Cain and Baphomet seance footage unveiled

For the first time, I have posted some of the many hours of footage I have of some of the earliest Ouija sessions conducted by me and Brian Albert with the spirits of Cain (a.k.a. “BS” or “the Black Sun”) and Baphomet, which I wrote about in my new book Clock Shavings. These were recorded with a VHS-C camera in 2001.

Here we are told that Baphomet has cursed us because he wants us to publish Nicholas De Vere’s book. (We subsequently helped him get his contract for The Dragon Legacy, and Brian designed the cover.)

In this video here
, the topic is the alleged ancient alchemical game of Ageio, which both Cain and Baphomet told us was the origin of chess. This was our first time using the new “Baphometic Witchboard,” a Ouija board that was designed by Brian one night under spontaneous spiritual influence from Baphomet:

Here’s another part from the same session. In this segment, we are told that certain squares on the board have names and numbers. Then they all start to spontaneously introduce themselves to us, each making this same bizarre proclamation: “I Reap All the Wealth.” Later, we were told that these characters were the “Dohir Kings,” and the “Kings of the Fallen Land Eden.” He said that they were his enemies in a prediluvian war that led to the collapse of the empire of Eden, remembered in myth as the fall of Atlantis:

Here’s a video of Cain giving us a Knight’s Tour on the chessboard:

Here is a playlist with all of the videos in it:

I may put up a few more later if I get around to it.