Michael Jackson, SRA, and Mind Control: An excerpt from Mind-Controlled Sex Slaves and the CIA

Details about Michael Jackson’s possession of child pornography and photos of animal torture have emerged today, so I am revisiting what I wrote about him in my book Mind-Controlled Sex Slaves and the CIA, as I feel that this new information is just yet more evidence of the case I was making. I was arguing that he displayed the profile of an SRA mind-control victim and perpetrator. As I wrote:

For instance, the latest Michael Jackson child molestation case made me suspicious as detailed rumors that started pouring during the trial. According to the stories, Jackson had for many years been bringing 12-to-14-year-old boys to his circus-like Neverland Ranch in California, showering them with toys and gifts, plying them with alcohol (“Jesus Juice,” or wine in a Coke can), and sexually molesting them. In many cases, the parents of the boys seemed to be complicit in what was going on, as they repeatedly brought their sons to spend the night alone in bed with this strange grown man. Perhaps not coincidentally, Jackson reportedly showered the parents with gifts as well, including large sums of cash.

Friends of Jackson have reported his tendency to slip into child-like characters that seem like alternate personalities, his favorite being Peter Pan, “because he never has to grow up.” He seems to be obsessed with the concept of wearing masks, and transmogrification, as demonstrated in the videos for his songs “Thriller” and “Black or White.” This desire to transform himself has obviously led to Jackson’s disastrous plastic surgery, and presumably ties in with the fact that he forces his children to wear masks while they are in public. Indeed, viewers of Martin Bashir’s famous 2003 documentary exposé of Michael Jackson saw that he appeared to live in a 24-hour fantasy world of his own making in which he pretended to be a child. He shows all the signs of someone suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder.

Jackson also shows the signs of having been sexually abused as a child, and indeed has accused his father Joseph of abusing him, as has his sister LaToya. Michael is known to have had psycho-sexual problems since early on. His highly-publicized marriage to Lisa Marie Presley is believed to have been a publicity stunt, while his marriage to Deborah Rowe was part of a scheme in which his first two children were produced through in vitro fertilization. They divorced in 1999, and Jackson had another child in 2002, but nobody knows who the mother is. The kids have always had their faces covered when shown in public. Some say this is partly because he is hiding the fact that they are obviously not his biological children.

So who are these kids, and what is happening to them in Michael Jackson’s custody? We may never know, as Jackson was acquitted of the molestation charges, and immediately went running to Bahrain, a known child prostitution center where pedophilia is openly tolerated. The question of the children’s safety becomes even more paramount when we consider allegations made by Jack Gordon, the former husband of Michael Jackson’s sister LaToya, who claimed in a tell-all book to have witnessed Jackson sacrificing monkeys in occult rituals, and physically abusing his pet monkeys on several occasions. In a similar vein, Vanity Fair reported in March 2003 that in 2000 Michael Jackson paid a voodoo witchdoctor in Mali $150,000 to put a curse on his 24 most-hated enemies, including Steven Spielberg and David Geffen. The ceremony, which reportedly took place in Switzerland, required Jackson to bathe in the blood of 42 freshly-sacrificed cows.

Was Michael Jackson a Project MONARCH victim as a child? It has been said that the CIA’s MK-ULTRA targeted members of the entertainment industry, and that many famous child actors and singers were in fact mind-controlled slaves. The name of his ranch, Neverland, as well as his obsession with Peter Pan, are suspicious, for as we know, this imagery was allegedly used as a programming base for MONARCH children, according to Cathy O’Brien. And what shape could you once see from the air when you fly over Neverland Ranch, made out of colorful flowers and bushes? The image of a Monarch butterfly.

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