From Mar-a-Lago to Bimini Road: Twyman and Rivera talk Q+++! and Plus Ultra

A few weeks ago, I talked to my frequent research partner, Alexander Rivera of The Aeon Eye, regarding some of Q-Anon’s more mystical breadcrumbs, and the “Plus Ultra” concept of the hyperspace realms beyond. We even talked about Atlantis, and Bimini Road, right off the coast of Florida, near Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate: the one with the Plus Ultra symbol and motto written all over it. It was a casual conversation, but I record all of my phone calls as a matter of course, and this one went so well that we just decided (about halfway through the recording) to share it with you. Recently, Alex edited out all of the various interruptions we had, so that now we are able to present it. I hope you enjoy it.

Is Q-Anon reading this website? And our books? It seems that he might be. You can download the MP3 or use the player below.

Baphomet: The Temple Mystery Unveiled by Tracy R. Twyman and Alexander Rivera.


“Can ye drink of the cup that I drink of? And be baptized with the baptism that I am baptized with?”

For seven centuries, the enigma of Baphomet has mystified both scholars and the general public. Did the Knights Templar really worship a demonic idol of that name? If so, what does the word mean? What is the origin of this figure? What was the nature of the rituals that the Templars performed in secret? What were their covert beliefs? And why, if the Templars initially described their idol as a mummified severed head, is this figure now represented as a hermaphrodite human with the head of a goat?

Authors Tracy R. Twyman and Alexander Rivera have dived head-first into the bottomless abyss of mystery and returned with some astounding wisdom to share. Here for the first time they reveal the genesis of these symbols, showing how they relate to the Witches’ Sabbath, traditions of Sufi Islam, alchemy, Gnosticism, cabalism, the teachings of Hermes Trismegistus, and so much more.

Learn why the Templars and their beloved severed head are frequently associated with John the Baptist, and how this connects to his student, Simon Magus. Discover the known facts about things like the Chinon Parchment, the Book of the Baptism of Fire, the Templar Abraxas seals, and newly-found documents which claim that the Templars discovered the real Temple of Solomon during a secret trip to Mecca.

Join Twyman and Rivera on this exciting adventure into the unknown. Immerse yourself in this knowledge, if your heart has the strength. It is certain that your mind will never be the same.

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  1. Hello Catherine. Thank you for your comments here. Those are some fascinating connections you make, and I would like to know more about Wayne Herschel’s work. I did get your emails too, thank you. I can’t always respond right away. I just started making my way through a backlog collected since October. I will respond to your messages in my inbox as soon as I get a chance. Please, if you have more info to drop, go ahead. It’s even better if you do it here or in our forum, the Solar Salon, so that everyone can read, discuss, and follow up on it. Thanks again!

  2. L, yes I am thinking that “Middle Earth” is an inner dimension, accessible through the north pole, just as our earth is perhaps inside of another, or perhaps is in the process of being covered by it, and that’s maybe why the clouds are descending on top of us. This inner Middle Earth dimension is comparable to the inner cube of a hypercube, and the Second Square of the game of Ageio I talked about in Clock Shavings. Perhaps it’s also where the fabled “Middle Ages” took place, or where the timelines all make sense and become reconciled. I’ve been thinking that maybe the Middle Ages were the “Age of Mete,” since she, being Cybele and Baphomet, prefers the middle gender:
    “Both sexes are displeasing to Cybele’s holiness, so he [the the Galli priest/ess] keeps a middle gender between the two.” (Prudentius, Peristephanon: 10.1071-3) This is connected to the “Middle Pillar,” or “Pole Beyond the Poles” that hides behind the other two (North and South) poles/pillars of “Solomon’s [Sun-Moon’s] Temple” on the Masonic tracing board.

  3. Hi Tracy
    I’ve sent you an urgent email with images. In case you did not receive it here is the text part. I did not know about your satellite research until today. Amazing. But I think Q is also hinting at someone’s elses work which goes hand in hand with yours:)

    What are the chances of Q’s most cryptic messages being a AAA MATCH to just ONE MAN’s work that no one has heard of-archaeoastronomer/scholar Wayne Herschel?

    This whole Q thing IS political BUT with an exopolitical (SPACE) TWIST TO BRING DOWN THE DEEP STATE AND EXPOSE THE CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY. It very much involves SPACE-read on.

    Q: Read between the lines. Learn double meanings. END IS NEAR.

    1.Q: The Great Awakening: ‘’After years of research I am absolutely convinced that in truth we have all been conned. The time is right for what might soon be coined: ‘The Great Awakening.’ P.151 from PDF BOOK -The Alpha Omega Taurus Stargate.


