“+++!” = “Plus Ultra”

It seems to me that the “Plus Ultra” concept is being referenced by Q-Anon/DJT in his use of the code “+++!” on 4Chan and in Tweets. I believe he is talking about seizing the wealth, property, and technology that the elite have had stashed away in places that they’ve literally hidden from view beyond a 4th-dimensional force field. (Note too that the characters “+++” can also be used to indicate switching to “command mode” in written electronic communications.)

“Plus Ultra” means “There is more beyond.” It’s the old motto of the Habsburg empire, indicating their intent to seize the vast land and mineral wealth beyond the Pillars of Hercules (the Strait of Gibraltar).

Coat of Arms of Spain
Habsburg Silver Dollar

I wrote about the ideas associated with this image in my 2005 book Solomon’s Treasure: The Magic and Mystery of America’s Money, where I wrote:

In 1497, not long after their hireling Christopher Columbus had returned from his first voyage to America, King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of the Spanish House of Habsburg had a coin issued called a “peso”, the value of which was eight “reales.” When the Spaniards opened a mint in Mexico (soon to be one of the largest in the world), they began circulating the previously-mentioned coins featuring the Pillars of Hercules, and the words “Plus Ultra” (“More Beyond”). It was a lucky circumstance for the British colonists in America. For in the year 1695, the British government stopped exporting coins outside of its borders, even to its own colonies. Thus, the British colonists in North America were forced to acquire coins from the Spanish colonies in Mexico. The “Plus
Ultra” peso became the most widely used coin amongst the thirteen British colonies, although they preferred to call them “pieces of eight” (referring to the eight reales they contained), or, more commonly, “dollars.”

A coin from Tyre featuring the Pillars of Hercules as the portal to Eden. This is part of the origin of the $ sign

“Plus Ultra” was the name of one of my old blogs that I ran with my husband Brian Albert. I also had a podcast and AM radio show with that name during 2007. I believe this concept has a deeper meaning, and I have explored it in many of my subsequent writings as well, such as in my book Clock Shavings, where I wrote:

Logo of Tracy R. Twyman’s “Plus Ultra Podcast”

During another Golden Dawn ritual, for the grade of “Theoricus,” the candidate is directed to assume a stance mimicking Atlas, who is described as holding up two pillars that support the universe. As it says in the rite:

“Stand with feet together and raise both arms upwards and back, palms up, as if supporting a weight. It represents you in the Path of YESOD, supporting the Pillars of Mercy and Severity. It is the Sign made by the Greek God ATLAS, who supported the Universe on his shoulders and whom Hercules was directed to emulate. It is the ISIS of Nature, supporting the Heavens.”

Francis Bacon’s use of the image of a ship going through the Pillars of Hercules, along with the words “Plus Ultra,” are taken by most as a metaphor. Hercules smashed Mount Atlas to create a portal to the new world. In Bacon’s time, Europeans were now penetrating that opening to colonize new lands, and greatly expanding mankind’s understanding of the world. Likewise, Bacon might have been predicting that his own touted “scientific method” (one of his credited inventions) would collapse the barriers to greater understanding of the universe.

Masonic tracing board with a portal to another dimension appearing between the pillars of Heaven and Earth
Masonic tracing board with a portal to another dimension appearing between the pillars of Heaven and Earth

However, I think that what specifically might have been on his mind was the collapsing of the pole that holds up the heavens, so that the New Jerusalem will come crashing down to Earth. The Latin sentence written at the bottom of the Novum Organum illustration makes it clear that he had the End Times in mind. It says: “Multi pertransibunt & augebitur scientia,” which translates to: “Many will travel and knowledge will be increased.” Again, you might think that this is about traveling to the New World. But it is actually a slight paraphrase of something from The Book of Daniel 12:4:

“But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.”

Bacon was smart enough to know that there might not literally be a “mountain” or a “pole” that is “holding up the sky.” But he could understand that there were other dimensions of reality that mankind has yet to explore. On the topic of smashing a portal between the worlds, and possibly collapsing them together, let us have a look at some of the projects being done with the atomic particle collider in Switzerland known as “CERN” (which stands for words that translate to “European Council for Nuclear Research.” They are presently doing tests with something called a “Large Hadron Collider” that, according to their spokespeople, could open a “doorway” to an “extra dimension.”

Masonic tracing board showing a ladder to Heaven
Masonic tracing board showing a ladder to Heaven
Frontispiece to Novum Organum by Sir Francis Bacon
Another emblem from Novum Organum. The Latin means “The Truth will be revealed in time.”

Sergio Bertolucci, the Director for Research and Scientific Computing at CERN, told the technology newspaper The Register, as reported in an article from November 2009, that:

“Out of this door might come something, or we might send something through it.”

The article continues:

“Dr Bertolucci later got in touch to confirm that yes indeed, there would be an ‘open door,’ but that even with the power of the LHC at his disposal he would only be able to hold it open “a very tiny lapse of time, 10-26 seconds, [but] during that infinitesimal amount of time we would be able to peer into this open door, either by getting something out of it or sending something into it.”

