“Dahmer pose” statue in Tony Podesta’s house matches illustration published with Aleister Crowley text

UPDATE: Get the full, corrected, and even more amazing story about this image by reading the newest article, Jeffrey Dahmer, Aleister Crowley, Exorcist III, 9/11 and Pizzagate. But I recommend reading this article first.

Much has been said about the fact that Tony Podesta, John’s brother and alleged partner in pedophile crimes, owns a statue by Louise Bourgeois called “the Arch of Hysteria” that seems similar to the way in which Jeffrey Dahmer posed at least one of his victims post-mortem.


Dahmer victim
Dahmer victim

Of course, females who suffered from demonic possession as a result of dabbling in witchcraft have historically been thought by doctors to actually be suffering from hysteria. Until the late nineteenth century, hysteria neurosis was thought to be caused by disturbances in the uterus, which is why the disease is named after the Latin term for the womb. This is mentioned in the classic silent film Haxan, about witchcraft, from 1922.

The reason why the statue is called “the Arch of Hysteria” is because this is exactly the way in which victims of clinical hysteria are often found to contort themselves. The position is technically known as “opisthotonos” by doctors, and it is also associated with other ailments, such as meningitis and strychnine poisoning: anything that would cause “reduced brain function or injury to the nervous system.” (Meningitis, incidentally, is something associated anecdotally with chemtrails).


But we know that the Arch of Hysteria is specifically depicting Dahmer’s victims, not just someone suffering an ailment, because the statue has been decapitated, just like Dahmer’s victim was.

Since the Dahmer victim that was posed in this manner was subjected to a trepanning operation, and muriatic acid was injected into his brain in an attempt to turn him into a mindless sex slave, it seems likely to me that the victim took this pose naturally, while he was still alive and suffering from the surgery. Dahmer then decapitated him (as we see in the photo) and placed him in that position again as a reminder of that.

At any rate, a few days ago I discovered an illustration in I found awhile back (origin forgotten) combined with Aleister Crowley’s Liber Oz that shows a man in the same position. [UPDATE: A reader recognized the illustration as originating from a book my Masonic writer Manly P. Hall. Read about the true origin of the connection between the images here.]


The text in question ends with a declaration that you have “the right” to “take your fill and will of love as ye will, when, where, and with whom ye will,” and that “Man has the right to kill those who would thwart these rights: the slaves shall serve.” These are quotes from Crowley’s The Book of the Law,” now requoted in this other work of his.

Note that the arched man is shown on top of a blue semi-circle with stars: the sky, obviously. This has connections that need to be explored.

For one thing, the Egyptian goddess Nut, who is featured as a main character in The Book of the Law (where she is called “Nuit”), is always shown as an arched, naked woman with stars all over her, often colored blue. However, she is always arched in the other direction, facing down, not bending over backwards.

For another thing, this seems to pertain to the Greek myth of Ouranos (Uranus), mentioned in my previous article “Killing God to Become God.” He was originally united with the Earth goddess Gaia. This is remembered as sexual union, but it also seems like they were actually one hermaphroditic being. Then they were cleaved apart when their son Chronos (Saturn) castrated Ouranos, and this separation between Earth and sky was thought to be what allowed life to take place on the surface of the Earth, which would have been impossible otherwise. Similar myths are found in almost every culture.

But I believe there is even more to this myth, and to explain, I will produce here the first quotation that I have allowed to be made public from my newest upcoming book. Bear in mind that the book is still being edited, so some phrasing may change between now and publication, which should be very soon. Also note that this is a fiction book, largely based on fact, and this is a quote from one character’s diary, thus the informal nature of the analysis. As it states:

I awoke from a dream about two earthworms mating. They were glued to each other on both ends, like they were doing the old “69” position. I looked it up, and sure enough, earthworms are hermaphrodites, so this is how they mate. Then I remembered that Crowley had written a poem containing a joke about the 69 position, titled “the way to SUCCEED, and the way to suck eggs.”

Beneath the eleventh degree of the OTO was the ninth (the tenth allegedly being a merely titular degree set aside for their leadership). Here, my sources tell me, initiates learned the value of consuming menstrual blood during sex magick. I knew all about the alchemical products that could supposedly be made from blood, semen, flesh, and other bodily substances, including the repeated inferences made by alchemists that the Philosopher’s Stone is a sort of human baby that can be eaten to gain eternal life.

