Hillary wants to be president of “Earth 2”

From NowThis News. Interviewer says “people joke about Earth 2, where you are President…” and she nods.

“We may have just found it,” she says. “Just in time.”

“You know,” says the interviewer, “I felt a ripple.”

Hillary invites us to her hidden kingdom

This means what they are “joking” about is another dimension, or a parallel universe, not “another planet.” But of course she’s not joking. What she really means is, once she gets that ankle bracelet off, she’s going to one of the “Hidden Hyperspace Kingdoms for the Elite” to run for President there.

I predict she will be rejected there also.

For other strange proclamations by Hillary Clinton, read my article “Hillary Clinton is the Whore of Babalon, and not Human.”


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