had written earlier, in my essay “Film as Myth“:


Characters are shown cutting holes into walls with knives, or drawing doors on walls to pass through, in Pan’s Labyrinth, Svankmajer’s Faust, The Forbidden Zone, and many others. It is the Flaming Sword, shaped like a lightning bolt, which cut a hole around paradise and created space-time, separating Adam and Eve from their home, who were trapped outside of the sacred boundary. It is the power by which the Cheshire Cat made a shortcut through the trunk of a tree and allowed Alice to go straight to the labyrinth that led to the castle of the Queen of Hearts. It is the Spear of Destiny which wounded the Fisher King of the Grail legend, and caused the kingdom to fall into a death-like coma. It is that which pierced the side of the man on the cross and changed the order of the universe forever.


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Then I went out to a friend’s house, hoping to stumble across something fitting this description in the process. Sure enough, just outside of my friend’s house, on a telephone pole, was a white poster within nothing on it but a black line drawing of a medieval-looking sword with the All-Seeing Eye on the hilt. I took it down and put it in my bag.

When I got home that night, I opened Facebook, and the site had recommended that I go to a show in Portland that night: an electro band called “Magic Sword.” The paper I had found was an advertisement for this band, and the sword on it was their logo. Strangely, though, there was nothing written on the page, so I would have had no way of knowing that if Facebook hadn’t pointed it out to me. I couldn’t make it to the show that night, but finding the ad still made for a memorable experience.

According to my own analysis of fiction symbolism, written years before I found the sword picture, the All-Seeing Eye on the sword represents “The Compass of the Wise.” Regarding this symbol, I have said it is:

… an object, usually given to the hero near the beginning of his quest, that helps him or her navigate the chaotic and ever-changing path through the Abyss to the center where the treasure is. We see this in The Golden Compass, Coraline, The Never-Ending Story, and Pinnochio. It is often represented as an “all-seeing eye,” like the one eye shared by the three Graeae witches of Greek mythology, used similarly in The Dark Crystal. It is also shown as a map in The Road to El Dorado and Time Bandits.

Faust cutting a portal with a knife

So I only just now realized, after looking back at that article, that I had not only the Good Sword in my hand, but the Compass of the Wise was built into it. I never did find that other dimension, though.

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