The truth about the tenth degree, which can be found by scouring the internet for the Order’s older documents, is that this is where the initiate is taught about the magick of “fertilizing an ovum.” Specifics beyond that are quite hard to find, but they can be intuitively inferred by deciphering the cryptic codes of alchemical literature.

I thought about the story of Chronos and Rhea. Just like his father, he wanted to keep his children inside the mother’s body so that they would not usurp his position. Instead of keeping them pegged into the womb with his penis, as his father had done, he swallowed them as soon as they were born, and Rhea had to trick him by giving him a stone to eat so that Zeus could live outside and plot the overthrow of his father.

I envisioned him with his mouth constantly on the woman’s vagina as soon as the mating had finished, to make sure nothing escaped, since all of the immortals’ fluids are described in the myths being super-fertile and capable of self-generating progeny spontaneously. Think of Aphrodite being born from the semen still clinging to the sides of the bloody penis of Ouranos as it fell into the seas below.

Yet I couldn’t shake the image of all of these characters as being hermaphroditic serpents, like the earthworms, and like Leviathan. Old Leviathan is depicted just like the Ouroboros, swallowing its own tail. I remembered that the words for “worm” and “serpent” were once the same: “orme.” I decided to look to see if there were any etymological connections between “orme,” “Ouroboros,” and “Ouranos.” I found out something better.

“Ouranos” and “Ouroboros” are definitely connected. The word that’s being translated as “sky” actually means “rain-maker,” and more specifically, “urinater.” Rain was thus likened to urine from the sky. And Ouroboros doesn’t mean “tail-swallower,” as Wikipedia translates it. That’s a euphemism. What those syllables actually translate to is “urine-drinker.”

The Ouroboros is the uncreated one. He needs nothing. He produces what he needs. And because he is eternal and there is no future where he is, that is sufficient.

But the Serpent was cut. Isn’t that in Egyptian myth somewhere? Worms can regenerate if you cut them, and that’s what this one did. It became two. And then they started fucking and sucking on each other. It meant the same thing because their mouths and their wombs were the same thing. And the “children” in their wombs were the source of their nourishment. Their wombs were also their stomachs.

But where did the knife come from to cut the worm? Its necessary existence represents some kind of perverse blasphemy that I haven’t divined yet.

Orobouros sucking his own penis. Because yes, that's what it is
Orobouros sucking his own penis. Because yes, that’s what it is
Ouroboros was sometimes shown as two creatures eating each other
Ouroboros was sometimes shown as two creatures eating each other
Earthworms mating
Earthworms mating

Now note that the arched man in the Liber Oz Manly Hall illustration is contorted in such a way that his head is actually touching his feet, perhaps a hint of Ouroboros symbolism. Also, he has no genitals, again connecting him with Ouranos.


Then finally, consider that the demoness Lilith was supposedly, according to the Kabbalists, Adam’s first sexual partner, who later abandoned him. Consider also that the Kaballah teaches that this Adam was “Adam Kadmon,” the first Adam, supposedly a separate character from the one who later wedded Eve. He was really more like God himself: he contained the entire universe within his body. When you consider that Eve was taken out of the other Adam’s rib, you realize that they are not really two Adams, but rather Kadmon is what Adam was before he lost a part of himself in the form of Eve. In The Zohar, it describes Lilith as having a relationship with a demon named Samael that was almost identical to that of Ouranos and Gaia: united in perpetual intercourse while united as a single hermaphroditic being. As I said in “Killing God“:

Together, they formed something the rabbis called “the Beast” and “the Other God.” In the beginning, God had separated them, because their union created a critical mass of demons that threatened to destroy creation. And if they ever were to come together again, existence would be snuffed out immediately. But they yearned for each other, and they still manage to enjoy the semblance of sex somehow, as they are said to use an “intermediary” called the “Taniniver.” Nobody knows exactly what that means though.

So now consider that the reason why Lilith left her lover Adam, according to the story, was because he refused to let her be on top during sex. Then consider the fact that Lilith’s name means “night,” just as the Egyptian word “Nut” or “Nuit” is thought to be an ancestor of the English word “night” (still called “nuit” in French).

Now think about the fact that if you put the image of the arched Nut on top of this “Arch of Hysteria” guy, or the guy in the picture from Liber Oz Manly Hall’s book, that’s exactly what it would look like they were doing, with the roles reversed so that now the goddess is the sky arch, and the male figure is playing the role of the Earth. He is even curled backwards into a ball, just like the planet Earth (although the Egyptians viewed the world as flat). If such an image were formed, in would show the equivalent of Gaia flipping the sky god over, and then becoming the sky to dominate him, after he has been castrated, just as the goddess Cybele (also discussed in the Killing God article) dominated her castrated son and lover Attis.

In fact, as I just discovered, the story of Nut pertains to these concepts directly. Nuit’s husband was Geb, “Earth,” and according to Crystalinks:

During the day, Nut and Geb are separated, but each evening Nut comes down to meet Geb and this causes darkness. If storms came during the day, it was believed that Nut had some how slipped closer to the Earth.

Below is an illustration of Nut and Geb separated. Note the awkward, contorted, and painful-looking position that Geb is in, and his legs are crossed so that you cannot see if his genitals are intact. As for Nut, she appears to enjoy having her genitals touched by a male servant whose job, like Atlas, is to hold her up eternally while she gets to relax and stretch out.

Nuit and Geb
Nut and Geb

Then consider this other quote from Crystalinks in relation to what I wrote in my forthcoming novel, quoted above, about the idea of the oldest gods having stomachs that were also wombs:

The sun god Re entered her mouth after the sun set in the evening and was reborn from her vulva the next morning. She also swallowed and rebirthed the stars.

Further note that the figure in the Liber Oz illustration from Manly Hall is trapped in a small bubble, like an embryo. But he is clearly a grown man, and he is contorted in the exact opposite of a fetal position. This brings to mind the fetus floating in a bubble that is featured at the end of the film 2001. It appears spontaneously floating mid-air in place of an old man, bald just like the Liber Oz figure from the illustration, who has just suddenly disappeared while lying in bed in apparent pain. And as I discuss in the Killing God article, the old man in this scene is clearly meant to represent Uranus/Ouranos in the planetary ascension metaphor that I believe is hidden behind the main plot of the movie.



Now check out this image of the Devil card from Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot deck:


We clearly see a penis poking through a portal into the realm above. Is it emerging from the depths of Hell up through the crust of the Earth? Or is it a phallus from the Earth piercing the sky? In her commentary, the artist, Frieda Harris, said that the halo at the top was meant to be “the ring of Saturn.”

Then look at the two ball sacks, imprisoning men within as they contort themselves in apparent discomfort, some even bending over backwards. Due to their placement, we automatically think of sperm, and the occult idea that the human seed contains a little man within it, a homunculus:


This belief is why Crowley and many other practitioners of sex magick have thought that seed was all you needed to procreate, if you knew how to use magick to create and fertilize an artificial womb.

Now look: the same image is paired with the Liber Oz text in this printing:


I believe the sigil shown on the page with the text in both versions, called the “Sigil of the Beast” by Crowley, illustrates that same Devil-penis penetrating the sky through the ring of Saturn, as viewed from above and in two dimensions. Look:

Sigil of the Beast
Sigil of the Beast

By the way, “anus” actually means “ring,” so the “ring” of Saturn may actually be just that. Consider also, that Saturn’s father, Uranus (Ouranos) was called “Anu” by the Sumerians. His name is even pronounced “your anus” by many English-speakers, while in German the syllables indicate the Original, or Source (Ur) Anus.

In the Killing God to Become God article, I talk about the tradition in sex magick regarding the power of sodomy to create earthquakes, and to sexually dominate God himself in a way that causes the sky to fall, resulting in the complete destruction and overthrow of existence, with the possible advantage that the dominant magician who succeeds can, if he will it, become the lord of a new universe birthed out of the inseminated body of the overthrown God of before.

I even mentioned in that article the recurrent theme, found in Egyptian myth, Tantric tradition, and the claims of modern victims of cult sexual abuse, that ritual sodomy can cause kundalini energy to shoot up your spine from your anus and exit through your head. This manifests as “rays of light” appearing in the vision of the victim, and as a rayed solar crown on top of the head that is visible to onlookers. We see this represented in the Sigil of the Beast in the form of a seven-pointed star, and on the Ace of Swords card in the Crowley’s tarot deck:

Ace of Swords from Crowley's Thoth Tarot Deck, a depiction of illumination through ritual sodomy?
Ace of Swords from Crowley’s Thoth Tarot Deck, a depiction of illumination through ritual sodomy?

But that article, and this one, are just a taste of the light I have to shed on such things. These and many other amazing, inter-related concepts will be explored in the forthcoming novel. To receive an announcement as soon as it is available, please join my mailing list and wait patiently for the next update. In the meantime, check out some of the many nonfiction books I’ve already published, such as this one:

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