Masonic Symbols in Blue Monday

Check out this screenshot from 2:24 of the music video for New Order’s 1983 hit “Blue Monday.” Notice the Masonic symbol on the man’s t-shirt. What is that book he has in his hand, and what page is it open to?


I don’t know. I thought the title “Blue Monday” was provocative, and sure enough, in an issue of Masonic Monthly Magazine from 1882, there is an article titled “Craft Customs of the Ancient Stonehewers,” it says:

“A stone that is not ready for pay-day is called a ‘capuchin.’ If the stonehewer neglects it on the following Monday — in other words, makes Blue Monday, Green Tuesday, Red Wednesday, until Thursday — then it is said that the capuchin has grown a beard.”

So what is that lady holding in her hand in the picture? A hewn and polished stone? Or a book, or a box of cereal or something? What do you think?