Linkin Park, Bloomberg London, and the Boylove symbol

So I had this plot element in Genuflect originally, but I took it out in the final edit. It just seemed one detail too many in a plot that was already quite complex. But it pained me because I was sure I was onto something. I think the Bloomberg building kind of looks like a Boylove triangle symbol from the top. Not the spiral one per se. Rather it looks like a variation of that symbol that I found in my online searches, which incorporates a stylized B and an L (for Boylove) to form a sigil that implies the spiral triangle. The example I found that was closest to the Bloomberg building’s structure wasn’t even being used to symbolize pedophilia. It was actually just a logo that a graphic artist had made for his own company, based on his own initials, which were BL. Below is a picture I made comparing the two images back in October of last year, which I never shared with anybody.

Top left to bottom right: Bloomberg London, a “BL” sigil, the trefoil spiral ramp that runs through Bloomberg London, and the Boylove triangle

Well, because of the rumor that Linkin Park’s singer Chester Bennington was John Podesta’s son, people have been pointing out how the Linkin Park logo resembles the stylized “BL” Boylove triangle. So, I thought the above was worth mentioning.

Of course, Bloomberg’s could be an embedded BL to stand for the first two letters of his last name, or for “Bloomberg London” (although it was supposed to be called “Bloomberg Europe” and they only changed their minds when construction was almost done).

More about the Bloomberg building can be found in these videos, and in my novel Genuflect, which takes place at a location based on this building.




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