Mont St. Michel, the Supertide, and the underground Sanctuary of the Dragon

Today, 10,000 people showed up at Mont. St. Michel (a mountaintop abbey) in France to observe a “supertide” which occurs every 18 years because of a certain alignment of the sun, the moon, and the Earth. It turns the mountain temporarily into an island.

Mon St. Michel before the supertide
Mon St. Michel before the supertide

Many years ago I wrote an article for Dagobert’s Revenge Magazine where I discussed essays published in the French journal Vaincre, put out by the secret society Alpha Galates during WWII. The people behind Alpha Galates later became involved with the Priory of Sion. In one of the quoted essays, The ‘Southern Cross’– Rallying Point for the Pure of Heart, by Auguste Brisieux, it is claimed that, after the sinking of the continent of Atlantis, “those who survived succeeded in establishing themselves on our present continent, in our Brittany.”

Then, in another essay, “In The East and the West,” by Le Comte de Moncharville, the author describes going to Tibet and being taken by monks there into the Hollow Earth and the underground city of Agartha. He says:

During the mission to Tibet I succeeded in making contact– while I was in Lhasa, in the Forbidden City of Agartha, which is the seat of the Government of the Living Buddha, the ‘Dalai Lama’– with several monks of the great monastery there. During the several years that my mission to Lhasa lasted I managed to win the confidence and friendship of them all, and I learned what probably no other initiate of the West has ever known, compared to which the famous The Secret Doctrine of H.P. Blavatsky seem only a fragment of the truth. When I was on the point of leaving, the monks led me along seemingly interminable staircases carved into the mountain into a veritable underground town located underneath the Temples. And there they gave me a glimpse of the collection of objects that had been brought from Atlantis before the catastrophe there.

Then I visited the Sanctuary of the Dragon, where, for the first time since the Orient, I attended a ceremony of a Superior Rite, and finally, during my last few days there, I had the opportunity to contemplate electrical machines of a kind unknown today, which had been brought from Atlantis and which made it possible to impart to the subterranean rooms a light and atmosphere that was exactly the same as that of the open air, which had so surprised me during my first visit to the heart of the mountain. These machines were also used by the ‘Dalai Lama’ to erect around the Forbidden City of Agartha magnetic barriers that prevented undesirable strangers from penetrating therein.

This underground structure, the “Sanctuary of the Dragon” in the center of the Earth, was, according to De Moncharville, constructed by “Galatean knights,” precursors of the Knights Templar who were the preservers of the Atlantian tradition. He writes:

…They worked the But-Or (‘the Gold Mines’) and constructed below-ground the city of the Alpha, the biggest city in the world, and completed … the Sanctuary of the Dragon on one of the Mounts of the Dragon. Then, in the year 812, they suddenly disappeared. Some days later, amid a rumble of thunder, the sea covered the places where the last Atlanteans had lived. From this time onward, only one of the mounts of the Dragon, towering above the waves, remained to provide evidence, through the existence of its sanctuary, of the activities of the Galatean knights.

From the context of the article, it is clear that De Moncharville is saying that the “Mounts of the Dragon” are mountains that are somehow associated with an underground “Dragon” and constituted the roofs of the “Sanctuary of the Dragon,” the tips of a vast underground complex. Then the Flood which destroyed Atlantis occurred, and all but one of these mountains became entirely submerged in the ocean. The one remaining, he says, is Mont St. Michel (which was once part of Brittany, when De Moncharville’s article was written), named after the archangel whom Christians believe will defeat the Dragon, Satan, at the End of Times. His signature image shows him stabbing a dragon with a sword. De Moncharville further describes it:

The Sanctuary of the Dragon was not abandoned– a new monastery was constructed on its site. And so, beneath the crypt located underneath the flagstone of the Galatean Knights a crypt more ancient still, dating from this period, gives access to the old Sanctuary. It was through the Sancutary of the Dragon that the first knights passed to meet with the subterranean dwellers, who lead them to the heart of the Breton crypts 379 meters down, in the City of the Alpha, where the Temple of Aga was located. Is this still the only entrance to the City of the Alpha? No, but it is very certainly the oldest.

So he’s saying that inside of Mont. St. Michel there is still an entrance to the Hollow Earth, the gigantic “City of the Alpha,” and the subterranean “Santuary of the Dragon.”

Well that would really be something, wouldn’t it?

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