New Monthly Patronage Program to keep videos, articles and books in constant production

Please help me build the economy of scale necessary to not only keep my operation going, but to bring it closer to its full potential. I am currently seeking 300 patrons to pledge at least $5 a month, with the promise that I will increase my production of new material, including free articles and free videos (all of which is now also free of obtrusive advertisements such as those from Google). The video production in particular will increase directly as the level of support from these patrons grows, and when I get to 300 I promise to offer something new almost every day. I hope to impress you with what I will do in the months to come.

Several have already signed up. Others have chosen to make one-time donations instead. Please join them, and join me in this effort to increase and improve the production of the insightful written and audio-visual material for which I have become known. Be aware as well that you are helping not only me but also those who can’t afford to pledge anything right now, so that everyone can continue to enjoy what I can provide.

Thank you!

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