My work for Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis

As you can tell, until recently I had taken a lengthy hiatus from posting on this site since March. Even before then, I did not have time to even tell anybody what I was up to. From October 2014 through much of May 2015, I had the privilege of working as the Executive Producer of the national radio show Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis, which broadcasts every weeknight to over 200 affiliated stations. It was great fun, and a lot of work. Throughout that time, I was too busy to even announce my own numerous appearances on the program, (or my appearances on any other program for that matter, of which there were several). Since departing from the show in May, I have been working feverishly on two new book projects that will be announced soon. Having completed these, I now have a moment to reminisce about the times during my employment there that I appeared as a guest, or to make brief comments, on Ground Zero, as well as other shows with other guests that I had a particular hand in and am especially proud of. A list of these can be found below (minus a few that I’ve undoubtedly overlooked).

On May 14th, I appeared on the first few segments of the show titled “Xypher“, talking about Synarchy, Alpha Galates, the Priory of Sion, the Vril and Thule Societies, space aliens, and the like, at the UFO Festival in McMinnville, beginning with the first segment that starts at 13:05.

On February 16th, I appeared on the show titled “Conquering Rome: A Message Sent To The Nation Of The Cross“, talking about Christian and Islamic apocalypse prophecies and the Islamic State’s plans to take over Turkey, beginning with the segment starting at about 41:24.

On February 9th, I helped Clyde Lewis interview Christopher Knowles about symbolically significant current events pointing to the Nordic prophecies of Ragnarok in the show titled “Odin Ascending,” beginning with the segment starting at about 40:53.

On February 13th, I was interviewed about the concept of the Invisible Mountain and Rene Daumal for the show titled “The Tommyknocker Mystery,” beginning with the segment starting at 59:32 (after the Stairway to Heaven audio collage I made for the show).

On October 31, on the show titled “Board is Hell,” I was the guest and performed a live Ouija seance with Baphomet. It was one of the most controversial episodes of the show ever.

On October 22, on the show “Knocking on the Devil’s Door,” featuring an interview with haunted house survivor Bob Cranmer, I came on the program at 53:45 to talk about some technical difficulties we were having in the studio that caused the police to show up.

On October 17th, on the show titled “Getting Yer Goat,” I co-hosted with Clyde Lewis live from a Halloween festival in St. Helens, Oregon, talking about Baphomet and witchcraft, beginning with the first segment starting at 2:19.

On September 29, on the show titled “The Dark Command Of Ahriman,” shortly before joining the Ground Zero crew, I was one of the guests that night, talking about my new book Clock Shavings, the Ouija board, and Baphomet, beginning with the segment starting at 1:31:49.

Here are some of the other shows featuring other guests and topics I was particularly proud to have had a hand in:

Baphomet: The Temple Mystery Unveiled by Tracy R. Twyman and Alexander Rivera.


“Can ye drink of the cup that I drink of? And be baptized with the baptism that I am baptized with?”

For seven centuries, the enigma of Baphomet has mystified both scholars and the general public. Did the Knights Templar really worship a demonic idol of that name? If so, what does the word mean? What is the origin of this figure? What was the nature of the rituals that the Templars performed in secret? What were their covert beliefs? And why, if the Templars initially described their idol as a mummified severed head, is this figure now represented as a hermaphrodite human with the head of a goat?

Authors Tracy R. Twyman and Alexander Rivera have dived head-first into the bottomless abyss of mystery and returned with some astounding wisdom to share. Here for the first time they reveal the genesis of these symbols, showing how they relate to the Witches’ Sabbath, traditions of Sufi Islam, alchemy, Gnosticism, cabalism, the teachings of Hermes Trismegistus, and so much more.

Learn why the Templars and their beloved severed head are frequently associated with John the Baptist, and how this connects to his student, Simon Magus. Discover the known facts about things like the Chinon Parchment, the Book of the Baptism of Fire, the Templar Abraxas seals, and newly-found documents which claim that the Templars discovered the real Temple of Solomon during a secret trip to Mecca.

Join Twyman and Rivera on this exciting adventure into the unknown. Immerse yourself in this knowledge, if your heart has the strength. It is certain that your mind will never be the same.