    ‘’There are currently 43 GLOBALLY REPEATING academic graded and tested accounts of ancient STARMAPS. ALL have the SAME theme and ALL identifying the SAME Sun-like catalogued listed stars, portrayed as the places of origin of ‘OUR’ancestors.’’

    1.Q: Find the MARKERS = there are TWO:

    •3000 year old Babylonian ‘Kudurru’ boundary MARKER stone in Berlin Museum. Most important in world as it is a map literally carved in stone showing = WHO WE ARE-WHERE WE CAME FROM -& HOW WE GOT HERE.

    P.96 The original ‘Genesis Stela’ seen previously, now in the Berlin Museum is a boundary marker stone of earliest Babylon called a ‘Kudurru’ stela ref: VA3031 with genesis cuneiform texts in The Metropolitan Museum of Art Volume IV:

    •‘TIME MARKER’ = date of a FIRST CONTACT event. Based on A very precise and exact, gigantic constellation alignment which corresponds directly with HISTORIC documents and scripts stating the same prediction.

    P.281 ‘’I personally think this time MARKER does not mean right away but very soon after the 23rd September. How soon? My thoughts here are it could be anything from the date shown to anything up to a year after this date’’.

    1.Q: SNOW WHITE & FOLLOW THE BREADCRUMBS. Go to the link below, 4th paragraph down. =obscure Book found called Snow White & the Seven Dwarf Planets. Snow White is the star Sirius and has 7 dwarf planets called the Pleiades. The Pleiades form the most important element of the 43 STARMAPS. In this context the breadcrumbs are STARS.

    ”Together, they must journey through the galaxy, following the breadcrumbs left by Snow’s father to find the means to bring down the Queen for good”.

    1.Q: Omega = STARGATE/WORMHOLES/ UK AEROSPACE COMPANY (And there is a clear omega stargate carved on the Kudurru stone).

    1.Q: Alice = CERN’s Programme is called Alice/US Military have Operation LOOKING GLASS.

    2.Q: down the rabbit hole (Alice in Wonderland)= WORMHOLES/PORTALS from P.175 & P.180 of Herschel’s PDF Book:

    This ‘rabbit hole’ is a lot deeper than you think. By the way this very idiom is the very description of the cosmic conduit system through space! And it is about to be revealed. For according to the Maya and Aztecs, instead of the dragon they chose to have a cosmic rabbit traversing space rabbit holes to Taurus!

    It became a cosmic rabbit that traverses cosmic rabbit holes= plasma filaments (wormholes) in space are a transportation method. That is what the SERPENTS/DRAGONS really represent- the ancients drew them to show wormholes. There is an Egyptian papyrus showing someone riding on top of a serpent meaning they are using a star gate/wormhole.

    1.Q: Godfather III = the THREE PILLARS indicated on a recently BRADFORD UNIVERSITY released Masonic Tracing Apron that depicts the exact same STARMAP located all over the globe in every culture, and also reveals the true meaning of the 33 degrees.

    Bifrost III is about a space based weapons system game called The Legend. Q: What is a Legend?

    2.Q: Iron EAGLE: P.147 Eagles, like the Phoenix, represent a new colonization/founding a civilization.

    3.Q: ALPHA = Alpha= Cosmic Messenger (human flesh & blood) from the Taurus Omega stargate as (Alpha is the A for the Taurus bulls horns constellation from the STARMAP) is due to VISIT HERE TO EXPOSE THE DEEP STATE BY NAME & ASSIST IN THEIR REMOVAL FROM THE PLANET (to another one –a penal colony one). The evidence presented is simply ASTOUNDING both for the event itself and the DATE.

    4.Q: Alpha Omega= The Alpha Omega Taurus STAR GATE REVELATION PDF by Wayne Herschel.

    RT 9 NOV: US announce at Press Conference that they are taking the WAR TO SPACE.

    The Cabal will attempt to shoot down any legit Messenger .And meanwhile fake their own Messenger event (PROJECT BLUBEAM) , telling us we are under threat from evil aliens OR fake a good ET who isn’t the real Messenger to create their planned NWO religion and our continued global enslavement.

    Wayne Herschel: Keep informed and watch developments. There is also a chance the elite will create a false flag cosmic messenger event with a horrific blue beam and asking people to step into the beam to be saved and ascend. Research these words ‘project blue beam’ and never trust any ascension scam.

