Katy Perry video contains weird 9/11 message

The new Katy Perry video for her song “This is How We Do” shows the numbers 911 in reverse. Actually, it says 9111. It’s a couple of seconds of an animated sequence from about 0:36 to :38 that appears to show a stylized number 9 with an eye inside of it and three tower-like objects that also resemble the number 1. They are shown collapsing: first one, then the other two. Given that the numbers are shown in reverse, I assume this represents the twin towers and tower 7 collapsing in reverse order. This is played as Kary Perry drones the words “It’s no big deal” repeatedly.



As for the significance of her album title, “Prism,” I wrote about the concept in my book Clock Shavings. Here is a relevant excerpt.

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