4Chan drop RE: Feb. 14 “event,” Pleiades, fake white sun, secret coded Illuminati tattoo

Someone sent me a tip about a post on 4Chan from an alleged Illuminati member. They were talking about something planned for February 14th involving the Pleiades and the appearance of “triangles” in the sky, as well as the fake “white” sun I’ve mentioned before. Here I examine this in regards to the Masonic traditions about the Pleiades forming a ladder to Heaven, as well as the possibility that the Illuminati informant’s tattoo, featured in the drop, may be using a secret Rosicrucian code called the “sympathetic alphabet.”



the secret Illuminati tattoo
Another graphic included in the drop
heavenly ladder to the Pleiades
The Massacre of the Innocents
First Degree Tracing Board. Pleaides surround the Moon
another Masonic ladder to Pleiades

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