Paris, the Illuminati, and Friday the 13th: Is the President announcing a Masonic “special relationship” with France?

Last night I talked with Jimmy Church on Coast to Coast about the history of the superstition regarding Friday the 13th and its connection with the anniversary of the arrest of the Knights Templar in Paris in 1307 by King Philip IV of France. Of course, the fact that the tragedy in Paris also happened on a Friday the 13th was on everybody’s mind. I brought up that hundreds of years later, during the French Revolution, when Louis XVI was executed by guillotine, a Freemason in the crowd is reported to have snatched up his severed head, held it in the air, and shouted “Jacques de Molay, thou art avenged!” . De Molay, of course, was the last Grand Master of the Knights Templar, who had been burned at the stake for the crimes of blasphemy and Devil-worship that he had confessed to multiple times.

Severed head of Louis XVI displayed to crowd by Freemason
Severed head of Louis XVI displayed to crowd by Freemason

The implication was that the Revolution was the work of a Masonic plot (which it largely was), and the Masons were a continuation of the Templars. So a hit against the French crown was a way of getting back for what had been done to their predecessors. I predicted that this would be part of Illuminati conspiracy theories that would appear in the coming days.


Earlier I had seen video of President Obama’s remarks after the attack, where he called France “our oldest ally,” and invoked the Masonic motto of the French revolution: “Liberté, égalité, fraternité.”

This can only be a reference to the fact that many of the revolutionaries in France supported the revolution in the American colonies, and fostered that support via Masonic lodges, such as La Loge des Neuf Soeurs (The Nine Sisters), established in Paris in 1776, of which Benjamin Franklin was a member. It was created specifically to organize French support for the American revolution. That same year, the Bavarian Illuminati was also created, also for the purpose of fomenting revolution throughout the world via Masonic lodges.

Token of the Neuf Soeurs
Token of the Neuf Soeurs

Here’s a video of “Liberte! Egalite! Fraternite!” shouted during French Masonic ritual in this Nazi Ani-Mason propaganda film, Occult Forces from 1943, starting at 15:03:

Obama has been known for distancing himself, and thus, the country, from other traditionally close allies, such as Israel and Britain. Having Winston Churchill’s bust removed from the White House and sent back to the British embassy that had gifted it was a sign early in his presidency that he intended to dismantle the “Special Relationship” between the UK and the US, which was built upon the bedrock of shared intelligence between MI6 and the CIA.

George W. Bush with the Churchill bust
George W. Bush with the Churchill bust

The Special Relationship was declared dead by British politicians in 2010.

This morning we all awoke to find that everything from government buildings to our friends’ Facebook profile pics were swathed in the colored stripes of the French flag. Facebook, as we have all come to realize, is an arm of the US intelligence community, and part of their role is to manipulate public opinion, which they are doing by shoving the French flag worship down everybody’s throat. (Shall we take a “Pledge of Allegiance” to it as well?)

One of the explanations frequently given for the meaning behind the stripes of the French flag is that it is a reference to the three principles of the revolutionary motto.

It seems the US administration is attempting to turn the country’s “oldest ally” into their new “Special Relationship” partner. Too bad the values of liberty, equality and fraternity are dead on both sides of the Atlantic. But governments still love to invoke powerful symbolism when possible.

UPDATE: This just in–Bill Still chimes in about the same Masonic & Templar connections with Obama’s remarks last night that I have noted here, and says “Liberte Egalite Fraternite” was a “Templar motto.” Quote: “Now I’m not saying Obama is a Communist or a Templar, but . . . he certainly is a revolutionary of some sort.”

Update: Nov 15, 1:35 PST– Christopher Knowles of The Secret Sun just pointed out to me that November 13 is also the anniversary of the Occupation of Constantinople by French and British troops at the end of World War I in 1918. Clyde Lewis and I talked about the Islamic State’s obsession with Constantinople (which they call “Rome”) earlier this year, on February 16th. As Alexander Rivera and I noted in our book Baphomet: The Temple Mystery Unveiled, Constantinople is the location of a skull alleged to be that of John the Baptist (and thus a possible “Baphomet head”). It is also the location of the Hagia Sophia church, named after the divine wisdom of God, a word which generates the name “Baphomet” when it is run through the Atbash cipher.

UPDTE: 11/15/2015 (3:49 PM PST)–Thanks to Darren Williams for finding this. What were the Templars arrested for 7 centuries ago in Friday Oct. 13? Doing rituals where they gave the obscene kiss to representations of Baphomet. What song were the Eagles of Death Metal playing when the attack began? “Kiss the Devil.” Here’s an article on Sky News stating that. Here are the lyrics.

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