Missing plane search site is antipode of Bermuda Triangle

As noted by Hareth Bustani last night, the place off the coast of Perth, Australia that is currently being searched for wreckage of the lost Malaysian airliner seems to be on the exact opposite side of the globe as the Bermuda Triangle.

Here’s the antipode of Bermuda, according to antipode.com. It looks very close to Perth.

antipode of bermuda

Here’s the search area in the Indian Ocean:


And here’s the Bermuda Triangle. The other points are defined by Puerto Rico and the tip of Florida.


So did the plane get trapped in a “wormhole” or “stargate,” as some people have suggested? This girlfriend of one of the passengers thinks that they’re all alive and the plane is intact somewhere, and that the Malaysian government is covering this up, possibly in collusion with other governments, but she doesn’t know why. She says the other family members of the missing passengers think the same thing.

Note also the plotline similarities with the TV shows “Lost” and “The Event,” as well as the film Millennium.