Open Wide the Gates of Heck!

Continuing to monitor the Apocalypse imagery that appears in news stories and pop culture, we note this week that Vice President Joseph Biden was making a speech at the memorial for beheaded journalist Steven Sotloff in New Hampshire when he made a rather odd comment (regarding, it seems, the ISIS terrorist group):

“…they should know that we will follow them to the gates of Hell. Because Hell is where they will reside. Hell is where they will reside.”

Here’s the video, from CNN:

This follows on the heels of the passage of the date of July 27th, 2014, which the iPhone app Siri has mysteriously identified as the date on which the “Gates of Hades” will open. Here is a quote from an Epoch Times article explaining the strange phenomenon:

The Siri voice program on the Apple iPhone has been perplexing numerous people in the past month, saying the “Opening [the] Gates of Hades” will take place on July 27, 2014, with many wondering why.

When one asks Siri, “What is July 27” or asks “What is July 27, 2014,” it will respond: “It’s Sunday, 27 July 2014 (Opening Gates Of Hades).”

The ominous prediction from Siri (from Epoch Times)
The ominous prediction from Siri (from Epoch Times)

Having heard about this, a few days ago, on 8/21/2014, I asked the spirit of Cain on the Ouija board if the gates of Hell had been opened recently. I thought that the recent violence in Iraq, in particular the mass beheading of Christian children, might be indicative of this. He responded in the affirmative, and when we asked when this had occurred, he said “16 days ago.” He appeared to be very excited as he told me this.

More on this subject still to come …

UPDATE: In the article “Opening the Gates of Hell” from radio personality Clyde Lewis, he wrote:

An investigation into what happened to three missing teens in Israel ended tragically on June 27th, 2014, with the discovery of the remains of the three Israel boys who had been kidnapped. The bodies were found in a place called Halhul, on the West Bank. Hamas has warned Israel against waging war on the Gaza Strip in retaliation for the deaths of these kidnapped youths, threatening that “the gates of hell will open” should action be taken.

The entire article is very interesting and worth reading.

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