Analysis: Baphomet ouija session live on national radio 10/31/2014

A few days ago (Halloween 2014) I appeared with my husband Hareth on Ground Zero radio with Clyde Lewis before his vast national (and global) audience. We were there to talk to Baphomet on the Ouija board about the rumors that the gates of Hell have recently opened. From my experience, it will probably take years to get anything close to a full analysis of the many layers of meaning behind the metaphors used. But here is a summary of what happened, along with the audio that was broadcasted.

Baphomet indicated that the gates of Hell have recently opened, and that some but not all of the demons of the underworld have escaped to wreak havoc on Earth. He referred to the armies of ISIS as “PUPS,” and then “DOGS OF WAR,” a phrase used in Shakespeare’s play Julius Caesar. There may have been a later reference to this play as well with the spelling of the word “ANTHON,” as in “Marc Anthony,” but I am not sure if that was truly the meaning intended. (More on this below).

He spelled out “AJHAGOLA,” and I thought he might be saying the word “HAG.” At the time, I thought he was insulting us, because he had also just called us “RIGHT PUDS.” So I asked, “Who’s a hag?” and he spelled out my name, “TRACY.” However, I now have a different interpretation, as “Hagola” means “Diaspora” in Hebrew. Meanwhile, “AJ” is an abbreviation often used in bibliographies for Antiquities of the Jews by Josephus.

Frontispiece to Antiquities of the Jews by Josephus
Frontispiece to Antiquities of the Jews by Josephus

The next thing Baphomet said was “GOD OR ELQ.” Clyde Lewis immediately Googled “ELQ” and came up with this reference to it in The Shema and the First Commandment in First Corinthians: An Intertextual Approach to Paul’s Re-reading of Deuteronomy by Erik Waaler as an Aramaic phrase that means “the One God.”

One of the next messages to come across was “AON” — I initially interpreted that as “Aeon,” but now I’m thinking he was trying to spell out AONMS — an acronym for the “Ancient Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine” (a.k.a. “the Shriners”), as well as an anagram for “mason.” The “Shriners” are an American Masonic organization, and their ritual is entirely built around the ideas of the Kaaba and Mecca. This interpretation makes sense because of the next messages that came through. Baphomet spelled out the words “MOSQUES.”



The Shriners are the parent organization of the Royal Order of Jesters, which Baphomet referred to by the terms “ROJ” and “JOKERS.” He said it was the POS (which he affirmed stood for “Priory of Sion,” consistent with past discussions) that was trying to gain control of the location of a PORTAL to the underworld in Iraq, or “URK,” as he also called it (referring to the origin of the country’s name with the ancient Mesopotamian city-state Uruk. This portal is apparently already “OPEN.” He called “POS” the “SON OF ROJ.” He also talked about the “APPLE OF POS.” To me, this is probably a reference to the idea that the fruit of the Tree of Life (which brings immortality) is hidden from mankind in the “Supernal Eden,” which can be found at the center of the Earth in the world’s axis. (This is a concept explored extensively in my book Clock Shavings, and discussed by Baphomet that night as well, not for the first time.)

Table still life with Shriner's Fez. Circa 1880: by Harriet A.E. Jackson. Placing a hat that says Islam next to a bottle of wine is quite ironic
Table still life with Shriner’s Fez. Circa 1880: by Harriet A.E. Jackson. Placing a hat that says Islam next to a bottle of wine is quite ironic

ROJ, by the way, has an initiation ritual called “The Book of the Play.” It is apparently about someone standing trial for the murder of William Shakespeare, and the name of Francis Bacon, allegedly the true author of Shakespeare’s plays, is mentioned as well. the play makes reference to just about every notable work by Shakespeare except Julius Caesar.

Both the Shriners and the offshoot Jesters have rituals that mimic the “Oscullum Inflame” or “Obscene Kiss” — the kissing of the behind of a goat (Baphomet), which was a purported element of the secret rites of the Knights Templar, as well as those of old European witch covens (where they were purportedly made to kiss the ass of their goat god). The Shriners have a rite in which the initiate bends down to kiss the “Black Stone of Casper” (meaning the Black Stone of the Kaaba, mimicking also the Haaj ritual of Muslims at Mecca, who are supposed to kiss the black stone there). The Jesters are made to kiss the ass of their mascot, the Billiken, a.k.a. “Momus,” the “God of Mirth.”



The Billiken
The Billiken
A witch kissing the Devil on the behind during coven initiation
A witch kissing the Devil on the behind during coven initiation

This is consistent with a recent discussion Hareth and I had with Cain on the board a couple of months ago, in which he said that the gates had opened in July of this year (he said “17 DAYS AGO,” and it was mid-August when we asked). He also said that the current events with ISIS in Iraq and Syria are related to this, as well as the re-emergence of the Ebola virus.

