Comet Ping Pong-associated artist and SRA victim embeds “pizza” cry for help in Kaballistic image

There is an artist named Kim Noble whose name and work has been passed around by people investigating Pizzagate. She does, among other things, representations of children being raped and tortured. She claims to suffer from multiple personalities. She’s been on Oprah and has been featured in the UK’s Guardian. Until last night I didn’t realize that some were claiming she had made some of the art that decorates Comet Ping Pong and Pizza in Washington, D.C., the center of the current child abuse controversy. [Note: I do not know this particular claim to be true.]

People have been finding what they believe to be secret messages, literal cries for help and identification of names and places, in Noble’s work.

Example of messages found in Noble's other work
Example of messages found in Noble’s other work

Some of her other paintings are more overt. These are done under a personality of hers named Ria Pratt:






When I went to her website for the first time last night, I right away noticed something on what I recall being, at the time, on the front page of her website. It is a painting of the kaballistic Tree of Life, but for some reason the image has been mirrored and placed on its side.

Tree of Life mirrored and on its side
Tree of Life mirrored and on its side

When you look at what should be the top of the Tree of Life, there is a word that, in this mirrored version, absolutely looks like the word “Pizza.”

Turn the image right way up and see "pizza" at the top
Turn the image right way up and see “pizza” at the top

When you reverse the image, you see that she has written the word “Assiah,” the lowest of the four “worlds” of the kaballah, which each has its own “Tree of Life” connected to the other. She also has the names of the other four worlds (Atzilut, Briah, Yetzirah) written along the other sides of the painting. But because she mirrored the image, the word “pizza” just jumps right out at you. Below is the image from her website reversed to reveal a “normal” Tree of Life.

The original painting, unmirrored, says "Assiah" on top
The original painting, unmirrored, says “Assiah” on top
The four worlds and Trees of Life of the kaballah
The four worlds and Trees of Life of the kaballah

Now the fact is, last night this was the first thing you would see when you went to her website. Now, less than 12 hours later, that is no longer the case. It is buried in her archives. I figure she reversed the image and put it on its side so that the hidden message would stand out, and put it on the front page so that people investigating Pizzagate would see it immediately when they went to her website.

The truth is that it is just one side of a box that she has painted on all sides. Below are the other sides:




This particular work is part of a collection of creations from a personality of hers named “Key,” one of which is the image that others have already analyzed and which I copied above. It seems to be called “After Lauder.” Here it is without all of those arrows and comments added. But you can see for yourself pictures of children stretched out on tables surrounded by adults, children tied down and being raped on tables, children being whipped, children and animals in cages, and a child having sex with a dog. In reversed writing you can plainly see the words “Help,” “Hat,” “Devil,” “Why,” “Kill,” “Shit,” “Hell,” “Devil” (again), “Fuck” (the “c” is closed, looks more like an “o), “Blood,” and “Dirty”:


Here it is mirrored:

The Mirrored Version
The Mirrored Version

Here’s another version of another Kaballah Tree box, but the “pizza” isn’t as overt. She seems to have called this one “The Golden Key Tuned”:

The Golden Key Tuned
The Golden Key Tuned

This one’s called “Nursery Rhymes Aren’t What They Seem.” To me it looks like a block of cheese, and that there are food references all over it.

Nursery Rhymes Arent What They Seem
Nursery Rhymes Arent What They Seem

Here it is mirrored. You can read things like “Pushed Off” next to an image of Humpty Dumpty on the wall, “Up the Hill for What?” next to a hill with a well on top, “Pie Pill Will What?” next to what looks like a cheese pizza with a slice taken out, “cum on,” “candle?”, and “But what happens when the Clock strikes 6”?

Nursery Rhymes Reversed
Nursery Rhymes Reversed

I presume the candle is Little Jack Horner’s, who stuck his thumb in a “Christmas pie” and pulled out a “plum.” This nursery rhyme is referenced in the film Exorcist III, which I wrote my last article about in regards to Pizzagate. The killer reads a line from the rhyme, and then a boy named “Jack Korner” is threatened.

The clock that strikes 6 is, I guess, the one that the three blind mice run up before their tails are cut off by the farmer’s wife with a carving knife. The candle is probably the one that “Jack Be Nimble” jumped over. We also see a baby falling out of a tree, referencing a lullaby that’s very disturbing just on the face of it: “Rockabye Baby.”

“Up the Hill for What?” references Jack and Jill going up the hill for water, after which Jack falls down and breaks his “crown,” his head. On the Tree of Life, the “crown” (Kether) is the top, heavenly sphere.

Now interestingly, one of the people who has written Kaballistic interpretations of nursery rhymes is none other than Aleister Crowley, in his Book 4 (scroll down to the section “An Interlude”):

I have my theories that the backwards “h” in front of the word “pizza” in the mirrored Tree of Life image might reference the planetary sign of Saturn, the baby-eater, and that by mirroring “Assiah” into “Pizza” she might be showing us another layer of hidden meaning that is intended by this particular pedophile ring, which uses “pizza” as a euphemism for child sex slaves. Perhaps it’s also a symbolic way of inverting, in Satanic symbolism, the meaning of the Tree of Life, particularly Assiah, the material realm of action, as I have written of the desire by dark occultists to upend and destroy creation itself using child rape sex magick rituals. Note also that you can see the word “ass” included in “Assiah.” Furthermore, the Tree of Life has been identified by MK-Ultra mind control victims as a tool that has been used by programmers to organize the programs that they put into their victim’s minds.


There is probably more here to be explored, so I wanted to announce this and hopefully get other investigators on the case right away.