Bloomberg really is Papa Smurf

If you’ve read Genuflect, you understand the reference. In it, the villain is Blake Rosenberg, loosely based on Michael Bloomberg, and Rosenberg himself even takes the stage at the opening of a Temple of Mithras in London wearing a Phrygian hat, and opens his speech about Mithras with the line “Just call me Papa Smurf!” Sean Alger found this. I wasn’t aware of this when I wrote the novel. As you can see, this is yet another instance in which I appear to have channeled the truth with my fiction.

Here’s the New Yorker article they’re mentioning.

Elsewhere in the story, the main character, Pamela Auger, ponders the esoteric significance of the cartoon:

Thinking about this at Chesterfield’s breakfast table, while he clicked away on his computer across the table from me, I now understood the cosmology of the Smurfs. Papa Smurf, with his red Phrygian hat, was the “Pater,” the Father, just like the leader of a Mithraic school was called. His subjects in the communist Smurf dictatorship were all male, like those in the temples of Mithras, except for Smurfette, who had been created through dark alchemy by Gargamel in order to mislead the Smurfs. Papa Smurf, however, had been able to magically turn her over to his will, and let her live with his subjects. But none of them had mothers and, from my recollection, all of them had been created alchemically.

Looks like a man named Ian Waite has noted a lot of amazing things about Smurfs in this YouTube video:


This is a very important pizza-map of the cosmos. Study it closely. Read Genuflect and reflect.


I made a couple of YouTube documentaries about the inspiration for some of the characters and locations used in my novel Genuflect: Michael Bloomberg, the newly-built Bloomberg London corporate complex, and the nearby locations of Mansion House (home of the Lord Mayor), the Rothschilds’ New Court building, the Bank of England, the London Stone display case, and much more.

Here also is an essay I wrote summarizing some of the information about Bloomberg, the Temple of Mithras, and the Cult of Cybele that inspired the story of Genuflect.

Genuflect by Tracy R. Twyman
A Novel


Can a perverted sex magic ritual, performed in an ancient temple in the heart of modern London, destroy the very foundations of both Heaven and Earth?

Holy Week, March 2018: Pamela Auger, an independent American author and researcher of the occult, has been hired by a member of Britain’s House of Lords to give a lecture at a gentleman’s club in London. Leopold Black, Baron of Alphamstone, wants her to discuss an artifact that she’s discovered hidden in the overstock rooms of the British Museum, allegedly connected to the Knights Templar. But when her flight to England is delayed, she’s a full day late to arrive, and lands herself in a living nightmare. She discovers quite by accident, with the help of two MI5 agents, what kind of people truly control London, and the rest of the world. The gruesome, fantastic and existentially horrifying events that follow will shake her understanding of reality into something she could not have imagined.

TRIGGER WARNING: This book contains scenes of rape, torture, and murder of people, including children, that any sane person will find disturbing.

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  1. I am not even making this shit up…. all of it is written, everywhere around the world. I was looking into some vedic stuff and I run into this Wikipedia entry of who other than our friend Vishvamitra!!!!

    “Another story Vishvamitra is known for is his creation of his own version of Svarga or heaven, called Trisanku Svarga.

    When a proud King Trisanku asked his guru Vashista to send him to heaven in his own body, guru responded that the body cannot ascend to heaven. King Trisanku then asked Vashista’s hundred sons to send him to heaven. The sons, believing that Trisanku should not come to them after their father had refused, took outrage and cursed Trisanku to be a Chandala, or untouchable. Trisanku was transformed into a person with body smeared of ash, clothed in black and wearing iron jewelry. Unrecognizable to his subjects, he was driven out of the kingdom.

    In his exile, Trisanku came across the sage Vishvamitra, who agreed to help him. Vishvamitra organized a great sacrifice and ritual propitiating the Devas, pleading that they accept Trisanku into heaven. Not one Deva responded. Angered, Vishvamitra used his yogic powers and ordered Trisanku to rise to heaven. Miraculously, Trisanku rose into the sky until he reached heaven, where he was pushed back down by Indra.

    Enraged even more by this, Vishvamitra commenced the creation of another Universe(including another Brahma) for Trisanku. He had only completed the Universe when Brihaspati ordered him to stop. Trisanku, however, did not fully transcend through Trisanku Svarga created for him. He remained fixed in the sky and was transformed into a constellation.

    In the process of forming a new universe, Vishvamitra used up all the tapas he had gained from his austerities. Therefore, after Trisanku episode, Vishvamitra had to start his prayers again to attain the status of a Brahmarshi, to equal Vashista.”

    Is Bloomberg sending someone up to test the waters, or is there someone behind him?

  2. I haven’t wanted to comment because you are saying things that I know but have been in denial are actually happening. Why? Because I want to at least look like I’m a “sane” person to the general public….plus it gives me a bad spell of depression if I keep thinking about it and I can’t possibly communicate why to those who haven’t figured it out. You are dead right about what is going on. Thanks for posting this as now I feel less insane, really you don’t know how much it means to have other people in the world know.

