Bill and Hillary wore purple during concession for “Pagan Pride” as a shout-out to fellow witches

People have been wondering while Bill and Hillary Clinton both wore purple conspicuously during Hillary’s concession speech on November 9th, as discussed in this Vanity Fair article. Hillary wore a clownish black blazer with purple lapels over a purple blouse. Bill matched with a purple tie.

I, like many others, feel that this was a message to people associated with the Clintons in regard to the emerging “Pizzagate” child abuse scandal coming out of John Podesta’s emails released by Wikileaks. I honestly think they would have tried harder to rig the election in her favor were they not in panic mode regarding the release of this information. More important to them than taking back the White House is preserving their own lives and fortune.


It now appears those things could be threatened if any law enforcement agency with jurisdiction decides to properly investigate the astounding trail of clues that have been put together by anonymous, amateur investigators on Reddit and 4Chan, implicating numerous people connected to the campaign in a truly sickening criminal conspiracy. Even the current President is implicated. Also, immediately prior to the release of the emails, Anonymous released a video threatening to reveal a recording of Bill Clinton having sex with small children on Jeffrey Epstein’s private island of Little St. James (which Hillary has also visited at least six times). Then several sources came out to say that the NYPD had possession of this video, obtained somehow from Anthony Weiner’s laptop. These sources included Erik Prince of Blackwater speaking to Brietbart, as well as Doug Haggman and an alleged source within the NYPD speaking to Alex Jones. These recordings were purportedly made by Epstein, and copies were retained by Mossad for future blackmail purposes.

Then the Podesta emails came, and people who dug into them quickly realized that they revealed a child pornography and prostitution ring involving not just the Clintons, but several of their associates, operating under the cover of family-oriented pizza parlors and charities for orphaned children.

Let us not forget that the Clintons are now best friends with the Bush family. Bush Sr. was implicated in the case of an underage call boy ring that operated right in the White House during his presidency. Bush Jr. was connected to a male prostitute pretending to be a journalist who may very well have been the victim of a notorious kidnapping case from the 1980s. Jeffrey Epstein compromised just as many Republicans as Democrats with his child sex slave operation, even potentially Donald Trump. This pedo network has tentacles throughout the entire political and business establishment.


I don’t have time to explain the whole matter here, and it is an emerging, rapidly developing story, but you can do your own research by searching the term “Pizzagate” online. The best thing to do, honestly, is to comb through the relevant threads on the above-mentioned forums (4chan and Reddit). These threads are constantly being closed and disappeared by moderators, but keep looking. It’s best to do this because most of the “comprehensive analysis” articles and videos I’ve seen include too much irrelevant information. You need to know that this is not just a political smear attack, and that’s why you need to get it straight from the horse’s mouth. I have made a video about John Podesta here.

At first I suggested to people on Facebook that the Clinton’s use of the color purple that day might be a way of saying “we’re royalty,” since it’s considered the color of kings. So I thought, well, maybe they’re telling their co-conspirators to fall on their swords to protect them (like the Clintons’ associates always do), since, in their own minds, they are too important and special to be allowed to fall.


Then the other day it occurred to me that I’ve seen tons of Wiccans wearing purple. In fact, when I think of Wiccans, I automatically think of the color purple. I Googled it, and sure enough, that color is the official badge of Wiccandom. There is even such a thing as a purple “Pagan Pride” ribbon, as well as a tradition of painting one’s door purple as a shout-out to fellow witches, as explained on this website, where it states:


We paint our doors purple because other witches paint our doors purple, we are part of this group and this is a symbol of our solidarity… it lets other witches know that a witch lives here.

Let us remember that, according to Larry Nichols, a former dirty tricks operative for Bill Clinton, Hillary was heavily involved in a “witch coven” and traveled to Los Angeles on a monthly basis to meet with them. Bill Clinton, as I mentioned in a previous post, was actually trained by a voodoo priest in Haiti, and continued to practice it throughout his presidency. So in this context, I take the purple clothing as the Wiccan equivalent of the Masonic “Sign of Distress.” They were calling on their witch friends to protect them.