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    Tracy R Twyman

    Taken from a Christian expose of occult themes in He-Man that I saw many years ago, the title of this topic identifies this as a thread about people who freak out about pre-Christian/non-Christian/heretical thoughts and symbols wherever they find them. The video below is an anti-occult video that mentions, among other things, the demonic influences behind Kombucha tea.

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    Tracy R Twyman

    Here’s the video about “occultic” stuff in He-Man that inspired this thread. https://youtu.be/Hnjdq32u-MU

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    Tracy R Twyman

    This one about the demonically-possessed Furbie really freaked me out. https://youtu.be/80w1i3o59mY?t=1h30m26s

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    So taking kamubucha is going to he dark side lol.

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    regarding the he man preachers..i especially luv that they are having this christian conversation at the witching hour with time stopped lol.. its dark out the window @ 9:22 in, then 11:22 light out, then 27:20 dark again, wait.. oh man, it keeps going back and forth through the whole thing haha!! annd the clock never moves! then of course at 1hr:24 the purple and black sales pitch of their shit! “eagles nest” omg.. lol.. hope they got a lear jet out of it! too funny.

    regarding the furbie preacher.. nice black/white masonic cable tow aka tie..and mason ring on his right hand as well..he wasnt as good as the last guys, but the font and color of his “prophesy club” is very hebrew..including the blue/white split and purple background..  maybe he’ll settle for a lambo, well maybe a hot rod camaro with that sweet mullet.

    just found it funny, not that what they are saying isnt true or possible it is..these things are breaking into our reality with help, our help, known or not.

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