    The whole smirf thing, holy shit! There were stories in Mexico about people (or chirdren) who had smirf dolls being found dead in unusual circumstances. This was back in the 70’s or 80’s when they were a big deal. I remember that kind of made people weary about buying smirf paraphernalia or even watching them as they were then thought to be connected to these killings. I remember people saying that some of these smurf dolls contained some kind of entity that was doing these things. Not sure how true it is, but it happened often enough it caused a panic and questioning about what smirfs actually are.

    I always wondered how these religious items (the lingam, menora, the “acorn”) were all connected and I could never figure out why so I appreciated the information this guy provided. I study vedic astrology (a great portion of what you discuss is discussed in the vedas btw so check them out if you havent…or dont, its all the same anyway)and when it came to the lingam I learned more than I bargained for. I can’t help it, something in me just devours information and is addicted to more, hence why Im so wrapped up in this….So anyway, this thing is found in temples and rivers in india and are made out of stone. They are said to be extremely good fortune if the owner knows the proper ways/rituals involved in taking care of them. Otherwise they can cause the complete opposite to occur.

    They represent the creation of the world. The lingam is literally showing you penetration, the penis entering the vaginal opening. Apparently the priest who were in charge of the lingams, every day they would conduct rituals to appease the it (or whatever was connected to it). One of these rituals that other people can come into the temple and do themselves was to pour an offering of milk to the lingam. This was something that had to be done especially if you were someone who killed a snake(naga, look up nagas)as the person and their descendants would have extremely bad luck follow them.

    Now, the original offering for a lingam was not milk from a cow, but ejaculate, from what I have heard males, but I believe priests and priesteses would both offer their fluids to the lingam. This is why they were to stay celebate, blthey were not to spill their “sex” because all that was for the lingam as it was done daily and several times during certain rituals. So, in rivers were there were lingams (it was always several, not only 1) of course a group of priests and/or priestesses (in separate groups) would go and release on the lingams/river. This was a recreation of the how the “milky way” (this universe) was created (remember the “stirring of the milk”), it was a ritual to fertilize the earth/gaia/fill in the blank.

    The fluids have to go on the stone oval thing, travel down to those ridges that represent labias and go down that spout looking thing. That represents the sperm moving into the fallopian tube to seed the eggs. Since this is a river, its an even bigger deal because the sperm is entering gaia’s “waters” and seeding/fertilizing the planet. There was more I wanted to say about this, but I guess it will come to me later.

    The “acorn” so this I remember some “theories” (not really theories as the people saying this were 100% certain 5 was correct) saying that the acorn/grail actually was a representation of the pineal glad in our brains. What this signifies is that this “holy grail” is actually within us all. That means that all the powers that this grail has is actually within us, we are just unaware to this fact.

    The reason why mainstream medicine and modern diets (mostly the western way of eating) pushes calcium is because calcium crystalizes within the body when too much has built up. This has major negative effects on the pineal gland and anything it controls. This is why “vegans” are careful about what they eat and keeping their body alkeline. From personal experience, it changes you a lot….it feels like you are more than human, super human, human to the max (i used to call it plus ultra actually…idk why but i did). You physically and mentally feel like you can accomplish anything and you do feel more spiritually connected. Anyway, I wont get into the occult of it because we can be here for ever, but I will tell you what modern mwdicine’s view on it is as this is what I studied first and more thoroughly.

    So the pineal gland controls circadian sleep cycles. Of what I have researched, yes the body needs 8 hours of sleep, but what they don’t tell you is that the human body was never meant to sleep for 8 hours straight! “Primitive” man’s sleep cycle was 8 hours awake 4 asleep 8 awake 4 asleep. Some people can get away with 6 total of sleep and some need more (the reasons for this are “external to the circadian rhythm of earth”) but I can not 100% prove the reason for this. Anyway, my main point is, man never had this concept of “sleeping during the night”.

    Some of the articles and studies I read about this say it was because man moved at day and night because predators (again with the survival illusion) were an issue and they had to keep moving. This theory dismisses 1 that humans were idiot cavemen as opposed to now in modern times, implies that 2 our brain function better on a 4, 8 cycle (which means our brains are not fully functional on an 8,16 cycle and we may not even be consciously awake) and 3 there was no concept of time, there may not have even been a concept of day and night (because it was a construct that people either didn’t live with or fully ignored). There is more significance to the moon and night I want to point out, but its veering off course and I am on mobile

    ….I tell you, the curse of wanting knowledge is that you have to live with the truth no matter who believes you (or not) and you have to watch people suffer in the lies they are unwilling to let go of. Who knows if any of this is real or not. I just know what I have found for my self and through a number of other researchers. Anyway, thank you for your service!

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