Black Sun shields blazing in Ukraine

The Ukrainian “Right Sector” nationalist movement makes use of a lot of rehashed symbols from WWII, including the Black Sun, associated with Heinrich Himmler and symbolizing the esoteric ideas behind Nazism. Here is an image from a Right Sector promotional video, showing people holding shields that show the Black Sun image used by Himmler in his famous Wewelsburg Castle, along with the word “Vikings.”

Here’s the video:

Below is a quote form Part II of my article series “Regnum in Potentia”, where I discuss the significance of the Black Sun symbol.

The location of the portal in Philip Pullman’s novels indicates that the author has knowledge of the nineteenth and twentieth-century stories of secret entrances to a hidden underworld at the North and South poles, where supposedly could be found the so-called “Black Sun.” This is a development of the more ancient concept of the hidden sun at the center of the Earth which is said to light the tomb of the sleeping god-king (or goddess-queen) of the fallen kingdom. In the ancient world, where some viewed the Earth as a flat disk, it was envisioned that the sun went to the Underworld at night, where it reigned as the “Midnight Sun,” sometimes expressed in ancient artwork as a dark disk. The next morning it returned, reborn as the golden sun.

As the Earth moved through the cycle of the year, towards the Winter Solstice the sun spent more and more time “underground.” Thus its death and rebirth was seen as happening on this larger scale as well, and was associated with the king-killing ritual of Saturnalia discussed in part 1 of this essay series (as well as in my book Money Grows on the Tree of Knowledge). In alchemy, this concept of the Black Sun or “Midnight Sun” was seen as synonymous with the “nigrido,” the dead King Saturn, the “Chaos of the Wise” or prima materia that was the raw material for the Work. As Jung wrote in Aion:

Saturn, in astrology the ‘star of the sun,’ is alchemically interpreted as black; it is even called ‘sol niger’ and has a double nature as the arcane substance, being black outside like lead, but white inside.

The Black Sun is pure potential energy, the pre-elemental element that the Otherworld consists of, and of which our own world is made through reflection upon its shiny black surface. It is the blank slate or black mirror into which the magician or alchemist projects his consciousness. As it is reflected back to him, his perception of it creates the illusory reality he lives in. This is why mirrors, and other reflective surface, like lakes and baths, were seen as portals to the Otherworld, as demonstrated in Jewish folk legends of the kingdoms of Lilith and Asmodeus, and also repeatedly portrayed in the films of initiate Jean Cocteau. By staring into the Abyss, you can see and then experience new ways of organizing the particles of the universe to create new realities.

In this way, the Black Sun corresponds to the power of the “Lord of the Earth,” who, like Saturn, is said in myths to sleep in a hidden tomb at the center of the world, influencing surface reality with his dreams. Like Alice staring at the looking-glass, the creation of the Wonderland we live in occurs when Saturn sees his own projected image of his desired reality staring back at him from the Abyss, the dark mirror of the Black Sun. This is the meaning of the black orb seen in the palms of potentates the world over and from time immemorial. It is the “regnum in potentia” that they wield as their power, the word “potential” and “potentate” both being etymologically linked through the root word “potent,” meaning “powerful and virile.”

Alice traveling through the looking-glass into another world

The word “reality,” of course, is linked to “royalty” in European languages. Like a magic circle, the invisible political boundaries of a kingdom or “realm” dictate the confines within which everyone must live in the king’s version of reality. It is through manipulation of the probabilities that govern the quantum world of possibilities that the priest-king manipulates reality. It is not what the king does that makes him powerful so much as what he can do. Once this potential energy becomes kinetic through action, the energy is spent, the hand is played, and the power is transferred elsewhere.

Not surprisingly, as the scientific era dawned and more was known about the cosmos, mystics began to adapt their metaphysics to the new physics, and new concepts were born to explain old symbols. The Black Sun came to be interpreted as being a dark sphere of energy that was literally present within the center of the Earth. It was thought to be the secret source of sustenance for a hidden kingdom called Agartha (no doubt linked to the kingdom of Asgarde in Norse mythology).

Some authors also wrote of the Black Sun as having influence upon the activities of the surface world, and some even thought of it as the source of the world’s electromagnetic field. They believed that this subterranean kingdom could be accessed by secret entrances at the North and South poles, or through the caverns of the Himalayas. Supposedly, certain secret societies were in contact with “hidden masters” from Agartha, who conspired with them on how to control the populations of the Earth.