When discussing the gates of Hell and the recent events in Iraq and Syria, Baphomet repeatedly spelled out the letters “KOAS.” At the time, I thought he was trying to say “Chaos,” which is sometimes spelled “Kaos” (a la the Greek god of that name). However, I now think it is possible that it was a reference to the military acronym “Killed in Active Service,” and may be a prediction that many American servicemen will die there.

In previous sessions, Baphomet has told us repeatedly that World War III is slated to come about in precisely the year 2071. Cain has mentioned this as well. When asked about the future destiny of America, Baphomet replied “MASONS FINISHED IT.” Then, as ours hands were resting on the planchette while we tried to think of the next question to ask, he spontaneously spelled out the words “MASONS ROBBING TOMBS HAVE COME NEAR ZARMU.” It turns out that “Zarmu” is a figure in the Sumerian pantheon of gods. She was one of the seven daughters of the goddess Bau and the demi-god Ningirsu (himself the spawn of the sky god Enlil and a she-goat). These daughters were installed as vestal virgins by King Gudea to serve in the temple called E-ninnu, offering prayers to their father. During the same session, Baphomet also spelled out the Sumerian word “LUGAL,” a kingly title.

More recently, in a discussion with Cain about the opening of the gates of Hell, he identified himself as an “AMALEK.” He said that “AMALEKS DRINK BLOOD.” When the topic of the current slaughter of Christians in Iraq was brought up, he spontaneously blurted out: “AMALEKS GET TO RAPE AND RAPE AND RAPE AND RAPE….” Upon researching the topic, I discovered that “Amalek” is a Hebrew word for a race of giants, and the etymology of it indicates that it literally means “those who lick blood.” So too, apparently, are some members of the ISIS army.

Returning to the discussion on Halloween night, Baphomet told us that the opening of the portal would be achieved by collapsing the “QAPH” — the Arabic letter Q, as well as a word for the mountain or pillar that holds the Heavens aloft from the Earth in Arabic folklore (also spelled “Qaf.”)He also spelled out the word “POLE,” and visited the white column that is on the right side of our Ouija board. He then visited the Pisces symbol on the board, and spelled out DAG, which we affirmed as a reference to the fish god Dagon. This is significant for several reasons.

In that previous session with Cain where he talked about the Amaleks, he also mentioned, repeatedly, the word “DANDAN.” This, as it turns out, is another word for “Bahumet” or “Behemoth,” that other sea monster, paired with Leviathan, with whom the righteous must struggle, according to the Jewish scriptures, at the End of Times. In Arab traditions, Bahumet is a giant fish with the face of a bull upon whose back rests Mount Qaf and, indeed, all seven “layers” of the universe. As we read from 1001 Arabian Nights:

“…the angel answered, ‘…this is Mount Qaf, a mountain range that encircles the Earth, and I hold in my hand every land that God has created in this world. When He intends to visit one of them with an earthquake, famine or fertility, war or peace, he orders me to see to it and I bring it about while seated here. For you must know that my hand grasps the roots of the Earth….”

“… you must know … that these lands form seven layers, one on top of the other, and that God has created an angel whose qualities and power are known only to him and who supports the seven layers on his shoulder. Beneath the angel God has set a rock, and beneath the rock he has created a bull that rests on a fish, and beneath the fish is a vast ocean. God told Jesus … about the fish, and when Jesus then asked to be allowed to look at it, He ordered an angel to take him to see it. The angel came to Jesus and took him to the ocean where the fish lived, telling him to look. Jesus did so, but did not see the fish until it passed him like a lightning flash, at which he fell unconscious. When he had recovered, God spoke to him through the voice of inspiration, and said ‘Jesus, did you see the fish and did you note its dimensions?’ ‘By Your glory and majesty, Lord,’ Jesus replied, ‘I did not see it. A huge bull, three days’ journey in length, went past me, but I don’t know what it was.’ God said ‘Jesus, the thing that passed you … was merely the head of the bull (that stands on the fish), and you must know that every day I create forty such fish…”

I presume Baphomet’s emphasis on the symbol of Pisces at this point in the conversation alluded to the Jewish notion that there are two “giant fish,” a.k.a., dragons or sea serpents, known as Behemoth and Leviathan. They seem to correspond to the serpent-demons Lilith and Samael. As I wrote in Clock Shavings:

It is the Red Dragon, the Beast of the Apocalypse. It is Leviathan, the sea beast of the infernal Abyss. Her name can be found on the Baphomet sigil designed by Stanislas de Guaita, along with the names of Lilith and Samael (all written in Hebrew). Rabbinical tradition tells us that she has a male consort, Behemoth, another infernal monster who resides on dry land.