  4. That was so badly written, but just wanted to clear, be every weary of the information on miles johnson’s channel as there are people who mix genuine ingormation woth dissinformation just to stir the shit. People on Alfred Webber’s channel are able to give more thorough, intelligable information than with Miles. Plus, there is a lot of other behind the scenes ordeals behind Miles’ channel that affect the quality of information.

  5. I couldnt even finish because I am absolutely flabbergasted at all the information here… this information ties in so much with my life. I went to some weird school where we learned a lit of things that I just started realizing in my late 20’s most people dont know aboout. I went to this school until 10 so I just had a flavor of the basics (as I can recall at the moment). I apologies ahead of time for the way this is written as I am a terrible speller, word check is disabled, and Im trying to pack as much information into as few words as I can.

    This was a predominant hispanic bilingual school. I remember the alphabet we learned was a little different, we learned about the north star (how to ask it for guidance), “special shapes” (geometry), how to use an abicus (Ths I still dont know why), putting on your “thinking cap” to maximize information, etc.

    When I realized this isnt what education was like for other people I started to look for answers about my life. was I remembering things differently, was my mind going to shit or was everyone around me missing key information? Eventually found myself with a decret fb account talking with people in super soldier communities that seemed to know a great deal about these tiny bits of information.

    They would always give me information that was clearly written and documented by the government (its all in the fine print, few people bother to look) but they were things that in media they would obscure or navigate around with bs. They showed me proof in NASA written reports that NASA not only knows about flat earth but they also purposely “adjust” the image for mainstrwam viewers. The is also a group of people that stay in Mount Shasta who suposedly have been able to break through and somehow retrieve the actual footage that is being looked at by NASA and the footage being shown in mai stream media. Its a sort of resistance group that has these back and forth attacks with the government (they try to undo their tech). They work with very fringe sciences so take it with a grain of salt. I cant remember their names but I seen interviews on Miles Johnson and Alfred Webber’s channels (I tend to give a bit more credivility to the former, but they both go into subject matters that sound unbelievable).

    Weve had people clean up mars rover images to discover that they have been photoshopped (by really lazy people btw) in order to obscure what is there. Now of course plenty of people do this on youtube, but we have even had people name bases on moons only to find out google maps had at one time (not sure if still there) placed walking trails with distance from point to pooint (yes this was a public map, not a customized one). Its just absolutely insane that all these thing…..they sound so damn farfetched, sometimes I revert and denounce the whole thing as unrealistic, insane, and based in fantasy until it pops back up in another form within my reality. You did that here again, but touched on something personal I had been researching a few years back and just backed away completely from.

    Have you heard of the Bock Saga? If you have not, listen to it. When I heard this I didbt want to ask anyone of it, but wondered how true it can be. It basically talks about howa time before there was only one language and one king that united the people on the surface of the earth. This king aparently came from Hel which is the land of inner earth. Hel is in modernday Helsinki (or a town very close by), it is actually true north (the axis tilted due to a catasteophy), and there is a tunnel that directly leads to the center of the earth. There is an “door” or entrence there which is now covered by a museum. An unsuccessful excavation was lead to try and re-open another enterance, but the way it was sealed made and built was difficult to penetrate. The project was never completed.

    After hearing this story a lot of things came together but still unsure I checked out some of the things this guy was saying. I was astounded when how much of it check out from a linguistic and religious standpoint (which your books have given me even more proof and clarity on). The guy telling this story couldnt have made it up. Even he admits that he hasnt the capacity to do that.

    I realize Im jumping around, but for the sake of brevity (and my fingers as I am on mobile) Im not sure if this reality really did collide with another, is beginning to due to Mr. Bloomberg’s (and others alike) activities, or if dimentions have always existed within one another. I would like to say more, but maybe after I have time to digest this as too much information is trying to rush out at once the more I listen in. Q anon speaks like that because they are trying to get you thinking in the way they do. They speak in a way in which everything they say is multilayered. It is absolutely with purpose and you are ment to get all this info. If you dont get it (like the general public), you may never even have the slighteat clue this whole other reality exists… this is indeed a collision of realities, are we being pushed together or being pulled apart??? Maybe its not a coinsidence that Im listening to this and started your Baphomet unveiled book all in the same week….boy, when they said the universe works in mysterious ways they sure as shit where not kidding.

    P.s. yes, everything does look different when you travel north. Its all a matter of perspective

  6. I think you’re on to something with your research and the connections with the satellites. I’ve found a lot of related details that are pointing me to similar things. I think there is more to this than what others are concluding. I would like to share and compare things if you are interested.

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