Masonic tracing board designed by Lady Frieda Harris,  showing the pathway between the pillars as a spiral-shaped portal into the beyond
Masonic tracing board designed by Lady Frieda Harris, showing the pathway between the pillars as a spiral-shaped portal into the beyond

These scientists seem quite confident that this small amount of time in which this tiny little door will open won’t at all be enough to collapse the barrier between these dimensions and destroy this entire dimension instantly, or any other manner of disaster-based science fiction scenarios that could theoretically come from such tinkering with the fabric of existence. But I’m not so sure. It should be obvious to all that the Final Hour of Revelation can take place in the twinkling of an eye. How long does it take for space-time to end? It’s a meaningless question, and afterwards (although there is no such things as “afterwards”) it won’t really matter, will it?

One of the collider’s projects is actually named “the ALICE Collaboration,” purportedly because it will allow the scientists to explore the root of matter the same way Alice explored Wonderland down the rabbit hole. The logo for the project is an octagonal portal with rays of energy bursting from the center. The acronym stands for “A Large Ion Collider Experiment.” Their website describes it as:

“… One of the largest experiments in the world devoted to research in the physics of matter at an infinitely small scale.… You are invited to tumble down the rabbit hole into the wonderland of ALICE.”

CERN's logo for the ALICE project, showing the portal to the underworld underneath a blue (Royal?) arch
CERN’s logo for the ALICE project, showing the portal to the underworld underneath a blue (Royal?) arch

If you’ll recall, Alice was only able to enter Wonderland by shrinking herself so that she was small enough to fit through the door at the bottom of the rabbit hole. She got into that state by eating and drinking certain things. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland appears to be one of the preeminent works of fiction published in the last two centuries that truly fits the ancient pattern of a “portal to the underworld” epic myth. In that story, the white rabbit who lured her down there complains that he is “late for a very important date.” This may be an allusion to that late hour – that final hour – before Year Zero begins.

Believe it or not, one of the particle detectors in the Large Hadron Collider is named “ATLAS.” Other interesting names for CERN experiments include “AEGIS,” “ALPHA,” “ALEPH,” “DELPHI,” “COMPASS,” “TOTEM,” “ATHENA,” “AWAKE,” and, perhaps most menacingly, “ATRAP.” I mention this last one, which can clearly be decoded to “a trap,” because I think that this may be what the opening of any such dimensional portal could lead to.

Doorway to the realm of light, between the pillars of fire and water, from The Lost Keys of Freemasonry by Manly P. Hall
Doorway to the realm of light, between the pillars of fire and water, from The Lost Keys of Freemasonry by Manly P. Hall

In the same book, I also wrote:

Now the mythology that ties these pillars to Hercules is very relevant here. As the story goes, during his famous Twelve Labors, the hero was obliged to alleviate Atlas of his burden to hold the canopy of Heaven apart from the Earth. Just as is the case with Lilith and Samael, the story goes that if the lovers Gaia and Ouranos (Earth and Heaven) are allowed to sexually unite once more, the world will be destroyed.Poor Atlas, when the Titans lost the war with the Olympians (equivalent to the war in Heaven between God’s loyal angels and the rebellious ones) was punished by the victor, Zeus, with the burden of preventing that destruction (unlike the rest, who were mostly imprisoned in Tartarus for eternal torture). The solution Hercules devised to the fashion the Straights of Gibraltar by splitting a mountain, and using them to prop up the sky instead.

Another version of this story was that, while traveling to the Garden of Hera to get the apples there, tended by the Hesperides, Hercules had to cross a mountain named “Atlas.” Instead of doing that, he smashed the mountain in two. In this case, “Atlas” was the world-mountain, representing the pole between the worlds. By smashing it, he opened a portal between the worlds: between the “Mediterranean Sea” (which means, literally, “the sea in the middle of the Earth”) and the “Atlantic Ocean” (the ocean of Atlantis).

In yet still another version, Hercules asked Atlas to fetch the apples for him, since he was the father of the Hesperides, the gardeners. He promised to hold the sky up for Atlas while he went on the errand, but Atlas tried to trick him into getting stuck there. However, the hero managed to thwart this maneuver.

Coat of Arms of Cadiz, Spain, showing the Pillars of Hercules
Coat of Arms of Cadiz, Spain, showing the Pillars of Hercules

It should be noted that this Atlas is supposedly totally different from the one that Plato said was fathered by Atlas. Remember he said that the island was named after this demi-god son. But it is hard to believe it is a coincidence that the land of this Atlas was situated just beyond the pillars, or rocks, associated with the Titan Atlas.

Atlas is more often said to be upholding the Earth, not Heaven. Many historians think this misconception came about simply because statues of the god show him holding a globe on his shoulders, and it was assumed by people looking at them (without reading the details of the myth) that he was holding our planet. Also, confusion may have arisen when, starting in the sixteenth century, people began referring to a book of terrestrial maps as an “atlas.” However, it was really a celestial globe, showing the zodiac and visible night’s sky on a sphere, that the god was always shown with.