The Book of Enoch says that Behemoth lives in “a waste wilderness named Duidain, on the east of the garden where the elect and righteous dwell.” This sounds a lot like Cain’s land of Nod, which is also east of Eden. It is also reminiscent of “Dudael” (“Cauldron of God”), the desert wilderness with burning-hot sands where the fallen angel Azazel was imprisoned, as mentioned in Chapter 10 of The Book of Enoch.

The rabbis say that God has separated the monsters because if they ever came together, the world would be annihilated. This is exactly what they also say about Lilith and Samael (and what Greeks said about Gaia and Ouranos). Some sources specify that the danger occurs when the “procreate.” By all appearances, Samael and Lilith are the same entities as Behemoth and Leviathan, respectively. Together they are what the Cabalists call the “Other God” and simply “the Beast.” They are also sometimes both called “the Leviathans,” or also, “the Taninim.”

Sigil of Baphomet featuring the name of Leviathan in Hebrew
Sigil of Baphomet featuring the name of Leviathan in Hebrew
Sigil of Baphomet featuring the names of Lilith and Samael
Sigil of Baphomet featuring the names of Lilith and Samael

Cain is frequently described as the first vampire, and is considered an ancestor by members of “Royal witchcraft covens.” This is probably because there seems to be a tradition indicating that after killing Abel, he drank the blood, something which is sometimes depicted in old artwork. Again, as I wrote in: Clock Shavings

Was it because he had a deeper understanding of God, or was it mere coincidence, that Abel offered God what he really wanted, which was “the firstlings of his flock and of the fat thereof”? It seems that he may have been copying his brother by offering a sacrifice, and it just so happened that he had cattle to give instead of vegetation. Also, why were these people keeping cattle anyway, if nobody on Earth was eating meat until after the Flood, as Genesis seems to indicate?

Well, it seems that God, at least, was carnivorous. The basic understanding in the ancient world was that the gods were actually eating the sacrifices that were offered to them, and even when a portion of it was consumed by the priests (as was the common tradition), some of it was going to the gods as well. Particularly they were known to be attracted to blood. This was because, long before it was scientifically understood that blood carries oxygen to the heart, “blood” and “life” were considered synonymous to our ancestors. In the Old Testament, the same word, “nephesh,” has been variously translated as “life,” “soul,” “breath,” and “blood.”

This is what God breathed into the clay man he had formed to bring him to life as Adam. When Cain killed Abel, in Genesis 4: 10-11, it was this same “nephesh” that went into the Earth, and “cried” unto God. As the text states:

“And he said, What hast thou done? the voice of thy brother’s blood crieth unto me from the ground. And now [art] thou cursed from the earth, which hath opened her mouth to receive thy brother’s blood from thy hand….”

Cain had just witnessed Abel killing freshly-born cattle and offering them to God. This was probably the first time anybody on Earth had killed anything that bled. Cain witnessed God “accepting” his brother’s sacrifice. Afterwards, Cain murdered his brother. Was he trying to offer the blood of his brother as a sacrifice to God, or perhaps, to some other entity? After all, it was the “Earth” (known to the Greeks as the goddess Gaia) that “opened her mouth to receive” Abel’s blood. Or was he intending to eat the flesh and drink the blood, just as he had seen God taking the blood and flesh of cattle? Did he think that doing so would make him immortal like God?

Illuminated manuscript image of Cain drinking Abel's blood from the throat
Illuminated manuscript image of Cain drinking Abel’s blood from the throat

In a recent discussion with Cain on the Ouija board, he told us that he still eats blood, even as he now resides in the underworld. Another quote from Clock Shavings reads:

Years ago, when Cain was explaining to us what led to the “Wrath of Cain,” the fall of the “Dohir Kings,” and the Deluge, he said “I WANTED YOUTH.” It didn’t make sense to me at the time, but it does now. In a recent discussion I had with Cain on the Ouija board, he repeatedly talked about “GUM,” which he seemed to be describing as a sort of life force derived from freshly harvested blood.

Cain indicated that he fed on this “GUM” to maintain his semblance of life. He said that God sends “BIRDS” down to feed him this stuff. Remember what Plutarch wrote of Saturn sleeping on his island: “… Birds fly down from the rock, which are ordained [by Jupiter] to carry ambrosia to him,” just as doves carry ambrosia to the Olympian gods. “Gum,” by the way, is a word that is traced back to Sumer, where, according to Stephen Bertman’s Handbook to Life in Ancient Mesopotamia, it was called “shim-gam-gam-ma.”

We will return to these subjects in future seances to explore these subjects in detail. This article may be updated with more info soon.

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