Black Lives Matter, Freemasons, and the Widow’s Son

I can’t help but notice that there seem to be a lot of connections between the causes embraced by Black Lives Matter and Masonic ritual symbolism. For instance, the “Hand Up, Don’t Shoot” hand signal originally associated with the movement is nothing less than the Grand Hailing Sign of Distress, used by Freemasons to surreptitiously call for help from other Freemasons.


This signal is supposed to be made whilst saying “Oh Lord, my God, is there no help for a widow’s son?” This is supposed to be a reference to the mourning of the death of Hiram Abiff, the architect of Solomon’s Temple who was murdered by his apprentices, according to the lore of Masonic ritual. Here Clarence Castile, the uncle of Philandro Castile, shot by police, can be heard repeating this phrase during an interview on CNN.

He also references another aspect of the ritual by saying “we’ve got to hold on by the strong grip of the Lion’s paw.” This refers to the “Lion’s Paw,” a special handshake or “grip” used during the Hiram Abiff ritual when the dead man is being “raised” from the grave. According to Masonic author Manly O. Hall, this mimics Egyptian rituals regarding the resurrection of Osiris.



While he’s clearly calling for help from fellow Freemasons in regards to his nephew’s death, it’s interesting to note by watching the full interview that this is after he and the boy’s mother describe the fact that they haven’t been allowed to see the boy’s dead body yet, and the girlfriend, who live-streamed the incident on her phone, they described as having gone missing since then. At 4:54 of that video, Clarence Castile can also be seen making the Masonic Sign of Horror, placing his hand over his face, mimicking the gesture allegedly made by the person who first discovered Hiram Abiff’s dead body.


In this video, which I made when I was in college, the Masonic handshakes and signals are demonstrated to the best of our ability based on descriptions from a book. You can see the Sign of Horror at 1:24, and the Lion’s Paw at 1:59.

Beyonce, who’s husband Jay-Z flaunts Masonic symbolism in his personally-designed “Rocawear” line of clothes, performed a BLM-themed show during half-time at the SuperBowl in February. The song was called “Formation.”

Jay-Z Masonic Rocawear
Jay-Z Masonic Rocawear

Now all across the country, football players are kneeling during the national anthem, in a formation…


…looking just like Freemasons in a ritual kneeling around the body of the widow’s son, Hiram Abiff.


Prince Hall, a black-oriented Masonic lodge system, does seem to be quite active at the BLM protests. And Black Lives Matter has been heavily funded by George Soros. Make of that what you will.


UPDATE: Tonight, September 22, 2016, I will be on Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis from 8-10 PM PST. I will be bringing up the above information, but also this: Note that the infamous replica of the “Arch of Triumph” from the Temple of Baal in Syria was erected in New York City a few days ago, just in time for the Autumnal Equinox tonight/tomorrow, and just in time for the terrorist attacks that just occurred in that city. Well, I decided to see if this could in any way be connected to the Masonic symbolism of the Royal Arch degree, and sure enough, it is directly connected!

Baal's Arch of Triumph in New York
Baal’s Arch of Triumph in New York

As explained in this article, the Royal Arch symbolizes the sun’s travel through the year, from equinox to equinox. The date “Sept. 23” is actually written on this drawing of the Royal Arch below.

The Masonic Royal Arch symbol
The Masonic Royal Arch symbol

Furthermore, the Vernal Equinox, around March 21, is celebrated in Freemasonry as the date on which Hiram Abiff, as a symbol of the Sun and the Egyptian god Osiris, is said to have been risen from the grave with the grip of the Lion’s Paw! As it states here, “the body of our Grand Master Hiram Abif [is] to be found or reborn in the spiritual rebirth of the Sun, or Osirus at the Vernal or Spring Equinox of the sign of Aries the Ram.”

This year during the Vernal Equinox, the Syrian army was taking Palmyra back from ISIS, who had destroyed the Baal arch while it was under their control.

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