Numerous science fiction authors and mystical adepts wrote about concepts like Agartha and the Black Sun from the nineteenth century to the mid-twentieth, including Jules Verne, H.G. Wells, H.P. Lovecraft, H.P. Blavatsky, and Alexandre Saint-Yves d’Alveydre. It was the latter author who wrote about the politics of the hidden kingdom. He purported that a political system existed called “synarchy,” which involved a surface world (ours) governed by a wise council of elders (the secret chiefs or illuminati, drawn from the world’s secret societies), who were themselves governed by hidden masters from the inner world below the Earth’s surface.

Strangely, these ideas of a Black Sun and an underground kingdom did have a direct influence on politics during World War II, as it appears that leaders on both sides believed in such notions. On the Nazi side, Himmler and perhaps even the Fuhrer himself were converts to the concepts. To Himmler, the Grail stone and the Black Sun were the same thing, and he purchased a castle in the German village of Wewelsburg, where he planned to build a modern “Grail castle” for special work with elite members of his S.S. (“Schutzstaffel” or “Protection Squadron”) military corps.

On the floor of the lowest chamber in the building, Himmler created an “inner sanctum” where rituals would be performed, and on the floor he placed the symbol of the Black Sun that was being employed by contemporary German mystical orders: a wheel, the hub of which radiated lightning-bolt-shaped rays. The German orders saw the swastika as the original root symbol representing this concept, and its use may have signified, to the inner hierarchy of the Reich, a shorthand code for the secret source of their government’s power.

The Black Sun symbol at Wewelsburg Castle

The Nazi government sponsored all sorts of bizarre missions to search for magical artifacts, including the Holy Grail, the Spear of Destiny, and the Ark of the Covenant. Other missions purportedly included a trip to Antarctica to search for an entrance to the inner Earth, and another one to the Himalayas for the same purpose (among others). Many members of the inner hierarchy of Hitler’s administration had been influenced by a secret mystical order called the Vril Society. This group believed that Germans were of the “Aryan” race, descended, they believed, from a superhuman species that lived in the center of the Earth. They believed that this underground race used the “light of the Black Sun,” the so-called “Vril force” or “Green Ray,” as the power source for an advanced technology.

The Spear of Destiny, believed to have pieced the side of Christ (or the Fisher King)

These mystics were into channeling, and believed that they were in contact with these hidden chiefs of the inner world. Purportedly, information was passed on about how to use the energy of the Black Sun to build anti-gravity craft and time machines. Allegedly, the Germans later developed flying saucers based on this technology (called “foo fighters” by the Allied pilots who witnessed them in the war theater). They are also said to have built a machine called “the Bell” that may have been meant to act as a time machine or inter-dimensional portal. The use of the lightning-bolt shaped sign rune as the logo for the S.S., along with the Death’s Head (symbol of the alchemical nigrido) may have been intended as a reference to the natural force of electromagnetism that many mystics thought was the very real manifestation of the Black Sun’s power.

Insignia of the S.S. with death's head and lightning bolts (sig runes)

A documentary called “Nazi UFO Secrets of World War II”

One the side of the Allies in World War II, a Russian mystic named Nicholas Roerich was heavily influential on the US administration. President Roosevelt and his Secretary of Agriculture, Henry Wallace, as well as his Treasury Secretary, Henry Morgenthau, were all members of the same Masonic lodge. Through Wallace they all came to be persuaded by Roerich, who believed that he was in contact with the hidden masters of Agartha. He convinced Wallace to arrange government financing for a quest for the “foundation stone of the world,” which he believed to be in the Himalayas. Under the guise of a trip to obtain agricultural samples, the adventure was embarked upon, at American taxpayer expense.

The documentary “Eye of the Phoenix” covers the influence of Nicholas Roerich on the Roosevelt administration

The whole incident later became a major embarrassment for the administration. Nonetheless, there is no reason to think that belief in such things was not still rampant in the upper echelons of the government. After the war, Nazi scientists who had worked on secret projects with purportedly Agarthan technology were smuggled into the US and recruited to work for NASA as part of a CIA operation called “Project Paperclip.”