Origin of the word “Grail” in ancient Sumer

While chatting with a Facebook friend about the symbol of the fasces (a faggot with an axe-head emerging), I was reminded that the image of a bundle of sticks is an ancient symbol going back to pre-Cuneiform Sumerian hieroglyphic writing. It stood for their word “Alal” which meant “all” or “totality.”

A fasces
A fasces

Amazingly, I believe that this word is connected to the origin of the mysterious word “Grail” (as in “Holy Grail”). As I wrote in my book The Merovingian Mythos:

The Grail is sometimes depicted as a stone within a cup, making it a hermaphroditic symbol –- both male and female, womb and seed. One can see this depicted on the walls of Chartres cathedral, in which a stone is depicted protruding from a chalice, and on the altar of the church at Rennes-le-Chateau, where the Sun (a Grail symbol) is shown descending into a chalice (with waves of water bubbling up underneath). This is fascinating, because the word “Grail” can be translated as either “cup” or “stone” in a very literal way. Nazi Grail researcher Otto Rahn believed that the word “Grail” came from “gorral,” which he claimed was an ancient term. He said that “gorr” meant “stone” and “al” meant “a splinter or stylus with which to write.” Together they meant “precious engraved stone.” But having looked at the Sumerian syllables, I have found another definition as well. The word “gar” in Sumerian means “vessel” or “bowl.” This is the basis for the Egyptian word “qar”, meaning “drinking pot.” The syllable “al” means “all” or “totality,” and that of course is where we get our word “all.” It was also perhaps the root for “Allah”, or “El”, meaning “Lord.” So the term “Graal” in Sumeria would mean “Cup of All” or “Cup of El” – that is, “Vessel of God.”

The word “Alal,” and the essential imagery of the hieroglyph, survived and was passed on to the Egyptian civilization as the word “Aal.” Here it is, combined with examples of the Sumerian symbol for their word “Gar” (vessel) so as to form the word “Graal” (Grail). The symbols were taken from Egyptian Civilization: It’s Sumerian Origin and Real Chronology by L.A. Waddell: