Crazy rituals with masks in music videos

The theme here is Eyes Wide Shut-style ritual magick in music videos involving people wearing masks. I’ve found a couple of these. Message me if you know of more. (Note: I am not in any way suggesting that the music in these videos is good, or even that the videos are good in most cases. It’s just a list of things that are similar.)

First, there’s “Love in the Old Days” by Daddy from 2013. This is from actor/director James Franco‘s band, and it features famous OTO acolyte and avant-garde filmmaker Kenneth Anger. Who knew he was into this stuff, right?

The second one, Internazionale’s “Pleasure and Shame,” is much more obscure, and very, very weird. But totally awesome.

Thirdly, here’s Haus Arafna’s “Lucifer (Between You and I),” which involves men in pointed black hooded robes, rough sex, and other strangeness.

Finally, this one (ironically called “Stedad,” no relation to “Daddy”) was actually described by the director as “Eyes Wide Shut on the Beach.” The licking and burning of money in the end makes me wonder if making the video was an attempt at a money ritual on the part of the band.

Of course, David Bowie’s new video “Blackstar” teeters on the edge of this with a bit of ritual imagery and gauze over the faces with blacked-out eyes.

I would put “The Hanging Garden” by The Cure on here, but it’s been wiped from every single video site on the web.


UPDATE: Jon reminded me about “Atmosphere” by Joy Division, a famous and classic example recently remixed with Teletubbies.

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