The story becomes more confusing when you consider that Freemasons frequently depict their sacred pillars to be surmounted by two globes. One is a regular terrestrial globe, and one is a celestial globe. This symbolism tends to indicate an esoteric belief that there is a need of two “world-mountains” or “axis poles”: one to hold up the firmament of Heaven, separating it from Earth, and another down below to support the fundament of Earth, to keep it from collapsing into the underworld.

Another common Masonic symbol worthy of note here is that of a broken column, which signifies death. It is usually shown with a lady called the “Weeping Virgin” standing over it holding a sheaf of wheat, wearing a toga. Father Time (Saturn) stands behind her lecherously, donned in only a loincloth, playing with her hair. Sometimes a symbol of the constellation Virgo is part of the scene as well. This emblem is often used on the gravestones and obituaries of Freemasons who have died, of whom it is said “His column is broken.”

Most recently, I wrote about the Plus Ultra idea in Fake News: Unboxing the Compass, where I wrote:

…[W]hen people did venture beyond the “Pillars of Hercules” (the pillars that replaced Atlas), across the Atlantic Ocean (where, according to Plato, the previous aeon of Atlantis sunk into the Abyss), and built a new country in the “New World,” they really were creating a “New Atlantis.”

This was the metaphor that Sir Francis Bacon, a contemporary of John Dee, used for the future he saw for America. He wrote about it in an appendix to his work Sylva Sylvara in 1627. The image he used for this was that of the two pillars of Hercules, and a ship sailing through them, going into the “Plus Ultra” realm (Latin for “More Beyond”).

As I pointed out in my books Solomon’s Treasure (2005), Money Grows on the Tree of Knowledge (2010), and Clock Shavings (2014), this same image was used on coins minted by the Spanish Habsburgs that circulated in the Americas. It was meant to symbolize their new domain beyond the pillars.

These became some of the first silver “dollars” used in America, and the two pillars, encoiled with banners that say “Plus” and “Ultra,” respectively, are thought be some to be the origin of the original double-barred dollar sign. However, I argue in my books that there was at least a dual influence, including the image of the serpent on the Tree of Life found on German silver “thalers” minted in Bohemia the 1600s.

This image is explicitly connected by other engravings on the Bohemian coin to the crucifixion of Christ, and to the scene in Exodus when Moses cures the ills of his people with a magical brazen serpent” mounted on a stick. The man who minted these coins, Georgius Agricola, wrote the first comprehensive book on mining and metallurgy, in which he likened minting coins to alchemy. Agricola used a picture of a caduceus, another connected sacred image, as his personal bookplate. The crucified serpent, an explicitly alchemical emblem, is another version of the same imagery.


In Atlas Shrugged, because Atlantis was run on Galt’s free energy machines, and without regulations, they instantly developed all sorts of amazing Star Trek-type technologies that were unthinkable to people on the outside. …A similar plot device involving the elite creating a hidden society for themselves, run with technology that they don’t think the masses are “ready” for yet, shows up in Disney’s “Tomorrowland” franchise. Apparently, in addition to the areas with this name found at Disneyland and Disneyworld, there are a couple of Disney films with this title, one old and one more modern. The idea is that “Tomorrowland” is a secret realm accessible through a hidden entrance in one of the rides at Disneyland.

In the story, Tomorrowland is run by a secret society called “Plus Ultra,” the old motto about the New World beyond the Pillars of Hercules. The symbolic implications of this should be obvious to you by now. The members of Disney’s imaginary Plus Ultra group have included (quite improbably) both Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla. One of the videos below (put out as part of a game, I think) even suggests that children at Disneyland are abducted and taken to the hidden realm of Tomorrowland surreptitiously. The secret entrance opens up automatically for kids who have been pre-selected by undercover agents and marked with a special lapel pin. And check out this website, STOP PLUS ULTRA, that seems to be following the subject (again, as part of what seems to be an online role-playing game).

Disney’s Tomorrowland (1967) Part 1

I think this detail about Plus Ultra’s special lapel pin for their chosen child victims may be a reference to a real elite secret society at Disneyland that does actually issue lapel pins to its members, and that’s Club 33. You can read all about it on numerous other websites. Ostensibly, it’s innocuous, but the number they chose implies a connection to the highest level of Freemasonry (the 33rd degree, which does not “officially” even exist)….

I think this all says something quite specific about the “New World” of the Americas, and in particular, the United States. Bacon envisioned a utopian society being created there, ruled by an “invisible college” that was “…instituted for the interpreting of nature, and the producing of great and marvelous works, for the benefit of men; under the name of Solomon’s house…” In other words, it was a wise council of elders using the powers of government to steer society towards science, learning, and the mastery of nature.

“Plus Ultra Syndicate” is now the name of the premium content membership program here at TracyTwyman.com. It seemed an appropriate symbol for an exclusive members-only realm beyond the paywall, particularly since premium content is often referred to as being for “plus members” on other sites. I’ve been working on Plus Ultra Syndicate for months with partners. There’s still much left to do, but it’s all happening now, and the program is currently operational.

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