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    Tracy R Twyman

    Is there any context that can make sense of this, other than the obvious conclusions to jump to?


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    can you explain it…am baffled…

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    Tracy R Twyman

    “It looks so ridiculous and impossible,” the SpaceX CEO told reporters after the Falcon Heavy megarocket launched the car into space yesterday (Feb. 6). “You can tell it’s real because it looks so fake, honestly.”

    From: Why Does the Tesla Look So Fake in Space? We Asked a Chemist

    Musk went on to say that colors, in general, look strange in space, because “there’s no atmospheric occlusion. Everything’s too crisp,” he said. But what did he mean by this, and is it true that colors in space don’t look the same as they do on Earth?

    First off, yes — colors do look “fuzzier” on Earth than they do in space, said Rick Sachleben, a retired chemist in Boston who is a member of the American Chemical Society’s panel of experts.

    Think of it this way: Light can travel through different mediums — including air, water and the vacuum of space — each of which has a different refractive index, he said. That is, these mediums bend light differently, which explains why colored light doesn’t look the same in one medium as it does in another.

    Furthermore, when light travels through the Earth’s atmosphere, it passes through air that contains particles, such as dust, soot, smoke and liquid droplets. The air also has varying densities depending on how much water it contains and its temperature, Sachleben said. For instance, the air at the top of Mount Everest is less dense than at sea level, which is why breathing at Everest’s peak is challenging.

    These factors — air’s particles and properties — can change the way colors look on Earth, Sachleben told Live Science.

    “The light scatters off of those particles,” he said. “When it hits a piece of dust, it bounces off of it. And then it hits another one, and it scatters off of that one.” That’s why “the image we see [on Earth] is fuzzier, less distinct,” he said. “In space, you don’t have that.”

    In space, there’s barely anything to bend or block light. That’s why pictures taken by the Hubble Space Telescope are so much sharper than images taken from Earth-based telescopes, Sachleben said.

    “You get these incredibly good pictures when you’re in space,” he said. Other images snapped in space, such as the famous “Blue Marble” pictures, also show clear and crisp colors. But perhaps people didn’t realize it, because these images weren’t as crazy-looking as a Tesla Roadster heading toward the asteroid belt, Sachleben noted.

    Because colors in space look so sharp, pictures and videos taken there may look as if someone visually edited them. This is likely why Musk joked that the Roadster images looked “fake,” Sachleben said.

    However, Sachleben noted that he’s never heard of “atmospheric occlusion,” the term Musk used. It’s likely that Musk was referring to particles in Earth’s air that block and scatter light, but it’s hard to say for sure, Sachleben said.

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    “You can tell it’s real because it looks so fake”

    – Elon Musk Feb 7th 2018


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    This whole thing has me puzzled, like why? It seems so random.

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    Ha, notice they pulled that interview off of YouTube.
    But yeah Yvette.
    In a way random, but it’s an obvious promoting of the Tesla car and of course one would need astronaut apparel in space i suppose…but it’s so pointless.
    USA gave 4 billion i think in subsidies to Space X so it seems that there should be a more efficient use if the vehicle.
    The real question is why did they fake the video, yeah?

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    Intuitively the fakeness was the first thing that came to mind after the feeling of being puzzled. So it was an expensive publicity stunt and taxpayer money at work?

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    1. a mocking psy op on the herd (no one seems to notice the merlin engines, dragon capsules, falcon 9, space X and EL ON  musk (mating scent of the gods) and all of the other occultish names..for a kerosene filled old school tech, rocket.. the story is fake as fuck, (can they re land the boosters after mach 32 flip it 180 degrees and land 5 miles away with that much reburn fuel on board?? no way..but thats a different thread) anyway imo its nasa.  but how does the avg joe blow feel about their gov, when an “individual” accomplishes such feats??  answer: gov nihlism.. as planned!

    2. represents the age of decadence over..as people are homeless, he launches his first tesla into space.. playing david bowie lol.. i love that there was a “dummy” driving it..      dont panic..

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      Tracy R Twyman

      @justinbowen, Now every time I think of Elon I will think about “the mating scent of the gods.” Or maybe Muskrat Love?

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    Tracy R Twyman

    Well now, THIS is something interesting https://youtu.be/tauDPtdrAKw

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    Tracy R Twyman
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    No idea why there is an astro not in a sports car 

    Check out the opening  sequence of The 1981 Movie Heavy  Metal

    Shows a astro nut in a convertible  corvette

    there is nothing new under the Sun





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    Tracy R Twyman

    Ha ha! Yeah, I forgot about that!

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